Here's How American Girl Responded to My Open Letter on Diversity

BlogHerFamily yes, we need to teach more kids to vote with their pocketbooks, er I mean ...more

Word of Advice: Don't Discuss Controversial Current Events Topics With Your Family Over the Holidays

Ah, the holidays. A joyous time of year spent with loved ones; eating delicious food, giving and receiving generous gifts, listening to seasonal tunes and arguing with your family about hot-button political issues.Wait, what?Listen. I'm all for a healthy debate and voicing your opinions on current events and controversial topics. I think it's important to take a stand on something and to believe in a cause and to want to have a discussion with your peers, regardless if they agree with you or not....more

How a Trip to the Nail Salon Showed Me That People Are Still Good

I had a busy night planned on Saturday, including a birthday dinner for my best friend followed by yet another holiday party (my fourth this month!).  Before heading out, I stopped in my neighborhood nail salon for a quick manicure so I didn’t have to show my face in public with disgustingly gross/chipped red nails.  The salon had a few people in it, but wasn’t packed.  One of the Asian women who works there smiled at me and directed me to her seat, and she immediately got to work....more

Do You Know the History of Policing in America?

Have you ever seen the movie Crash starring—among others—Don Cheadle (my celebrity crush), Sandra Bullock, Matt Dillon, Larenz Tate, Ryan Phillipe and Terrence Howard? ...more
Rita Arens Me, too.  It was hard to watch, but I find all of this hard to watch/live also.more

Resting Uneasy At The Hotel Rwanda

Several years ago, while working as an executive assistant for a major pharmaceutical company, I had to plan a trip for my boss to Rwanda.Rwanda. Holy cow! Can you even get a plane to Rwanda??It turns out you can. More than one in fact. You can fly there direct via British Airways from Brussels, Belgium mainly because there are a lot of Europeans who visit the area for the Silverback gorilla wildlife preserve in Kigali. The movie "Gorillas in the Mist" was filmed there. ...more
You should watch the BBC documentary, Rwanda's Untold Story,  It ...more

Beyonce: Are We Raising Too Many Businessman & Not Enough Good Husbands & Fathers?

I remember my days of single motherhood very vividly.  The cold bus rides, enjoyable first baby moments spent alone and the endless nights where I wished I had a mate to share them with.  While I also had some great moments as a single mom, like  graduating from college with baby boy in tow, I often wonder now as a married woman what my life would have been like if only my son’s father would have been raised to understand that children come first and that parenthood is what we live for....more

Should #BlackHairCare By A White Stylist Be An Issue? - PegCityLovely

Not in my world!It’s bad enough there’s so much drama about the fact that I relax my hair vs keeping it natural, I don’t need additional scrutiny because my stylist is white. Yet, it happens more often than you think! #BlackHairCare is truly a hot topic.Read the remainder of the article and see the video interview on

My Christmas Wish

I completely understand the heartbreak over recent lives lost due to police in recent events. Every life matters and every death is a tragedy. With that being said, I would like to personally beg anyone in the media or in a role where others look to them for information and news to stop vilifying police. They aren't the bad guys, they are the best humanity has to offer. They run into a burning building to save someone's child while risking their own life. They jump in front of a bullet so an innocent bystander doesn't get hurt....more

No Drinking Fountains: Notes from a Thirsty Expat Mom in Dubai

Published by elephant journal. “You just have to see this city to believe it,” I found myself emailing friends and family back home in the U.S. several summers ago.The sense of a place striving was thick....more

An Inconvenient Celebration?

I love the holiday season. I love the festive lights, the feelings of goodwill and the stories of our various beliefs and how we all celebrate in our unique and special ways....more