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I Remember Being Held Down By a Gang. Why Can't Romney Remember?

[Editor's Note: Recent allegations that Mitt Romney and his gang of friends bullied a gay classmate by pinning him down and chopping off his hair have sparked memories of being bullied for BlogHer Erin Kotecki Vest. While Erin acknowledges that most people are not the same as they were during their high school days, she finds it troubling if Romney truly cannot remember that incident....more
It's my understanding the man is now deceased. And it seemed to matter because it made him ...more

Obama’s Gay Marriage Endorsement is a Slap in the Face to Black Conservatives

[Editor's Note: President Obama's announcement to support gay marriage has a lot of implications among black voters, especially among the religious community which has historically shied away from backing gay rights. BlogHer LaShaun Williams of The L Factor feels the President has turned his back on African American voters in the process. Read on to see why. --Grace] ...more
@QueenofSpain @tashsparkles @debontherocks Hee Hee...yes! You pick, card carrying member of ...more

The Black Church’s Conundrum: What Would Jesus Do?

President Obama’s recent announcement that he believes gay couples should have the right to marry has touched the hearts of millions of Americans, gay and straight. It’s likely we all have gay friends and family members who have suffered due to discrimination, exclusion, and shaming. Personally, I have seen tremendous hatred toward gay people in my family and in the churches I attended as a youth and young adult.  ...more
I overheard a conversation about gay marriage & children the other day... how gay parents should ...more

Obama Can Change Black Hearts, Minds For Gay Rights

One of the best outcomes of Obama's endorsement of gay marriage has been the inspiration and courage it has given a lot of African-American church goers to likewise vocalize their support....more
Fantastic post Kelly, so well written! more

Can Evangelicals Support Mitt Romney -- And Feel Good About It?

[Editor's Note: Over the weekend, Mitt Romney spoke at the graduation ceremony of Liberty University, an evangelical university founded by Rev. Jerry Falwell. For the first time in this campaign season, Romney spoke about his Mormon faith -- acknowledging the differences and similarities between it and conservative Christianity....more
I was raised Mormon, but I am now just a regular old Christian, and I am finding it hard to see ...more

Let's Be Honest, Is There REALLY an Enlightened Middle?

[Editor's Note: A few weeks ago, BlogHer member Kim posted about The Enlightened Middle Majority and Why "The Sides" Are Alienating Us, which struck a chord with many BlogHers. But not everyone agrees. Dani at The Cute Conservative asserts that staying true to your beliefs necessitates taking stances that everyone won't like. Read on and let's keep this conversation going. --Grace]...more

YA Lit: Real Diversity or Coffee-Colored Characters?

If you are white, you might not even think twice that most characters in books are the same race as you. But for black, Latino, and Asian readers -- especially young adults -- the choices in literature that reflects those experiences is pretty slim. Recently, an article in The Atlantic Wire examined that. YA author Sarah Ockler takes the discussion one step further explaining why token minority characters don't help......more
I agree! It's so "other-ing". Arrgh.more

I'll Take Obama's Symbolic Gesture, Thank You Very Much!

Pundits and analysts are actively working over yesterday's statement by President Obama that "same-sex couples should be able to get married." It was calculated! It was a cynical attempt to recoup lost demographics he needs to get elected! He just wants to motivate a lackluster base!...more
 @kat56 Please don't condemn all Christians because of one ignorant man's rant. According to the ...more

Is Feminism for Black Mothers, Too?

[Editor's Note: Last week, the New York Times invited mothers of various ages and background to chime in on motherhood, feminism and attachment parenting. BlogHer LaShaun Williams was one of those who responded, with a provocative statement that mainstream feminism has not only ignored black women, but short-changed the role of motherhood. Here's part of LaShaun's follow up on her blog The L factor. --Grace] ...more
 @pauline Yep. If you come from a race where the women have not traditionally stayed home, it is ...more

Politicians: It's About Fixing Education, Not Just Teacher Appreciation

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, the time of year when parents are baking cookies, writing cards, and filling gift baskets for those wonderful educators who spend nine months out of the year instructing, inspiring and disciplining our youngster. There’s a phrase I hear often from many a harried mom: It’s for the kids. The mantra is repeated as moms and dads organize school fundraisers, volunteer to grade spelling tests, buy reams of paper for cash-strapped schools....more
 @HomeRearedChef Thanks, Virginia. The state of education is overwhelming, and I think many ...more