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Kristina Wong Takes on Race and Hashtag Activism in Her One-Woman Show 'The Wong Street Journal'

Last winter, I caught up with performance artist Kristina Wong while she was doing a residency at the Montalvo Arts Center just outside Silicon Valley, developing material for her new one-woman show "The Wong Street Journal". There in a loft, she was writing material as well as doing the less glamorous work of sewing felt props for her show, which opens this week in her hometown of San Francisco. I checked in with Kristina again recently to find out what's new....more

The World's Reaction When Queer White Moms Raise Adopted Black Kids

“Intersectionality” may be a new term, but it isn’t a new idea. It is the very thing Sojourner Truth was getting at in her “Aren’t I a Woman” speech in 1851. Black women in the United States have always known that “woman” was a complicated idea—their own “womanhood” often sacrificed to the “ideal” of white womanhood. ...more
rosemondpc If anything, their own identity questions just grow, don't they?more

I Identify With My Husband's Culture, But I Still Think Rachel Dolezal is Wrong

When I heard about Rachel Dolezal in the news, I couldn't keep my eyes off of all the news stories and opinions in my Facebook stream. I find the story fascinating, yet tragic at the same time. Image Credit: PBS...more
Muy bueno, me ha gustado mucho tu forma de ver la vida, suerte en la vidamore

As a Biracial Woman, I May Look Like Rachel Dolezal But I Don't Have the Privilege of Leaving

When the news broke about former Spokane NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal, who stepped down as of today, being a white woman posing as Black, I spent time commenting here and there on various media accounts. On more than one occasion, some friend-of-a-friend noted how much we look alike. It’s not a fair comparison, I believe, because it’s as superficial as her coloring of skin and eyes. I know far too well what it’s like to have my Blackness called into question....more
Beautiful post Kelly:  "The ultimate in white privilege is what she portrayed because she’s ...more

What Would You TeachHer? Join #womenslives for #TeachHer Week, June 15-19

Girls' access to education around the world goes beyond the classroom. From June 15 through June 19, join us as we look at the education of women and girls as part of our #womenslives collaboration with Public Radio International, and our commitment to make a difference by reporting news about women around the world. ...more

There Is No Room for Your 'Buts' About Pulling a Gun on Teens in Swimsuits in McKinney

I see you. You're on Twitter or Facebook calling yourself the voice of reason because everything isn't racial, Arnebya, stop making everything racial....more
Yes, yes, YES to every single word you said. And thank you for saying them.more

Black (Children's) Lives Matter: Why Is Our Suicide Rate So High?

The first time I thought about killing myself, I was eleven. I’d had some trauma in my life, unspeakable things that my tween self could not articulate. Pain that ran deep, seated into my soul. I could not get away from it. Image Credit: Sam D via Flickr...more

Kids & Art Brings the Comfort of Creativity to Children With Cancer

A conference room at Google headquarters may not seem like a place for children to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon, but for the 50 or youngsters gathered there last weekend, it was a welcome break from the world of doctor’s appointments and medical treatments. I had brought my own 10-year-old son to the event, which was organized by Kids & Art, a non-profit started by graphic designer Purvi Shah, the creator of BlogHer’s “hermoticon” logo. ...more
familyhousesf thank you for the shoutout! BlogHer HapaMamaGracemore

Talking Capital, Confidence, Community and Capitols With Darla Beggs of NAWBO

Has your blog evolved into a small business? Would you like it to but don't know where to start? ...more
I love that you pointed out that it’s in everyone’s best interest for more women to come to the ...more

I Want You to Get to #KnowMe at #BlogHer15

When Kimberle Crenshaw accepted my friend request on Facebook, I squealed and posted the screen shot on Instagram....more
Thank you @feministajones! I love this post.more