Banned Books Week: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Sherman Alexie's The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian hit bookstore shelves in 2007 and people haven't stopped talking about it, or challenging it, since. The publishers synopsis says that it "chronicles the contemporary adolescence of one Native American boy as he attempts to break away from the life he was destined to live." It does but seems that not everyone thinks that this semi-autobiographical tale is right for the kids the same age as Alexie's 14 year old protagonist, Junior. Challenges have been attempted on the basis of offensive language, racism, sex education, sexually explicit, unsuited to age group, and violent. ...more
I did read it for my book club. I enjoyed it and it was mostly well received by the other ladies ...more

Berkeley Race Baiting Bake Sale Misses the Point

[Update: The race-based bake sale was held as scheduled on Tuesday, along with several counter protests, including a Magical Muffins bake sale with different prices for Muggles and Wizards. --Grace]...more
@Paul Maguire Very interesting perspective from Ireland, Paul! Thanks for stopping by.more

Rosh Hashanah's Ritual of Tashlich

Come sundown, Jewish families all over the world will celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Welcome to a sweet year 5772!...more
Very nice post! I also love ritual but it didn't come easy. The blowing of the shofar is one I ...more

"Por Favor Nanny"? Give Me a Break, Please!

I don't even know how to begin wrapping my head around a new book and website titled, Por Favor Nanny, Please Make Dinner. But maybe I just haven't walked a mile in the Tod's loafers of one of these self-described "busy moms" who need a few Spanish phrases to instruct their housekeepers how to properly wash their hands, bring home the receipts, or cook American food (really). So I'll just let Liz Dwyer of Los Angelista do the explaining:...more
I tend to agree. I think the tone might be clueless and have some phrases that seem insulting ...more

Talking to My Daughter About Love -- and Race

Because her brother stayed home, A and I had a nice long ride to work together today. She's been having some trouble sleeping lately.  Talking about that led to talking about her dad and I, and that led to talking about relationships and being in love. Thinking of SG and I, I offered her some of my thoughts on what I find to be important in relationships, such as choosing someone that you really like and enjoy beyond that sensational feeling of floating you get whenever you're around them, and choosing someone who really cares about you and who is kind and sweet....more
Just like Forever 17, I raised my children to understand that race/culture should not be a ...more

Avoiding Default to Irate: How Do You Handle Nosy Questions About Your Family?

How many of you have been asked an inappropriate question about your family? You know the kind; those questions that poke the soft spot in your psyche and make you see some shade of red. My most sensitive questions are about the open adoption we have with my daughter and her family. I try not to default to irate in my responses because I know people are genuinely interested, just uneducated. Harriett at See Theo Run recently wrote about the questions she gets regarding her son and his skin color....more
Corey, I never thought to do that before (I'm not in the same exact situation but we all get a ...more

Hispanic Heritage Month: The Diversity of Latino Roots

[Editor's Note: September 15 - October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month. But even within the Latino community, there is a tremendous diversity of heritages and subcultures. Seneca, a contributor to the Latino Politics Blog, does a great job of explaining the varied roots of Latino immigrants. --Grace] For Hispanic Heritage Month: Seneca’s Notes on Latino Roots ...more

Update: Troy Davis Executed 4 Hours After Original Schedule

Editor's update: Amy Goodman at Democracy Now reports that Troy Davis was executed at 11:08PM Eastern Time, after the the U.S. Supreme Court refused to stay the execution for Troy Davis about a half an hour earlier. #RIPTroyDavis was the top trending topic on Twitter following the announcement that the stay had been denied....more
We call this "the information age" because we all have nearly unlimited access whenever we want ...more

Viral Video: How Not to Hit on an Asian Woman

We've seen some pretty odious examples of how women can be objectified because of their race, but a video that's going viral on YouTube shows just how ridiculous it can be. Thien-Kim of I'm Not the Nanny takes a break from writing about her Asian-Black family to talk about this tongue-in-cheek video by Caitlin M. Boston called "How to Hit on an Asian Girl"....more

Diversity Training: More Than Tacos and Sombreros

[Editor's Note:Diversity training in the workplace -- especially a school -- is a positive thing, right? Well, sometimes a good intentions can get executed really badly, as described by a reader who emailed to BlogHer Kelly Wickham. In her response on Mocha Momma, Kelly describes this as the Tacos and Sombreros approach. --Grace]...more