To Fix STEM Crisis, Go Back to the Future

There is a STEM crisis in the United States. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. The U.S. ranks 25th in math and 17th in science among the 65 countries participating in PISA, the Program for International Student Assessment. ...more
We waste a lot of ability in this country simply by judging it not present. I saw a great ...more

Abandoned Babies & Terrible Mothers: Media Coverage Bias

A tragedy has unfolded in my city. Last week, a six-month-old baby (who was black) was found in the hallway of an apartment complex, strapped into his car seat, healthy but alone. The media reported that the baby was found there with no clues to his identity or how he came to be alone in an apartment complex. The comments quickly filled up with thoughts like this, from Marilyn Williams:...more
@bellejarblog Yes, Anne! I have been interested in you since you first started to post. All is ...more

Where Are the Women and Minorities in Obama’s Cabinet?

After the 2012 campgaign season in which women and minority voters overwhelmingly re-elected President Obama, it seems the new cabinet is shaping up to be quite white and male....more
I think American never change anything on the focus of achievement to set the goal of promoting  ...more

What India's Working Women Say About Sexual Violence

Since the brutal rape of a 23-year-old student on a bus in New Delhi and her subsequent death, thousands of women in India, who are increasingly working and studying, have repeatedly taken to the streets to express anger over attitudes towards women, calling for major change. ...more
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I Went for a Pedicure and Got a Cross-Cultural Experience

[Editor's Note: While I love mani-pedis as much as the next girl, sometimes the experience brings up uncomfortable ethnic and socio-economic disparities that make the experience Not. Relaxing. At. All. So I was touched by Sabrina's efforts to bridge linguistic and cultural differences to explain to her Muslim practices to a Korean nail tech. How's that for a spa day? --Grace]...more

Gang Rape: India or Ohio, Is There Any Difference?

On Friday night, a Bay Area TV station reported on a vigil at a local Hindu temple. Indian Americans – male, female, young and old – were united in lighting candles and praying for change in light of the recent gang rapes in India. It was moving and beautiful, but I couldn't help but wonder why are these vigils only taking place in the Desi community?...more
Thank you for the post. Sad that we don't get this kind of insightful intelligence from the news ...more

Tarantino vs. Spike Lee: Is 'Django Unchained' Blaxploitation?

Editor's Note: Quentin Tarantino's new movie Django Unchained did well at the box office over the holidays, coming in second only to The Hobbit. But the film, which has been called "spaghetti Western blaxploitation", is also raising a lot of controversy, most notably with Spike Lee boycotting it. I haven't seen Django Unchained, but Michelle Parrinello-Cason did, and it's stirred up some strongly mixed feelings....more

How Do You Celebrate Christmas When No One Else Does?

If you live in North America or Europe, it may be hard to imagine December without reminders of Christmas everywhere, from the festive decorations in public spaces to the days that business virtually grinds to a halt around the 25th. But what about people who want to mark the occasion in a country that is not a predominantly Christian culture? Image Credit: jmurawski via Flickr...more
When I lived in Dubai, I worked for a gove.rnment college so worked on Christmas. Not working ...more

Behind the Smile: Viral Video Shows Black Female Depression and Friendship

Until a couple of weeks ago, no one knew who Amber Mondane was. On December 6, Amber and her best friend, Nash, made a four minute video that as of this writing has been shared over 56,000 times on Facebook. Amber and Nash silently narrated their story -- one that resonated not only with young black women, but with anyone who has either been touched with depression themselves or knows somebody who has struggled with it in the past. ...more
Thank you for writing this article.  It was beautifully written. I have a 12 year old daughter ...more

Aloha, Senator. Daniel Inouye Passes Away at 88

Senator Daniel Inouye, the most senior statesman in Washington, passed away on Monday. Inouye, age 88, represented his home state in the capitol since Hawaii gained statehood in 1959. His death is not just a loss for Congress, but for the Asian American Pacific Islander community. Inouye was the first Japanese American to serve on Capitol Hill, as well a World War II hero as part of the 442 Regiment, a unit made up entirely of Japanese Americans who petitioned for the right to serve in the military, while their friends and family were interned in camps across the western United States....more
@Kim Pearson I'm glad to hear that you found Sen. Inouye inspiring, as well. Thanks for the ...more