Refugees Welcomed at My Thanksgiving Table

My family has been in America for a long time, but someone's newness or refugee status doesn't bother me....more
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5 Ways 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Got Me Thinking About Cross-Cultural Thanksgivings

Recently, I watched the new CW show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which features Rebecca, a Jewish American woman visiting her ex-boyfriend Josh’s extended Filipino American family for Thanksgiving. While it’s completely over-the-top (the hip-hop video segment!), it was hilarious....more
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How Gloria Steinem Got Me Thinking About White Feminism

This week, I went to see Gloria Steinem “in conversation with” Cheryl Strayed. I put that phrase in quotes because really it was more like Cheryl Strayed davening at the feet of the icon, as many of us feminists tend to do (deservedly so). At eighty-one years old, Steinem was dressed in that perfectly put together uniform of hers that I still love: seventies-chic in all black, form-fitting turtleneck, wide-legged pants with a silver, low-slung Navajo concho belt resting on her hips. ...more

Press This: Introducing WU’s Diverse Voices Series: Why Diversity in Publishing Matters – WU

 An interesting article about diversity, romance and women’s fiction. Click on the link below. Therese here to introduce a new series here at WU, and explain its evolution. I recently visited the WU Facebook group and opened the floor to pitches: If you could write a post for WU, what would …Source: Introducing WU’s Diverse Voices Series: Why Diversity in Publishing Matters...more

No Compassion For Anyone But Themselves

Has compassion left the building? Does everyone with skin any shade darker than white pose a threat to us? Conservatives want President Obama to bomb ISIL, but have no answer when familes, desperate for safe haven, arrive at our border seeking asylum. I saw on the news last night a map of the country highlighting in red the states where governors have stood their ground, refusing to accept Syrian refugees. Wow. How tough are they....more

Meeting Syrian Refugees and Other Ways Istanbul Made Me Cry

I might have the best job ever. I travel regularly to discover new places and eat local food – such is the life of a food and travel writer. Sometimes it takes me to less-than exciting small cities and sometimes it means tackling world-famous locations like Istanbul or Rome. Last week I spent five days in Istanbul, where I sought to learn as much as possible about this place. I’m always surprised when I go somewhere new but this trip was different. ...more
Thank you so much for this article! My husband and I are Americans living in Izmir, Turkey and ...more

Syrian Refugee Crisis: Let's Hold Onto Kindness and Be the Light

Yesterday, my governor came out with a statement that he would welcome the Syrian refugees—that our state is committed to welcoming “all people with tolerance and mutual respect.”  To hear this made me so proud have a leader stand up for the rights of others, to take a stand against cruelty and malice and—evil.  A light in the vast climate of fear. ...more
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What It’s Like to Be Muslim When a Bunch Of Crazy Bastards Go Haywire.

Social media was flooded with news of France. Just like all Muslims around the world the first thing I thought of after saying a prayer for the victims and their families, please don’t let those bastards have Muslim names. Please don’t let them be brown or speak Arabic....more
NaturaleStellar You are absolutely right. We can't lump people together like that. I never ...more

Can Giving During the Holiday Season Be Energizing?

 “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” – Booker T. Washington ...more