Is Going Niqab Just as Extreme as Going Topless?

Every issue we come across or have to face today is at an extreme. There is no longer such a thing as being balanced, just a lot of bickering about who is right. And one of the most visible examples of this is when it comes to how we choose to dress — or not — such as in the case of Zunera Ishaq, a Pakistani immigrant who is appealing the ban on wearing a niqab to her Canadian citizenship ceremony. ...more

Five Things Every Black Woman in Tech Needs in a Support System

It’s already an uphill battle being “the one” or one of the very few, especially when you’re in the tech field. You spend almost every day trying to prove your abilities and education aren’t just a stroke of luck or the result of some Affirmative Action hire. Any input or response you provide is usually sifted over like a search for pearls in the sand, even if it’s the most obvious solution possible. If you happen to disagree with someone and hold your position, then you become the “Angry Black Woman.”...more
yet one more reason why i <3 our POTUS!more

Love is Love is Love

Recently, on that ambivalent modern phenomenon called Facebook, I came across this video about the Universality of Love! It is my new favorite thing! Seeing people hugging and kissing, dancing and pranaming on an x-ray screen, it’s plain to see that Love is Love. Love has no genderLove has no disabilityLove has no ageLove has no raceLove has no speciesLove has no religion...more

The Decision

:-D Good luck. A lot of people won't understand this piece, but a lot of people do...more

Starbucks' #RaceTogether is the Frappuccino of Difficult Conversations

I nearly spit out my coffee this morning when I read about Starbucks’ new attempt to promote conversation about race. Announced in USA Today, the partnership between the newspaper and the coffee giant uses the words "race together" written on coffee cups in an attempt to stir up conversation about race in America. ...more
I got ya'll. "Race" is a man-made construct that doesn't exist in reality. You're welcome from ...more

Talking to My Teen about a Life of Privilege

 It was a glorious spring day, the hard edges of the air softening into mildness, the sun reflecting in puddles, spirits sitting up and stretching their arms to the sky. Awaking from the freeze of winter, everyone was out running, walking, looking faintly stunned by the exposed squares of sidewalk....more

What Direction is Your Moral Compass Headed? Is it Pointed in the Wrong or the Right Direction?

Each of us have a moral compass. Some are pointed in the wrong direction. Each of us have a responsibility to do the right thing even when it feels uncomfortable....more
Interesting piece that gives pause to thought. Best wishes.more

#Planet5050 Calls for Gender Equality by 2030

Twenty years ago, almost 50,000 people gathered in Beijing, China for the Fourth World Conference on Women. More than 180 government officials met for two weeks and eventually produced the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action....more
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A Message for the White People

The teens found a photo of their classmate and made some changes to it.The classmate is a young black man.They drew a noose around his neck and added the words "Gotta hang ‘em all" and shared the edited photo on social media....more
This is so stirring and so true. It takes conversation and a willingness to understand and hear ...more