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Talking About Martin Luther King Jr. and Race With My Biracial 5 Year Old

It’s interesting being a parent of biracial children in that -- like with most things with motherhood -- I’m fumbling around in the dark.Digging through my five-year-old’s backpack, I ran across a worksheet on Martin Luther King, Jr. Curious, I asked him what he learned about King in school. Image Credit: Ron Cogswell via Flickr ...more
It's a balancing act in the truest sense of the word...and you're doing great at it. Your son ...more

Why Kids Should Eat in Restaurants, Just Maybe Not Alinea

Alinea chef Grant Achatz stirred up a lot of controversy, with his tweet about a crying baby. Do you think babies should be at a Michelin-starred restaurant?...more
There are some very good points below, but some of these points I have to wonder.  Who said the ...more

My Experience With Online Harassment For Blogging About Race and Gender

In early January, Amanda Hess wrote an article at Pacific Standard Magazine detailing the harassment of women online, which spawned a follow up article with women around the country writing in about their experiences with online abuse. ...more
Wow.  As a mom, I'm always telling my kids 'watch out for the internet'.   That's a  huge reason ...more

US Olympic Skaters: American Doesn't Mean White, Or Does It?

When I first showed my mother in law a picture of my family she said, "So your father's American and your mother's Filipino.""Well, both my parents are American citizens but yes, my father's Polish-American and my mother's Filipino-American."...more
I don't know much about figure skating either, but you raise good points regarding the question ...more

Problems with the Coverage of "Hillary's Hit List"

Chris Christie’s political hopes took a hit last week as the burgeoning “Bridge-Gate” scandal painted him and those in his inner circle as bullies who will exact ugly retribution from a political foe.  Prior to that, big media, in their unending polling parlor game, had already decided Christie was the Republican best positioned to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016.Chris Christie’s political hopes took a hit last week as the burgeoning ...more
You better watch the entire media women are down played in every facet. Not just fox,cnn,msnbc, ...more

Can Hashtag Activism Inspire Real Life Social and Political Changes?

2013 was a year of anti-racist activism online. Barely a week has gone by in the past couple of months without a race-based meme....more
FeministaJones Thank you FJ for your comment! I follow you on Twitter, so I'm very glad you ...more

What I've Learned From the #365FeministSelfieChallenge

In the last nine days, I have witnessed strangers discuss body image, hairstyles, pregnancy, teeth straightening, and the desire to make sure their children have plenty of photos of their mom. These are not just random conversations over Twitter, rather they come from captions of the thousands of photos submitted for the #365FeministSelfie challenge. Image Credit: Veronica Arreola...more
I  have nominated you for the Superstar Blogger ...more

Cussing 2-Year-Old Removed from Home, Sparking Racial Tensions in Omaha

Did you ever take a video of your toddler saying a swear word, either on purpose or accidentally? A two-year-old in Omaha has been removed by protective services after a now-viral video of the parents cussing at him resulted in a joint investigation between Omaha police and Child Protective Services. A Facebook post by the police cites "safety concerns" as cause for removal. ...more
"Cultural" does not refer solely to African-Americans.more

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Name

Recently I launched a portfolio website to showcase my writing and public speaking and I decided to simply call this website Most people would argue that I should have called it, since that is my full name and byline. But I chose to go with as a tribute to my first name. ...more
Funny story! Some of my favorite people/best friends are named Courtney. It's a great name. :)more

It's January - 5 Things You Should Be Doing Right Now for 2014 Elections

Welcom to a brand new election cycle. I've decided to start the new year with a post that will hopefully get you focused on your goal for 2014 - winning your political campaign!...more
Seems like this post was written for a man: "Your wife and children will be affected..."more