Half and Half Websites and Articles

I did some browsing on the web and came across a few popular bi-racial websites and articles. Here they are: MixedFolks.com  ...more

Why the Jena 6 Still Matters

The Jena Six. For most Americans, it is a news story - apalling, repugnant - but just a news story. For some, it's old news.  For me, it hit a little closer to home. And considering how for the first time in American History we may have a president of color who is helping to open up discussion (and many hope along with it, healing of our nation), pausing to think on how we treat each other is timely and important.  My father's family is from Jena. My octagenarian grandfather was superintendent of the school district for many years.  My father played with the current Jena High School principal after school when he was a kid. It's a place I visit periodically for Christmas or Thanksgiving. And as sad as the story makes me, I can't say I'm surprised. ...more

Any Chinese Girl Bloggers Here?

Hello! I am Fauna and I write a blog called chinaSMACK. I heard about BlogHer from another website and have joined here. I think a website about woman helping woman is a great idea but there is not a lot of Chinese people here so far. Maybe that will change in the future? ...more

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Video Musing "Kindness is good" by Sally Huss

Here is a video of one of my Happy Musings: ...more

Get Your Milk Ready: Obama the Oreo

I’m sorry, I thought it was 2008. On the heels of the New Yorker Cover debacle, we have video of John McLaughlin defending Jesse Jackson’s recent “slip up” by calling Obama an “oreo.” I haven’t heard this term in a very long time, and am surprised that McLaughlin was even able to pull it out of the hat. As if we (Black folks) didn’t have enough to deal with already (education, prison rates, the economy), we are thrown back into the debate of who is and who is not “Black.” ...more

Melawen, I totally agree. It's crazy that we, as people, are still dealing with these types of ...more

Try your hand at a Tibetan meal

(disclaimer: when I talk about culturally "Tibetan" things in this post, I mean particularly the things I have learned from my Tibetan Husband and his family, and our small community where we live in the Midwest. I do not want to make blanket statements regarding any culture.Take it with a grain of salt; your experience may differ.) ...more

Although I have eaten at the one Tibetan restaurant in Salt Lake (House of Tibet) this is ...more


"The days we keep are the days we are thankful for." ...more


So I am over at TwentyEight30 and  this is posted.  Yep, she is mad too.  Now I have never posted here at Blogher...I have happily responded and jumped in on posts and truly enjoyed that.  But tonight this mess just wore me thin!  So rather than go on and on, I am going to just share this mess with my Blogging Sisters here and let whatever the posts this thing gets be the post.  ...more

i also posted about this over on my more


"To age is easy.  To age gracefully takes some effort." ...more