Dear GOP: President Obama is Not "Bad Boyfriend"

[Editor's Note: Have you seen this ad produced by the Republican National Committee? BlogHer Nordette Adams calls it the "Break up with your boyfriend Obama ad", playing on the President's charisma. But Nordette explains at her blog Whose shoes are these anyway? that she finds this comparison both sly and condescending. --Grace]...more

A Man Asked My Son to Mow His Lawn

File this one under, "Is this racist?" Tracy Lopez from LATINAish writes about how her 13-year old son was approached by a white neighbor... to mow his lawn. While some people might consider this a typical request for a teenage kid, it could also be one of those instances where racism subtly rears its head. Tracy can't help but wonder whether the same thing would have been asked of a white teenager. What do you think?...more
 @Latinaish     I am a Latina and I think you are being too sensitive.  And I do not agree that ...more

What, Library of Congress? No Asian or Native American Books Shaped America?

The Library of Congress recently released a list of Books That Shaped America, along with an exhibit of the same name that will be on display in Washington D.C. until September. Out of the 88 books chosen for their influence on our nation’s culture, not a single title was written by an Asian American or Native American. That’s right. Not a single novel, non-fiction account, children’s picture book, or even cookbook (there are a few of them included, too) focuses on the experiences of these often overlooked ethnic groups....more
American History begins with Indian History.more

Everyone's Talking About the Latino Vote, But Where Are the Latino Voices?

The Latino vote has been a hot topic this election season, but is this really translating into more clout for actual Latino voters? Not necessarily, explains political expert Viviana Hurtado, who has been advocating for more mainstream news coverage of this growing demographic. As Viviana explains at The Wise Latina Club, too often the media talks about Latinas, but doesn't include them in the conversation:...more
@LesbianDad check out #latism or #belatinomore

Do Michele Bachmann's Statements Keep Muslims Out of Politics?

Key GOP leaders did the right thing last week, with Sen. John McCain speaking out against Rep. Michele Bachmann's allegation that Hillary Clinton's aide may have ties to the Islamic terrorists. As you may remember, Clinton's aide, Huma Abedin, has seen enough troubles of her own-- unrelated to her religion, but to her husband Anthony Weiner....more
I hope people would actually take time to read the blogger's whole post, and see that there are ...more

"Black Folk Don't" Web Series Challenges Stereotypes

"Something about the sound of twigs crunching under your feet; it’s like Massa's coming down." -- a Black Folk Don't interviewee on camping A few years ago, I walked into a massive athletic shoe store in Harlem. I was kindly greeted by the security guards, but while I was perusing the rows of incredibly expensive shoes, a Black male salesperson approached me. "You aren't from here, are you?" he asked politely. "Uh, no. I’m from Toronto." He looked confused. "Where's that?"...more
I did not care for this article when I initially began to read this because I have tried to ...more

Remembering Queen of Soul Food Sylvia Woods

"Queen of Soul Food" Sylvia Woods, owner and founder of Sylvia's Restaurant in Harlem, New York, died Thursday at age 86 after a long struggle with Alzheimer's....more
I agree, a pilgrimage is in order!more

Obama Leads Among Latinos, Can Spanish Ad Save Romney?

A poll released Wednesday shows that 70% of Latinos support President Obama, compared with only 20% who support Republican contender Mitt Romney. But just this week Romney released the TV ad below, in which his son Craig speaks (in Spanish) about his grandfather's immigration from Mexico where the family lived in a colony of Mormon expatriates....more
Romney has our Hispanic household's votes!more

It's Ramadan 2012!

[Editor's Note: Ramadan began at sundown on Thursday. In case you're not familiar with it, the holiday marks the time that Muslims believe God sent revelation from the Qu'ran to Mohammed. For modern-day Muslims, it's a time of fasting and self-reflection. Sabrina Enayatulla writes about her personal journey on Slice of Lemon. I’m super excited and super nervous about Ramadan this year. I set some of the biggest Ramadan goals I’ve ever set for myself and I’ve been mentally walking through this month for weeks now....more

Will It Be Harder to Vote This Year Where You Live?

Michelle Obama debuted a new initiative to get out the vote today, against a backdrop of changes and challenges to voter registration and election law, many of which make it more difficult to get new voters counted this election. ...more
 @Cindy Chafian You are not making the distinction between an ID requirement and a PHOTO ID ...more