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Will Tropical Storm Isaac Hit New Orleans on Katrina's Anniversary?

As I awoke this morning to the sun shining in Central Louisiana, it was difficult to believe that a hurricane was slowly making its way toward our Gulf Coast...toward New Orleans, where two of my children now live....more
Living in Southern California, it's hard to imagine having this worry every summer, every year. ...more

Log Cabin at the RNC: It’s About Showing Up

A political party’s platform is a strange document. It purports to represent the consensus and ideals of a massive organization, but in reality, it tends to represent only party “purists” and rarely determines policy. So then why would Log Cabin Republicans and other advocacy groups, including the Family Research Council, devote serious time and energy to attempting to influence a document that few people ever even read?...more
Thank you for showing up, and for highlighting the voices of others who do.  Kids like mine, in ...more

Apps and Websites Aimed at Voters

It's a high-tech political season. According to both campaigns are using digital tools to make direct contact with voters. Your inbox, your social media sites, and the apps on your smart phone may play a part in how you deal with the election. ...more

RNC: "We Can Do Better" Loses Its Day, But The Message Still Fits

The threatening downpour of tropical storm Isaac may have silenced the GOP Convention's kick-off day, but the GOP message will not be diluted as a result. So said Russ Shreifer, a Romney for President Strategist, on an official conference call announcing the resulting changes into the daily line-ups. ...more
I approve of Ron Paul standing his ground and not giving the RNC control over his message or ...more

Why Breastfeeding Is A Feminist Issue

What’s going so wrong with the breastfeeding and formula-feeding conversation? Start with the rampant individualism. Conversations about how you feed your baby tend to be preoccupied with women’s choices and decisions--and then, blame. You know the conversation has little feminist value when you end up at a point where some poor, exhausted woman is trying to justify her decision to formula-feed her baby to you, or likewise, if some other poor woman is trying to justify her reasons for breastfeeding her toddler to you.   ...more

Happy Women’s Equality Day! But We're Not Done Yet!

Today is Women’s Equality Day, the day we mark the anniversary of the 19th amendment granting women the right to vote. President Obama wrote in this year’s proclamation honoring the day: “We owe that legacy of progress to our mothers and aunts, grandmothers and great-grandmothers--women who proved not only that opportunity and equality do not come without a fight, but also that they are possible. I call upon the people of the United States to celebrate the achievements of women and recommit to realizing gender equality in this country.” ...more

Poll Pegs Black Support for Romney at Zero Percent

Pollwatchers nation-wide did a double-take Tuesday after reports of an NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey pegged African American support for that Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney at 0 percent, versus 94 percent for Pres. Barack Obama. The telephone survey queried 1000 registered voters and included about 110 black respondents. Romney also trailed Obama with among women, Hispanics and voters under 35....more
Thanks to all of you for the vigorous discussion. @Terri and @Laura - I'd love to dialogue with ...more

Candidate Positions on Climate Change

Hey candidates, you want my vote in November? Here it is then -- straight up -- what matters to me and my peeps: climate change and how our country will adapt and mitigate the current and future dangers we face. Equally important is how, and if, we can turn these negatives into opportunities for the United States and for our future....more
Great post! There's so much at stake in this election. The choice is clear that the only ...more

Teaching Your Kids About Their Rich Hispanic Heritage

Latina women have a rich Hispanic heritage that we want to impart to our children. Whether it's sharing food traditions, speaking Spanish, or choosing a name that will help a bicultural child feel as if she belongs everywhere she goes, new mothers need help navigating how to bring Hispanic culture to their children. And Lorraine Ladish's crib sheet does just that. ...more
I couldn't agree more how important it is to teach kids about their heritage. My husband's a ...more

Crib Sheet: On Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

You're bicultural, and you want your baby to be proud of her Latino culture as she grows up. How can you do this? If being pregnant fills a woman with doubts and fears of not being a good enough mother, these feelings can be compounded when she is of mixed heritage or wants to raise her child to be proud of her Latino roots. This is an increasingly common issue, and one that is simple, although not always easy to address, even when the baby is in utero. ...more