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My Year as a Civic Innovator

I’m a policy wonk and doer. This time last year, I didn’t have a clue what happened at a hackathon. I associated hackers with bad guys who stole identities and broke into websites. So you can imagine my delight to be introduced to a community of civic-minded hackers. Hackathons provide a platform for problem-solvers and do-gooders to collaborate and create interesting things....more

GOP Women Push Back on All-Male Chair Picks

Republican women pushed back Wednesday after the full House Republican conference approved 19 white, all-male chairman picks recommended by Speaker John Boehner as the GOP reflects on its relevance to a diversifying America. Outgoing Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Illeana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) told The Hill: "It's not over yet. There's still two committees open."...more
@ShirleyHusar Thank you, Warrior Woman!more

There Is No Fiscal Cliff

[Editor's Note: Are you tired of hearing the term "fiscal cliff"? Or are you unsure what it even is, except that is sounds really scary? Well, Joanne Bamberger says there is no such thing as a fiscal cliff, just a series of Bush-era tax cuts that will soon expire. What she thinks is more dangerous is the rhetoric used by conservatives to scare people into thinking the country will implode if spending on government services isn't cut drastically. Check out what she writes at The Broad Side. --Grace]...more
Avoiding the Cliff is easy, just handle it like Maureen J Andrade says she handle her divorce. ...more

Huffington Post Fails with Teaser for Oprah Breast Cancer Scare

Dear Huffington Post: It's not okay to minimize a breast cancer scare. Yes, Oprah Winfrey is powerful, and yes, she is struggling to save her OWN venture and her magazine, and it's true that due to her power and influence, she often has been the punchline of jokes, but under no circumstances should anyone make light of her or anyone else's experience with a breast cancer scare....more
"The Huffington Post has its Black Voices, Latino Voices, women's section, and Gay Voices, but ...more

Gifts for Political Junkies

The 2012 presidential elections may be over, but true politicos never stop keeping an eye on the Beltway. Maybe all you want for Christmas is for the term “fiscal cliff” to go away, but that may be a feat that would be formidable even for Santa. So what to get for the true-blue Democrats or red-blooded Republicans in your life? ...more
Hi Grace! If I had one wish to make, I would wish with all my heart to attend President Obama's ...more

Does Buddhism Have a Race Problem?

This Saturday, December 8 Buddhists celebrate Bodhi Day, a holiday that marks the day that Siddartha Gautauma received enlightenment. A recent Huffington Post article about the rift between white American Buddhist converts and Asian American (and other people of color) practitioners of the faith sparked a lot of discussion about who exactly are Buddhists and how does race affect how their beliefs are acted out? But Arun at Angry Asian Buddhist takes issue with some of the points in the Huff Po piece: ...more

Sexism and the Petraeus Scandal

[Editor's note: One of the fascinating aspects of the David Petraeus sex scandal that evolved over the past month is not so much the revelation that he cheated on his wife, Holly, with a much younger woman. (Though I do think the general is a scumbag for doing so. For that matter, I have no idea what Gen. ...more
My question is: Why is the GOP obsessed with ...more

Is the Red Dawn Remake Sparking Yellow Peril?

The remake of "Red Dawn" did surprisingly well at the box office over the Thanksgiving weekend. Like many made-over 80's teen flicks, it's been updated, and the new version replaces the Russians invaders with North Koreans, giving it a new element of race-based fear mongering. Just check out the slew of anti-Asian tweets it spawned. Marissa Lee of Racebending screened the movie and explains how "Red Dawn" is doing no help to Asians and other people of color....more

BREAKING NEWS: Cease-fire Reached in Gaza

Have you been following the fighting this week on the Gaza strip? Finally, Hamas and Israel have agreed to cease fire effective 2 p.m. EST today. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been in the Middle East, meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, who has been mediating the talks....more

Women's Pay: Starting Behind, Never Catching Up

Crack researchers at the American Association of University Women (AAUW) have long been seeking the reasons behind the the difference in men's and women's earnings. New findings with far reaching implications were revealed as they unveiled their report, "Graduating to a Pay Gap", via a briefing and live webcast from Washington DC....more
I don't think that "undoubtably, gender discrimination plays a role." Women do not negotiate ...more