Honoring Black History Month - By Waking Up White

“That workshop is for people of color.” I once got this response to a workshop on racism I had planned, from a white colleague at a national conference. Confession: I’m white, and used to think that way too – that anything specifically about race was targeted to people of color. Until I started to venture into discussions on racism. I quickly learned that talking, and doing something about, racism is, in fact, a white problem. This was mind-bending....more

When the Bottom Nearly Fell Out

The day before yesterday was rough. That was the first time in awhile I was nearly in paralyzing despair. The reality that I have not been successful in landing a full-time job for the 2014-2015 year was hitting me like a ton of bricks. The fact that I still have nothing in place to financially provide for the children (and me) nearly put me in debilitating pain. ...more

Jordan Davis and Fears for Our Black Sons

[Editor's Note: On February 15, the trial for the murder of 17-year-old Jordan Davis ended in the conviction of 47-year-old Michael Dunn on lesser charges, including second degree attempted murder, evoking memories the trial of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin killing. --Grace]...more
I am so afraid for my own white son just by virtue of the fact that he's my child, and parents ...more

Shows like Being Mary Jane, Scandal and the Real Housewives of Atlanta are destroying the image of black women

Before I state my claim, let me just qualify some things for all the followers and naysayers who are diehard fans of these shows. First, I have seen each one of these shows. Followed all of them, season after season until recently. Know the internal fabric of every storyline. Understand completely that these are, ‘in fact’, television shows, and despite the titles, are not reality. And lastly, anyone who proclaims this is merely entertainment and shouldn’t be taken seriously are themselves part of the problem that drives this impassioned blogpost....more
I agree wholeheartedly!more

White Mama, Black Daughter; Fierce or Invisible

Good or bad for all of you, I process the events of my life pen to paper here in this space.This one might be long and winding, jumbled and brutal. I'm pretty certain it won't be for the faint of heart.My daughter is 7 and I am just beginning to fully realize the extent of what it will be, to be her mama for life....more
Yes this is the real world but don't let it rule you.more

Forgive and...Remember

Does anger have stages? You know, like the five stages of grief?Maybe there's just two: the Anger itself and Forgiveness. I figure Forgiveness either happens quickly and replaces the anger, or it slowly sidles up to anger and co-exists alongside it.Forgive and Remember. It can happen.Right now, I'm angry. Forgiveness is inching its way to my anger but right now, that emotion is so wide, it's not leaving a sliver of space for forgiveness. Not just yet anyway....more

Private School Recruitment vs Reality

We had the pleasure of hosting a chat with the filmmakers Joe Brewster and Michele Stephenson onChatty Guest about their documentary American Promise and book Promises Kept.The filmmakers gave us a glimpse into their life as an African-American family that navigated through the elite private school experience.  The chat on Chatty Guest allowed parents of color the space to express their views on the film and their experience as parents of children going through a similar experience....more

On speaking Canadian to a (mostly) American audience

Fun Fact: According to current stats, the majority of my blog's visitors - 66.60%, in fact - reside in the United States, while only 13.00% are from my native country of Canada. That's quite an extreme difference! Really, though, apart from being a rather odd little statistical quirk, this tidbit of information shouldn't make any difference as to how I write, or what I post, or the way I construct my comments or replies... should it? Surprisingly enough, it actually does. ...more
melanie jean juneau Thank you, Melanie! :)more

Thoughts on Privilege

I posted a link to this article about privilege and intersectionality by Gina Crosley-Corcoran on the Facebook page the other day, and got a message this morning that it's gotten more attention than 95% of what I've posted on that page, so people must be looking at it!...more

Single Mom Budget Crisis

Month after month, it goes like this:...more
Yup except for the spousal support as I have never been married. Face palm.more