I Have to Tell My Muslim Kids That Some People Are Going to Hate Them

Donald Trump's comments about banning Muslims from the U.S. make me truly grateful that I live in a country that has a comparatively high acceptance and appreciation for diversity.  Of course there is the random incident that occurs to remind me that some people are always going to hate me for being brown.  And Muslim.  Like a lady in the mall. We both were not watching where we were walking and bumped into each other....more
estellasrevenge I had to have the frenemy conversation with Molly last year. In 5th grade. ...more

Muslim Target, Latino Bulls Eye

The rhetoric against Muslims is ramping up again. Trump’s rhetoric, which sounds a lot like praise of Hitler’s policies, has hit levels never seen in United States before – not even after the worst attack against the United States since Pearl Harbor....more

Fair skin Vs Dark skin.

We live in a world where the color of an individual's skin comes first than any of his good qualities. Ever thought how judgemental we all are? How we all get attracted by the people with fair skin only and never consider the dark ones?...more

Why We Didn't "Protest" When a 9 Year Old Was Murdered

For some strange reason, a lot of people–black, white and otherwise–have asked me “Why do black people only care when the police kill a black person?  Why didn’t black people get this upset when a black person killed a 9-year-old black child named Tyshawn Lee?”I mean, I don’t really know, but to me, such a question is almost a subtle way of saying ”if young black people would just fall out and protest like this every time a black person kills another black person, there wouldn’t be any gang banging in your neighborhoods.”...more

Is There a Native American Doctor In the House?

First daughter broke through a chunk of the glass ceiling in November—a tribute to her passion and persistence—and an important event tucked in the shadow of national Native American History Month. Cynthia Coleman with her daughters Megan (Wak-O-Apa) Tusler, who completed her PhD recently (2015) at the University of Chicago and Rachel (Wee-Hey) Tusler...more
Another thing: she will be a great role model for those who come after her. Congratulations !more

I Refuse To Hide My Food

Growing up, my parents were fairly poor. In order to take us out to little things like the fair every summer, my parents would go hungry and take food with us to feed my sister and I. Doesn't sound like a big deal; I mean, they were still taking us to the fair. But they did that so that we could have as good a childhood as possible. When I moved away for university, I got all my mom's recipes and took a whole bunch of Indian spices and cooking equipment with me. But I never used them....more

Celia Cruz Finally Gets Her Propers and Telemundo Takes A Step In the Right Direction

Celia Cruz, finally, gets her propers ( post-mortem no less)but I guess it’s better late than never. Telemundo, a Spanish-language network, stepped up and created a novela that highlights afrolatinos  y mucho de nosotros tienen papeles en la novela. Jeimy Osorio, la boricua hermosa con cabello natural de descendiente africano, portrays “Celia Cruz”. This is huge! Let’s be clear....more

How Gloria Steinem Got Me Thinking About White Feminism

This week, I went to see Gloria Steinem “in conversation with” Cheryl Strayed. I put that phrase in quotes because really it was more like Cheryl Strayed davening at the feet of the icon, as many of us feminists tend to do (deservedly so). At eighty-one years old, Steinem was dressed in that perfectly put together uniform of hers that I still love: seventies-chic in all black, form-fitting turtleneck, wide-legged pants with a silver, low-slung Navajo concho belt resting on her hips. ...more
HapaMamaGrace BlogHer Thanks for the mention. I appreciate you reading it!!more

Refugees Welcomed at My Thanksgiving Table

My family has been in America for a long time, but someone's newness or refugee status doesn't bother me....more
hollicbuck Thank you!more