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Francis I: The First Latin American Pope

by Fausta Rodríguez WertzThe Cardinals of the Catholic Church elected Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a Jesuit born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as head of the worldwide church.Cardinal Bergoglio has taken the name of Pope Francis I, becoming the first pontiff from the Americas and the first from the southern hemisphere. The Cardinals are therefore highlighting Latin America’s vital importance to the Church....more
Fausta He fought LT with JPII & Ben16 in South Amer. CU is leftist pol org. Might check ...more

Steubenville Rape Trial: Defense Argues Barely Conscious Victim Gave Consent

I’m going to start this post with a trigger warning for rape, misogyny, and reprehensible behavior. If you feel like you can stomach what I’m going to say then read on. If not I completely understand. ...more
@Cathy Steinberg Teens are so worried about fitting in. I think that's partly why they don't ...more

Pope Watch 2013: Black Smoke, White Smoke, and Text Alerts

Update 12:19 PST March 13, 2013: Several sources report that Argentinian Jorge Bergoglio has been elected pope. Update 11:42 a.m. PST March 13, 2013 White smoke was spotted at the Vatican. We are awaiting the new pope to be introduced on the balcony of the St. Peter's Basilica. --Grace Update 9:11 a.m. PST March 13, 2013: Another round of black smoke was sighted at the Vatican. The cardinals can vote up to four times today. --Grace...more
Dolan. But Bless Pope Francis I :) he seems like a great man.more

Women's History Month: Four Black Women Who Made A Difference

While most Americans have probably forgotten by now, we’re still in Women’s History Month. So for the next few weeks I’m going to continue highlighting extraordinary women you might not know. This post by Saudi Garcia at, for instance, introduces us to four black feminists who had a pivotal role in America’s cultural and political life. ...more

Who Does Your Son's Hair?

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. ~ Benjamin FranklinLike most mothers who are expecting, adoptive parents spend a lot of time preparing themselves for their new son or daughter. They read books, blogs, magazines, take classes, talk to other adoptive parents, you name it. Some adoptive parents try to cover not only the basics of child care, but also a whole range of posibilities; a child with special needs, a child of a different race, a child with trauma. ...more

Marissa Mayer, Thank You For Making Us Talk About Women and Work

I could not be more delighted about the furor over Marissa Mayer's nixing of the telework option at Yahoo! Really, it's all good. Anything that puts the focus on women, motherhood, and work makes me gleeful. The fact that these issues finally get a public airing has been so long in coming. Fully integrating women into all the places power resides is messy, a tortured and painful process. It creates a lot of drama. There will be yelling and screaming. There HAS to be yelling and screaming, because it hasn't been done before. It upsets the prevailing power structure. It makes people uncomfortable, in many different ways. A bit of a dust up is to be expected....more
It's an important conversation, but I think people are missing the point when they say its a ...more

Are Colleges Protecting Female Students from Rape and Other Crimes?

Earlier this year a coalition of students and faculty at my institution, Occidental College, convinced the administration to make several changes to its sexual assault policy.  One of these changes involved the addition of reports of sexual assault to our OxyAlert system.  This meant that any time there was a report of a sexual assault, the college community would receive an email saying so, just as we now get alerts of all other crimes that are reported to have occurred in the vicinity. ...more
Wow! that is amazing, and VERY discouraging! Do they apply the same standards to theft (maybe ...more

Lady Hackers Kick off Women’s History Month

It’s called the City of Brotherly Love (and Sisterly Affection) but last weekend’s Lady Hacks was for women only. ...more
Well done and keep going!  Love to see this collaboration and synergy. @MsTechGroupmore

Tips to Protect Black Childhood

Even before I became a mother, I was fiercely protective over little Black girls. Often forgotten and minimized, it was my goal since I was a young girl myself to uplift and encourage our precious babies. I worked with middle school girls for years, pushing them beyond their self and society imposed boundaries, and loving them with all of my heart. Even with my great expectations and high standards, because I knew what they were going through, because I had been through what they were going through, I maintained a safe place for them, always, where they were allowed to be chidren....more
Great article Brandi.  I love #1.  We need to call a thing a thing as Iyanla would say and call ...more

On International Women's Day, Change Is Possible

By Michelle Bachelet, Executive Director of UN Women Today, on International Women’s Day, I join every individual who believes that change is possible. We are guided by a founding principle of the United Nations: the equal rights of men and women. All around the world, our voices are rising, and silence and indifference are declining. Change is possible, and it’s happening....more
Wonderful message!more