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Mrs. "Julia" to Romney's Rescue

"Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country." -- Margaret Thatcher Ms. Thatcher knew her game well. Women gave the American political theater one heck of a thrashing over the last year. We've even managed to get the presidential candidates down on bended knees begging for our votes. You've got to hand it to the candidates -- they try hard. Lately, it's Gov. Mitt Romney who's making the inroads. ...more
Certainly Mrs.Romney is dealing with a lot of medical issues.  I commend her for the manner in ...more

S.E. Cupp and Hustler: When Liberals Hate

If you ask a liberal, “when is it okay to call a gay man a f*ggot?” he’ll probably tell you “never” – but as an employee of the national Log Cabin Republicans, an organization of LGBT Republicans and our allies, I can tell you we hear it a lot, and most often it comes from self-identified Democrats. Don’t believe me? Ask Richard Grenell, or Ken Mehlman, or Mary Cheney. We’ve heard it all....more
 @Julie Ross Godar What was apparently influenza, first in hubby then me, kept me away from my ...more

My Daughter and the Dick Cheney Challenge

Today, I'm regretting raising well informed clever children.As I was driving my daughters and my older daughter's boyfriend to the Avengers last night, I went on a political rant, which is typical for me.My family has been ignoring me for years. My daughter's boyfriend, comes from a prominent Republican family here in town. Quietly he asked, "how many books written by Republicans have you read?" I was impressed with this question for two reasons: he remembered that I read a lot and he had the guts to ask it. I want my children's special friends to be gutsy, but not too gutsy....more
 @@meganbroutian Thanks for stopping by and I love your comment! Do yourself a favor and keep ...more

On Being Mistaken For White

[Editor's Note: BlogHer Justice Jonesie had a fender bender recently. But that wasn't what upset her. It's that the police officer assumed that she was white, when she actually is multiracial (and thus confusing to some people). Read on to find out why this incident got under her skin, and how she thinks this situation could have been handled better. --Grace]...more

Cory Booker is the Distraction From Obama’s Real Issues: Romney’s Business History at Bain

It IS about the economy, Cory Booker and everyone else. Recently, the Obama campaign went on the offensive, with the angle that Mitt Romney’s business success doesn’t necessarily translate into best practices for the government. The Obama camp released a series of Romney Economics videos focusing on the real people who lost their jobs –- and entire towns brought to a standstill -- when Romney’s private equity firm, Bain Capital, bought out and liquidated local businesses such as the Ampad paper factory in Marion, Indiana....more
I agree with Obama's comments about the President obviously being different than a CEO of a ...more

How the Internet and Teen Bloggers Are Shaping the Women's Movement for the Better

[Editor’s note: Some of us older feminists--ok me--sometimes find this whole social media world foreign and even impersonal. But one of my favorite blogs is the Fbomb founded by teen Julie Zeilinger. Not only has it become a thriving space for young feminist bloggers, but it has also changed how feminists are organizing and finding each other. ...more

Is Former CNN Anchor Campbell Brown Biased Against Obama Because of Her Husband?

[Editor's note: Former CNN anchor Campbell Brown took to the New York Times yesterday to critique President Obama’s speech last week to the women graduates of Barnard. In Brown’s view, the president was pandering and should have focused more on the awful economy and the fact that most of them are not even going to get jobs. Instead, he was so “condescending” and “grating”! ...more

Priscilla Chan is Mark Zuckerberg’s College Sweetheart, Not Asian Fetish

Usually, when a couple gets married, they are showered with gifts and well-wishes. Not that Mark Zuckerberg is known to do anything the conventional way....more
I've seen Priscilla on an interview and she comes off as very genuine and kind. Perhaps ...more

Why Is Congress Playing Politics with the Violence Against Women Act?

[Editor's note: This week the House of Representatives did something appalling. In voting to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act (WAWA), the GOP-led House decided that not all women deserve protection. ...more
I don't believe this opposition to the Violence Against Women Act was about the act at all. It ...more

Facebook Goes Public to the Tune of $104 Billion

The social sharing network that Mark Zuckerberg launched in a dorm room graduated big-time today, to the tune of a $104 billion public offering on Wall Street, making it the third largest IPO in history, and biggest ever for a tech company....more
@laurakimconnell @BlogHer How do they figure that? Number of shares sold times price per share, ...more