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What Is Wrong With Fraternities?

According to Buzzfeed, Amherst College finished what it started in 1984 (when it cut ties with on-campus fraternities and sororities) and—30 years later—banned off-campus affiliated and unaffiliated fraternities and sororities, too. The reason? Problems with sexual assault....more
There are a variety of causes.  Having worked in higher ed and been a student at a variety of ...more

Michelle Obama Posts #BringBackOurGirls Selfie. Will It Really Help?

Here's the latest twist in hashtag activism: Wednesday afternoon, First Lady Michelle Obama posted a selfie holding a sign reading #BringBackOurGirls. It's not exactly a "selfie", as the professional photo shows the First Lady in the White House, looking both dignified and concerned. ...more
She is merely a First Lady. She has no foreign policy.more

Change the Way You Speak to Be Happier at Work

I am lucky to have once had a boss who showed me what it would look like to be competent, likeable, and also very firm in my speech and actions at work. While I’ve been fortunate to have a number of positive female role models in the workplace over time, this woman in particular stood out to me for her seeming commitment to not let her gender or stereotypes about her gender influence her success at work....more
Really interesting article. Thank you for sharing.more

On Buying What Monica Lewinsky Is Selling

I didn't want to get sucked in when I heard that Monica Lewinsky was writing for Vanity Fair about her affair with President Bill Clinton. The aftermath of That Woman, including the Congressional impeachment process, was so distasteful and damaging that I really didn't want to revisit it through a Lewinsky lens. I'd like to hear what Hillary has yet to say about that time, yes. ...more
The nation (that includes me) was reading and snickering about this juicy sex scandal in the ...more

6 Democratic Women to Watch

The 2014 primary elections begin today and will continue in various states through the summer. While midterm elections can be easy to overlook, there are quite a few notable Democratic women running for office and the primaries will determine who makes it on the November ballot. Read on to find out who I'm keeping an eye on. There are a few familiar faces and some who you might not have heard of before. ...more

5 Republican Women Everyone Should Know in the 2014 Primaries

Primary elections taking place across the country beginning in May might seem like business as usual. But I've sifted through the coverage and found five Republican women to watch this campaign season. This diverse list of political dark horses gives me some hope about the future of women in the Republican Party, especially if they can pull out some victories come Election Day.Read on for my picks... ...more
HapaMamaGrace There are women and minorities left in the Republican party?more

What Will It Take to Free the Missing Nigerian Teens? #BringBackOurGirls

On March 8, 239 people went missing on Malaysian Flight 370. At least nine countries have tried to find the plane and learn their fate. On April 16, 276 teenage girls were abducted from their school in the middle of the night in Nigeria. The leader of the group that claims to have abducted them is now saying he will "sell them in the market"—and as of yet, no nation has yet stepped forward to help find the 223 girls who are still missing. Here's one small thing you can do....more
@bandoque @Mchete13 @JorgetheBull These are all good points, worth consideration. What troubles ...more

Must-Follow Monday: Asian-Pacific American Blogs

May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month. In honor of the occasion, we're sharing some blogs written by Asian American and Pacific Islander women who are influencing social media and leading discussions. Please check out our list—and add some of your favorites in the comments! ...more
Recently just joined BH (I know, where have I been right?). Good stuff all around. :)more

Sexual Assault: Can We Call It What It Is?

On May 1, the federal Department of Education released a list of 55 colleges and universities that it is investigating in connection with their handling of sexual assault complaints. The government is to determine whether the handling (or, actually, the nonhandling) of the allegations violates Title IX, the 1972 law that prohibits discrimination based on gender in institutions of higher education....more
She nailed it, exactly what happens on campus, when someone is sexually assault. After ...more

Vagenda Asks: Can We Take the Sexism Out of Headlines?

What would the world look like if headlines in tabloids stopped being critical and cruel and started reflecting the photos of women that they accompany? On Monday, the editors at Vagenda Magazine asked their readers to pitch in in the headline-editing effort. ...more
"Vagenda" complains about sexist headlines.  "Vagenda" ... the irony is delicious.more