The kids on our blocks are all gaga over this grease-free bike that folds up in five seconds.


But very pricey.

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Am I Horrible to Say I Recieved a Stinker of a Gift?

So mom says you should be thankful for what you get no matter what you get...I am not so much in that agreement. For money saving purposes and years before I was added to the roster to be old enough to exchange names at Christmas time, my family pulled names for one another as to buy gifts for one person instead of everyone in the family. Our extended family on my mother's side is large, not enormous but big enough that this tradition was and is still welcomed. ...more

The Ghosts of Christmas Presents

We've all gotten them. Maybe you've even given them. Bad Christmas presents. Here's your chance to laugh, grumble, complain and confess. What are the worst Christmas presents to appear under your tree? I'm motivated to write this post by a couple of real whoppers I received this year. I am a nursing mom of two-month-old triplets, and I also have a two-year-old. This year I got cleaning supplies and a bottle of wine. WHAT?!!? ...more



Watch Watch 2008 - Update!

After waiting 3 weeks I emailed the dealer once again and this time I told him I want a refund. The watch hasn't shown up and there is still no tracking information so I am left to believe nothing has been shipped. He emails me back and says to please wait while he checks with the EMS shipping company again. I think to myself, yeah whatever. He won't respond. I'll wait till the morning, then I'll file my paypal dispute as planned. I get up, check my email, and low and behold there is ... ...more

SECRETS FROM VICTORIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Going Green: Green Gifts for your BFF

With the holidays starting this week, the mad rush to get those last minute presents begins. Making a list and checking it thrice to make sure you have gifts for everyone naughty and nice. Especially those who have loved you all year long regardless of how busy you have been. Those who wait patiently until you come home and then welcome you with loving kisses. Those who don’t care if you have brushed your teeth before they snug you and those who jump to bring you your slippers. ...more

More than ever! The best Christmas in lean times.

I've been concerned for my dear boy who has it in his head that he must live in a house with no heat (too expensive), with roommates, transferring to a new college and looking for a job and finishing up his semester and final exams here in Sac all at the same time.  Mom isn't around to help out and with the economy and jobs the way they're going, I can't do a lot financially either.  Boy do I feel hopeless sometimes. He's excited to be living the grown up life.  Welcome to the real world, kind of living.  Yeah it hits like a ton of bricks.  So as a ...more

A few of my favourite things...

Long before Oprah there existed a list of favourite things. Those things which make your life a little brighter. This is MY list...(actually it is an excerpt of a recent post on my blog Goannatree) ...more

Shipping Holiday Goodies

During my freshman year in college (1984), I came home for Thanksgiving and gratefully enjoyed all our traditional family fare, including my mother's fantastic apple and pumpkin pies. When it was time to leave, Mom put togethera plate with pie leftovers, covered it in tin foil, and set it out for me to take back to the dorm. In a hurry, I left without it and remembered when Dad and I were about 90 minutes away from home. Oh well, I thought, no leftover pie for my roommate and me. Undaunted, my mother carefully boxed it up and took it to the nearest post office and asked if she could ship it to me. "You want to ship a pie?" the incredulous postal worker asked. ...more