My Sons Are More Than Their Permanent Outerwear

I wrote this post originally in August 2014. I decided to republish it upon learning of the story of 18-year-old DeShawn Currie being pepper sprayed inside of his home by North Carolina police after he was mistaken for a burglar.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...more

My Friend... My Teacher... Greg

 After a 6 hour drive, we arrived at our vacation rental house in Mission Beach. It was exactly what the pictures depicted. Just steps to the beach and walking or biking distance to anywhere we wanted to go. Right away, we went for a quick visit to the ocean to say hello and announce our arrival; as if the ocean had been expecting us.  ...more

Why I am NOT Ready for Hillary

My latest piece for Ebony Magazine explains why I am not "Ready for Hillary."  ...more

Watermelon, Obama, and The Boston Herald: Using Food To Push Hurtful And Harmful Stereotypes

Welp, here we are again in the midst of another controversy involving a prestiguous American newspaper and racist tropes aimed at Black people.  This time, it is The Boston Herald who has decided to cut down a Black American using and old, stale stereotype (a couple of weeks ago, it was New York Times chief entertainment critic, Alessandra Stanley, whose critique on Shonda Rhimes and her new TV show, How To Get Away With Murder, read more like a tearing down Rhimes using every racist trope in the book)....more

Numinous Market - Women of Color Creating a Healing Space in Pittsburgh

A friend in Pittsburgh has put together the first Numinous Magic Market and Healing Workshops - an event created by people of color for people of color, featuring an array of workshops and vendors focused on a healing space. The founder of Numinous Market, Joy KMT, has inspired me and supported me - a complete stranger - during a difficult experience in my life....more


     When I was a child, my parents would send my sisters and I “back home” to Texas during the summers.  We were placed in the care of my great-grandmother and great-aunt, two strict disciplinarians who took the job of reining in wild, unruly children seriously. The summers I spent with these two sanctified, stalwart reformers of errant behavior were difficult for me because I was a stubborn and willful child.     ...more

We All Bleed the Same Blood. The Color Doesn’t Change. God is No Respecter of Persons – He Loves Us All the Same

I had the pleasure of watching and listening to what I thought was a powerful, thought-provoking video by Kaleo, one of my dearest friend’s son that spoke volumes to my heart. I had to share this beautiful message so that others may hear and be moved as I was, which ultimately will compel us to act and make a difference in this world. I also ask that you please feel free to share.