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Beneath a Cloudless Sky: Believing in Change

Shortly after we moved into our house in 1996, Luisa and I hung a rainbow flag off the front of our house.  It felt like staking a claim - we were creating a home together - and every day I'd come home from work and smile as I saw that flag fluttering in the wind. And then one day, we came home to find that the flag had been burned. ...more
Love :)more

Eid Mubarak! Celebrating With My Family

{Editor's Note: The Muslim holiday of Eid ul Adha begins this Friday morning. BlogHer Aisha Iqbal has fond memories of the occasion from her own childhood and is trying to create new memories with her son. How do you pass on your cultural traditions to your kids? --Grace]...more

Politics and Religion are Destroying My Family

This morning, I grieve the loss of my brother. Someone I love fiercely. Someone I believed always had my back and was there for me more times than I can count. Someone I would have done anything for. Instead, it would seem that the hammer of politics and religion packs too strong a punch and the damages left by its blows are proving to be too hard to rebuild. Or at least I think that’s what he thinks. Because I really don’t know. We’ve never discussed it.Religion can divide us so easily. It can be used to slash and burn foundations....more
Wow, you wrote this post 2 years ago - I am so grateful that I found it.  Thank you for your ...more

The Undecideds: Could These Women Tip the Election?

These six women could decide the election. ...more
The deciding factor for Obama's win could very well be how he handles the aftermath of ...more

Not All Christians Think Like Richard Mourdock

When Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock called pregnancy that results from rape as "something that God intended”, it set off a firestorm of criticism....more
Thanks for this post. I am a pro-choice Christian in fact. I hate how conservative Christians ...more

The Women's Vote: Sluts for Obama, Church Ladies for Romney

This just in, ladies: hormones may influence your vote on November 6. If you’re a fun-loving carefree single gal, and you happen to be ovulating that time of the month, then you’re destined to vote for Obama. On the other hand, if you’re married or involved in a “committed” relationship, then Romney will be the man of your dreams. In other words, sluts for Obama and church ladies for Romney. ...more
I vote Republican when it comes to issues of foreign policy and domestic security but am much ...more

Romney’s Not Perfect – But He’s Not The Monster Some Gays Imagine

I knew what we were in for when Log Cabin Republicans made the decision to issue a qualified endorsement in favor of Mitt Romney for president. Congressman Barney Frank gave us a taste of it this summer, turning abusing gay Republicans into his personal crusade since the Democratic National Convention, with many liberals eager to take up his battle cry of “Uncle Tom.”...more

Russell Means: A Warrior Goes Home

Russell Means, best known as an actor and a Native American activist, died on Monday, October 22 at age 72. While you may recognize him from one of his many films, such as "Last of the Mohicans", Dana Lone Hill, who blogs at Just a Rez Chick remembers him as a warrior for the American Indian Movement and a simply a person who cared about other people. Here's an excerpt of what Dana writes:...more
Thank you for the shout outmore

Romney Dances Away from Obama Jabs in Final Debate

Gov. Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama walked into Monday's debate with one goal: to pursuade undecideds.For Romney, he needed to avoid being too aggressive and maintain momentum and for Obama, he needed to come on strong and pick up steam.It's a crucial time for both campaigns....more
Great post..I think you summed it up for all of us very well. I also appreciate your unbiased ...more

Canning Peppers and Watching the Debate

Mick and I worked together on cleaning the peppers, prepping them for canning, and garnering all the jars and lids we could muster.  It was going to be a big job tonight.Obama and Romney said frequently during the debate tonight that, "We're on the same page."  They also agreed that foreign policy is a complex task, garnering all the professionals and delegates they can muster.  They looked like they had prepped for what was quite a big job tonight....more @Kraken agreed...but I think funny can be ALSO fearsome! I just love it!more