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Divergent: Why Is Post-Apocalyptic Chicago So Full of White People?

So I saw Divergent. Divergent takes place in a post-horrible-war Chicago. As of the 2010 Census, Chicago's population was about 32% non-Hispanic white folks, about 33% African Americans, and the other third from a variety of other racial and ethnic backgrounds. ...more
And the fact that in the books, some of the main supporting characters are black~ I think the ...more

Pippi Longstocking Is (Still) My Hero

Editor's Note: Every single one of Cenobyte's posts for U.S. Women's History Month, about women who have inspired her from Dorothea Dix to Grace Jones to Madeleine L'Engle, is a fantastic and deep read. I encourage you to read the series, and get inspired to write about women who have inspired you, too!—Julie "Don't worry about me. I'll always come out on top." ...more
kimberlyrobello  Thanks for the rave review! I know EXACTLY what you mean. I still wear ...more

Happy 80th Birthday, Gloria Steinem!

Gloria Steinem is turning 80 this Tuesday, March 25. Best known for her feminist activism — as a journalist, author, publisher. I like to think that Steinem helped paved the way for the work that we all do, telling our own personal stories as bloggers. Back in the 1950s and 60s, when “women’s writing” was often limited only to traditional homemaking and society stories, Steinem showed that women’s stories could include work like her expose of the Playboy Club or her reporting on contraception or abortion. ...more
I remember very clearly Gloria on the cover of Time(?) - saying that this is what 50 looks like ...more

Millennials Abandoning Obama: Fickle Youth or Something Deeper?

In his latest column, Washington Post’s Dana Milbank lamented that the youth vote, 15 million strong, who swept Obama into office have “abandoned him in his hour of need.”  With ‘his presidency on the line,’ Millennials seem to be turning their collective backs on the President’s health care plan:...more
@linemanpaul AnitaFinlay I don't know that we can generalize.  I've been speaking with ...more

Sheryl Sandberg's #BanBossy Campaign: Watching a Master at Work

Editor's Note: The following is an excerpt of an op-ed by BlogHer CEO and Co-Founder Lisa Stone that ran in the Los Angeles Times. Dear Internet, media, humans and haters: Face it, Sheryl Sandberg is the boss of you. She just proved it. Again. ...more
P.S. This link is not an ad, I inadvertently copied Amazon's super-smart ecommerce code. But I ...more

Don't Let the NRA Choose Our U.S. Surgeon General

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard about the Surgeon General controversy on the news. Emboldened by its influence on Capitol Hill, the NRA is now flexing its muscles and actively working to derail Dr....more
We will never block the NRA. They are too powerful. And they have too much money. BUT I THINK ...more

Westboro Baptist Founder at the Pearly Gates: What Did Fred Phelps See?

Fred Phelps, Sr., former leader of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, is dead. He died on Wednesday night in hospice care. Phelps hit the international news scene when he and his church protested Matthew Shepard's funeral in 1998 bearing signs that reflect their website's URL: God Hates Fags. ...more
laurie  What a perfect thing to hold up.more

Real Life Law & Order: 400,000 Unprocessed Rape Kits in the US

Across the United States, hundreds of thousands of rape kits are still sitting on shelves unprocessed, years after the crimes are reported. In 2009, 11,304 of these kits -- with some dating back to the 80s -- were found sitting in a Detroit police storage facility. ...more
That's ridiculous!more

Ohio Allows Rapists to Sue Victims for Custody of the Child: Does Your State?

Today three Ohio State University students took 60,000 signatures to the office of State Senator John Eklund (R) in hopes that he will help push forward the stalled bill. The signatures come from people who don't want rapists to be able to sue their victims for custody or visitation of a child conceived via that rape. Think about that for a second. In 31 states, a rapist can sue the victim for custody and visitation of a resulting child. In 31 states, rape survivors can be forever tethered to their rapists. Forever. Ohio citizens and lawmakers want to see that change....more
Yeah, and that creep who attempted to murder his son by burning him to death later sued for ...more

Twitter to ABC Family: #AliceinArabia? WHAT?

On Monday, ABC announced its new pilots will include a drama, Alice in Arabia. Behind the ludicrous title is a plotline about an American woman kidnapped by her Middle Eastern relatives. And to complicate things further, the show is not just another ripped-from-the-headlines prime time drama, but a program aimed at kids and teens on the youth- oriented ABC Family channel. ...more
Not watching. Don't know what bunheads is do obviously didn't watch that either.more