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"Get the M****ing Women Off the M****ing Plane?"

In 1971, National Airlines launched an ad campaign featuring photos of flight attendants introducing themselves, then inviting potential passengers to "fly me." Today's New York Times includes a story on ultra-Orthodox Jewish men (called Haredi) who are increasingly causing flights to be delayed because they refuse to be seated on a plane next to a strange woman, lest...more
I try to be tolerant, but I have no respect for superstitious religious views that elevate the ...more

Stop Telling Feminist Women They’re 'Playing the Victim'

Here's why the term "playing the victim" is so wrong....more

The Real Victims of the Rolling Stone Reporting Fiasco Are Rape Victims

This week, the Columbia Journalism Review made a clear (and scathing) case that Rolling Stone made widespread and "avoidable" reporting errors in its piece "A Rape on Campus." The magazine officially retracted the story, but its very public failure sheds a disturbing light on difficult and sensitive undertaking of reporting on campus rapes. ...more
RachelintheOC Thank you for understanding this.more

How It's Getting Even Easier to Listen to Your Mother

Ann Imig is a very funny force of nature, the blogger behind Ann's Rants and the founder of Listen to Your Mother, the spoken-word show that has taken the U.S. by storm and inspired Ann's latest project, her book: LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER: What She Said Then, What We're Saying Now, which will be published by G.P. Putnam's Sons on April 7, 2015....more
I was so proud to do that BlogHer Room of Your Own panel with you Ann. Was it really five years ...more

INTERVIEW: Aisha Saeed's Debut Novel 'Written in the Stars' Tackles Forced Marriage

BlogHer Publishing Network member Aisha Saeed has had a busy year: in addition to being one of the main team members of the We Need Diverse Books campaign for more inclusivity in children's and Young Adult literature, Aisha has just published her first novel, Written in the Stars....more
If you are currently facing a forced marriage situation or trying to help someone who is, please ...more

Beyond Ellen Pao: How the Male-Dominated Silicon Valley Culture Hurts Us All

While a San Francisco jury sided with venture capital giant Kleiner Perkins in Ellen Pao's gender discrimination lawsuit, the four-week trial has given us a peek into exactly what kind of obstacles women face at big Silicon Valley venture capital firms and the broader startup world....more
Thank you so much for sharing your story. I've been a startup founder and co-founder several ...more

Rape Culture at the Department of Veterans' Affairs

Survivors of rape should not have to hear rape jokes at medical facilities that treats rape survivors. But they do. What is the Department of Veterans’ Affairs doing to combat its rape culture?   Image Credit: Bob Shepard via Flickr ...more
As executive director, how much power/influence do you have over things like this in practice?more

18 Extremely Helpful Resources for Blogger-Journalists

The resources below help me enormously when I work on news stories—whether working on a post about something in the news or doing original reporting. Bookmark and follow them, and you'll quickly become more informed, find story ideas, and add tools to your reporter's toolbox. ...more
Karen Ballum theprincipledtype thank you for the clarification. i'm missing not being able to ...more

UPDATE: Human Trafficking Hits Close to Home For One Blogger: 14-Year-Old Jewel Fitzgerald Has Been Found

Editor's update: GREAT news: Renee reported on Facebook over the weekend that Jewel has been found. We'll add more information as it comes in.—Julie ...more
A happy ending to a horrible story. We have to be vigilant about the safety of our children.more