A Life Full of Anti-Role Models

In moments of discouragment and depression when I am about to give up on my dreams and hopes, I tend to look around me for a source of inspiration. I am lucky enough to find that in other women around me, although not in the form I want it. I would love to know a woman (I know she is out there) who is independent and succesful in the medical field against all odds, like I want to be one day. Someone Antonia Novello style, respected in her field in REAL life. ...more
i think it's so unfortunate that we have to think we can only look at celebrities for role ...more

How White Women Can Be Better Allies With Black Men

In the days immediately following the George Zimmerman acquittal I was in a state of shock. I wasn’t alone. I was stuck home with children too young to take to after-bedtime demonstrations, so I sat in front of my computer and tweeted with like-minded, grieving, angry fellow travelers....more
this: "As a white woman, I feel a special responsibility (I almost wrote “culpability” and I’m ...more

A White Girl's Thoughts on Acting White.

I am a white girl. My eyes are brown, my skin slightly olive, and in its natural state my hair is very dark brown. Where ever I live, I look like whatever the popular miscellaneous minority is; I have been mistaken for Italian in New York, Native Alaskan in Alaska, Native American in Kansas, and Puerto Rican/Cuban in Florida....more
There is only one, grave issue I had with this piece, and I was really surprised to see that no ...more

Shaking My Head: The Zimmerman Verdict and Race

I'm thinking about the George Zimmerman verdict in Florida. Who isn't? For a few weeks, many of us have been watching the trial, closely or in passing, word-for-word or in highlighted bits on the evening news. Zimmerman, an armed neighborhood watch volunteer, patrolling his housing complex one evening, spots a young man named Trayvon Martin, who appears not to belong....more
Indeed, race is complicated.  We're no longer a binary system.  Yet what is equally troubling is ...more

Turning Our Pain Over Trayvon Martin Into A Movement

It's raining hard in Charlotte this morning. As if Mother Earth is attempting to wash away the sour aftertaste left by three weeks of a "nothing's off limits" trial and a late-night verdict finding George Zimmerman NOT GUILTY in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. ...more
In the wake of the Zimmerman verdict, we're seeing people of all races uniting in support of ...more

Malala Day Takes Over the United Nations

Most girls celebrate their 16th birthday by getting their driver’s license, maybe a party. Not Malala Yousafzai. She’s recovered from her horrific head injuries after being shot by the Taliban last year for wanting to go to school, and today Malala spent her 16th birthday by going to the United Nations to rally for education....more
ALLAH is ke Umer lambi kary. May Allah long his life.more

Ramadan: Preparing to Accept This Blessed Gift

[Editor's Note: Ramadan Mubarak! The month of fasting for the Muslim faithful began on Monday night. Along with people around the world, BlogHer Sabrina Enayatulla takes part in the practice of fasting from before sunrise to sundown and reflects on what the holy month means to her at Slice of Lemon. --Grace]...more
I have to say I find it surprising that BlogHer supports Islam!more

It's Not Just About Trayvon Martin

Editor's update, 7/13/13: A Florida jury today acquitted George Zimmerman of all charges in Trayvon Martin's death. We'll be monitoring reaction and pointing you to must-reads, and encourage you to share your reaction as well. -- Julie ...more
@flextime Unfortunately bias, racism and hate are universal traits shared liberally. We see ...more

America's Not Here for Us

"Mom-are we still slaves? Do people still hate us, African-Americans?"...more
lizditz addyeB There will be video, yes.more

Immigration Bill Passes the Senate, Now What?

Thursday afternoon, the Senate voted 68-32 in favor of the bipartisan immigration reform bill. Fourteen Republican Senators joined the 52 Democrats and two Independents who supported this bill. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), Image Credit: C-SPAN...more
It's a step in the right direction, that's for sure.more