Black History is U.S. History

Sigh… I find myself repeating myself regarding race in the United States, so I thought maybe I need to write a post instead. Everyone seems to be confused and weary of the racial problems being reported regarding Blacks and the police.  Everyone is struggling to understand both how and why this keeps happening, as well as understand why race is getting so much attention....more

It's Okay to be Respectable. It's Okay Not to be Respectable, Too. It's Not Okay to be Neither.

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An ad for a movie came on while my youngest daughter and I were watching TV last night. “That looks fun,” I said.“Yeah, too bad we can’t watch it.”“Why? It’s on demand?” I said.“It’s been whitewashed,” she said.“It’s been what?” I asked, not because I didn’t know what it meant so much as I was surprised that it was a word she used.“Whitewashed. They cast famous white actors in roles that should have been played by people of color,” she said....more

Do Black Lives Really Matter to #blacklivesmatter?

Alright, I think I'm ready just a bit, to speak up about the #blacklivesmatter movement that's going around the country. Before I get started, and because I'm sure someone is going to be offended, I'll start by clarifying that I, too, am a Black woman. I may be lighter skinned, but that doesn't change the fact that my father is a Black man, my father's family is Black, and my mother is a Native American woman.Further, I do believe that #blacklivesmatter, but not just in the context of police brutality or racism....more

Charity Tuesday: Under the Same Sun

Charity Tuesday.On a Wednesday.Because yesterday was a teacher workshop day.And I didn’t plan ahead and schedule a post.So, we’re doing it today.But usually it will be on Tuesday.Just so we’re clear…Charity Tuesday.What day? TUESDAY. But instead we’re doing it today because of aforementioned reasons.Moving on....more

It's Black Breastfeeding Week -- and Yes, We Need It

World Black Breastfeeding Week begins on August 25, 2015 and I am already hearing the negative, disapproving buzz in the lactation community. I will never understand why anyone—especially lactation consultants—disapproves of World Black Breastfeeding Week. As International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, we have an ethical responsibility to support all cultures, and this includes African-American women....more

Lindsey - part of a series, "Be True to Thyself"

With the spirit of encouraging and inspiring everyone out there to become acquainted with oneself and learn to be comfortable and accepting of oneself, I have started a series, "Being True to Thyself," wherein I will include snapshots of individuals who dare to be themselves, imperfections and all, and are becoming stronger, full-of-life people.Lindsey is the first individual in my series....more

Why Feminists Should Be Concerned About Trump's 'Anchor Baby' Comments

The term “anchor babies” — a throwback to the right-wing immigration reformers of the 1990s and early 2000s— is in the news again. And as this debate over whether this is term is derogatory (and the American Heritage diction has listed it as offensive) or not gets going once again, feminists should be watchful of how the term frames and blames women for these so-called unwanted immigrants....more

The Alpha Phi Sorority Controversy Shows We're Not Really Talking About Gender and Race

Instead of a sorority video, why don't we focus attention on police brutality or the attempts to defund Planned Parenthood?...more