Fox Sports Takes Cheap Shot at Asian USC Students

[Editor's Note: Fox Sports' Bob Oschack seems to be getting his ideas from UCLA girls on YouTube, making fun of Asian students at USC by asking asking them to give an "All American" welcome to Utah and Colorado, the newest members of college football's PAC-10. Fox has since pulled the video, but not before it sparked outrage on the Internet, including this post by Whit on Autostraddle. --Grace] ...more

Wearing Pink Shoes While Black -- and Male

By Liz Rose-Cohen My son started preschool last Spring, and the more we learned the more we couldn’t believe our luck. One of his teachers is an African American woman. That wasn’t luck. That was planning. Like we moved 700 miles so we could live in a town with a significant African American population and then chose a Montessori preschool with a significant number of African American teachers. That kind of planning. But the fact that she has dark skin was luck. Because my kids have fairly dark skin. ...more
@Liz Rose-Cohen What an amazing update! Thanks so much for stopping by and giving us the news. ...more

I'm Asian, and I'm Going Camping!

This Labor Day weekend, I’m heading to Yosemite National Park with my family for a weekend of camping, hiking and swimming. Every summer, we spend several days camped out in a national park – no Internet, TV, cell phones, or electricity....more
@Shannon LC Cate That's a good point about racism and homophobia en route to the ...more

Eid Mubarak! Tell Us About Your Traditions

Muslims around the world are beginning the celebratiion of Eid today, marking the end of the month-long fasting and reflection of Ramadan. It is a time of prayer, celebration, and yes-- feasting. Image Credit: Mashhood M2KM, via Flickr The cake shown here was created by an American Muslim mom, who wanted to make the occasion memorable for her family....more
@stephanie-ICP How cool to share your traditions with your kids' teachers in that way. Also, I ...more

Choosing an Urban Public School

A few months before our first son was born, my husband and I moved into a charming downtown sort of neighborhood with many amenities: historic homes, tree-lined streets, shops and restaurants within walking distance. The community was eclectic and diverse, but good public education not one of the selling points. It was assumed that by the time our not-yet-born child turned five, we would move to a standard suburb with high scoring public schools. ...more
Hi Grace, "Have you seen inequities in the public school system based on race and ...more

How My Bilingual Daughter Helped Her Kindergarten Classmate

Something pretty amazing has been happening the last couple of days with Vanessa in her Kindergarten class. When I informed her teacher that Vanessa is bilingual, she told me there were two kids in her classroom who also spoke Spanish, but are not bilingual yet and so they are attending ESL classes. I wanted to ask who they were and if I could meet their parents, but I figured I'd just let that happen kind of organically figuring there'd be plenty of opportunities for this. ...more
¡Que linda historia paisana! Soy peruana y mis hijos son también Tri-lingues vivimos en Rep. ...more

Top High Schools List Spurs Debate Over Asian Students

[Editor's Note: U.S. News and World Report has published its list of "Gold Medal" top 100 public high schools. Tim from 8 Asians writes about the way comments on the story are focused on questioning the Asian American population in these schools. --Grace]...more
CoreyAnn- The rat race in the Bay Area can be crazy, but there are alternatives... ie- choosing ...more

Mommy, Why is My Skin Lighter Than Yours?

[Editor's Note: One of the challenges of having a mixed-race family is explaining to the kids why their skin is not the same color as either parent. Even for parents who are biracial themselves, like Christy from Quirky Fusion, it can be a heartbreaking subject. --Grace]...more

Is Marriage For White People?

When I first read Jenée Desmond-Harris' article in The Root about an upcoming book by Stanford Law School professor Richard Ralph Banks, "Is Marriage for White People?" what surprised me most wasn't the title, but the book's conclusion. ...more
@yesweretogether  @avflox   I too found it curious that Bank's did not include the ...more

The Gang of 12 Is Pretty Pale--and Where Are the Women?

[After the debt ceiling debacle, are you worried that the Super 12 committee will make even more harmful cuts? Julie Ajinkya at American Progress takes a hard look at how the lack of representation on the powerful panel could shape the lives of women and minorities. And she isn't happy with what she sees.--Mona] She writes: ...more
I'm not sure that the author understands that we the people elect who represents us in ...more