Funny or Racist? Caroline Wozniacki Impersonates Serena Williams

During a recent exhibition match in Sao Paolo, Brazil against Maria Sharapova, former No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki stuffed towels down her bra and shorts to impersonate tennis icon Serena Williams.  Well known for her curvaceous bod, Williams is often seen mocking herself and her big butt (even referring to #bigbuttproblems on Twitter).  But now the 22-year-old Wozniacki has been accused of racism by some observers....more
Who said anything about the color of skin?  This is just another example of people labeling ...more

Keeping Clean Hearts

It was pouring down rain yesterday- one of those days that makes you want to stay inside.  But Sadie has a book report due next week and needed a biography to write about.  We waded through the rain and ventured to the public library.  Her little fingers rubbed the spines of every book in the biography section.  She pulled out one on Bethany Hamilton (the surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack) and decided that it would be the perfect biography for her report.  As we were walking to the circulation desk, she saw another book that caught her eye.  It was the ...more
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Why Do Republicans Keep Picking on Susan Rice?

I have watched with bewilderment as Republicans ratchet up their attacks on United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice.To be sure, Congress should investigate what happened in Benghazi. After all, four Americans were killed, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens who reportedly had expressed concern about the “security vacuum” around the consulate....more
Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security Eric Boswell wasn't hauled before Congress to answer ...more

Everything You Needed to Know About South Asian Weddings

Since this is my first post on BlogHer, I figured I should start at the beginning. This is an introduction of sorts.I started dreaming of my wedding long before my prince charming came into the picture. In my head, I knew certain things that I wanted to incorporate since I was a little girl. Yup, I'm one of those girls. Being part of a Pakistani family, I knew I was going to be an extra lucky bride - I would get to be the bride for 4 main days plus numerous other parties....more
Brings back memories of my aunts and cousins getting married..more

I Didn't Know You Had a Mixed Baby!

[Editor's Note: Being in a mixed-race family myself, I don't always think about the fact that we are a mixed-race family. Then sometimes, I get a comment which reminds me of the fact-- in a way that calls a little too much attention to it. And I live in the Bay Area, where interracial marriage is quite common. Michelle Parrinello-Cason of Balancing Jane writes about being a white woman living in St. Louis, and the kind of reactions she hears when people see a photo of her bi-racial daughter, who is half-black....more
some people just say way too much what is on their mind. I love the question( I actually use to ...more

Will 2013 Be Year of the Latino?

{Editor's Note: In the coming months, immigration reform will be at the forefront of state and national lawmakers, especially in border areas such as Arizona, where BlogHer Julie Erfle lives. Erfle has been keeping a keen eye on immigration policy in the Grand Canyon state and in this excerpt from her blog Politics Uncuffed, she is hopeful for change. --Grace]...more

So Now Republicans Wonder What Happened to the Asian Vote?

Don’t make me say I told you so. In Mandarin Chinese, there is a phrase, wo gei ni shuo. Literally translated, it means, “Let me tell you…” But it also implies that you should pull up a chair, because what I have to say is going to take a few minutes, and you better listen, because there I've got some opinions and advice to give you. ...more
I, too, enjoyed this well-written and educational piece. As a gay white woman whose partner and ...more

Huffington Post Fails with Teaser for Oprah Breast Cancer Scare

Dear Huffington Post: It's not okay to minimize a breast cancer scare. Yes, Oprah Winfrey is powerful, and yes, she is struggling to save her OWN venture and her magazine, and it's true that due to her power and influence, she often has been the punchline of jokes, but under no circumstances should anyone make light of her or anyone else's experience with a breast cancer scare....more
"The Huffington Post has its Black Voices, Latino Voices, women's section, and Gay Voices, but ...more

Does Buddhism Have a Race Problem?

This Saturday, December 8 Buddhists celebrate Bodhi Day, a holiday that marks the day that Siddartha Gautauma received enlightenment. A recent Huffington Post article about the rift between white American Buddhist converts and Asian American (and other people of color) practitioners of the faith sparked a lot of discussion about who exactly are Buddhists and how does race affect how their beliefs are acted out? But Arun at Angry Asian Buddhist takes issue with some of the points in the Huff Po piece: ...more

Is the Red Dawn Remake Sparking Yellow Peril?

The remake of "Red Dawn" did surprisingly well at the box office over the Thanksgiving weekend. Like many made-over 80's teen flicks, it's been updated, and the new version replaces the Russians invaders with North Koreans, giving it a new element of race-based fear mongering. Just check out the slew of anti-Asian tweets it spawned. Marissa Lee of Racebending screened the movie and explains how "Red Dawn" is doing no help to Asians and other people of color....more