Why Parents Need to Talk About Race

[Editor's Note: Do talk to your kids about race? For many parents-of-color, the question is not if, but when -- and how. Jason Sperber of Daddy in a Strangeland and the new fatherhood anthologyRad Dad, says raising awareness about race is just part of raising kids. --Grace]...more

The Help: A "Feel Good" Movie... But For Whom?

The Help, released on August 10th,  has been promoted as a "feel good" movie about strong women, both Black and White. But like the Kathryn Stockett novel on which the film is based, it's a story about a young White woman liberating her socially (and presumably, intellectually) inferior Black maids.   Image Credit: DreamWorksPictures  ...more
Hey! I read this post of yours not so long ago and had many of the same thoughts. And I too ...more

Whole Foods Ramadan Controversy

[Editor's Note: Have you heard about Whole Food's promotion of halal products for Ramadan? Well, a right-wing blogger accused the crunchy supermarket of supporting Jihadists. A Twitterstorm ensued over whether or not the chain had pulled its holiday promotion. --Grace] ...more
Agreed! It infuriates me that people try to make those connections.more

Brown and Yellow Women Dying to be Pale

Do you associate summer with pool parties, picnics, beach trips, and the sunkissed skin that comes with it? As an Asian American woman, I have the kind of complexion that tans easily— my skin darkens by a few shades after a quick lunchtime walk. Unfortunately, as an Asian woman, that’s not the kind of complexion my culture considers beautiful. In fact, it's spawned a lucrative -- and potentially dangerous -- industry of skin lightening products. During a recent beach trip, I found myself huddled on a blanket with several other Asian American women, comparing SPFs and stories of how dark we got during our own childhoods, and how much our mothers lamented it: “Brown as a monkey!”...more
I loved this article. I am Native American, Spanish, and Irish mixed. I have black hair, but ...more

Animals are the New Slaves? PETA Says So

[Editor's Note: PeTA thrives on shock value to get its message across. Womanist Musings writes that PeTA's new exhibit in Washington D.C. uses the slogan "Animals are the New Slaves" and quotes Martin Luther King. Is this taking animal rights too far? There's animal cruelty... and there's injustice against people. --Grace]...more
But they're so tasty!more

How to Market Yourself as a Niche Diversity Blogger

[Editor's Note: Have you ever wondered why some bloggers seem to get more business opportunities? Or maybe you have a niche blog, targeted to a an ethnic audience or to the LGBT community, and would like to hear how to improve your odds of getting some of those opportunities. Tracey Friley from One Brown Girl is going to be part of a panel discussion about, Minding Your Business - When Diversity is Simply Good Business and here's a preview of what she'll be talking about....more

Worried About the Future of Islam This Ramadan

[Editor's Note: Muslims around the world began celebrating the month of Ramadan Sunday at sundown. Along with fasting, prayer, and acts of charity, Wood Turtle is also worried about the future of Islam in America. --Grace] My heart and mind feel heavy and I’ve started to seriously worry about the future of the Muslim community. Every day there’s yet another story illustrating a near-global movement to isolate, ostracise and condemn Muslims....more

Norway's Alleged Bomber and the Dangers of Racial Profiling

The bombing and shootings in Norway made me remember an experience I had with racial profiling in 2003, when I worked at an airport kiosk and encountered a Norwegian man taking pictures of workers loading a passenger plane. I wrote about the incident at my old blog, Confessions of a Jersey Goddess, in 2007. ...more

Jose Antonio Vargas: Bloggers Can Change the Conversation

Just hours before I spoke with Jose Antonio Vargas, he found out that Washington State was revoking his driver’s license. “This is all getting very real,” he says. The month since Vargas announced his undocumented status in a New York Times Magazine essay has been incredibly anxious, overwhelming — and empowering — for the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. ...more
Thanks for following along, Virginia! I'll be blogging and tweeting from the conference next ...more

White House Task Force Reaches Out to Asian Bloggers

[Editor's Note: I was really surprised when JadeLuckClub announced that the White House Initiative on AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islanders) had invited Asian American bloggers to a conference call to discuss how to better serve this community. But then again, maybe it should be a surprise. Asians were the fastest growing racial group in America over the past decade: 43% increase according to the 2010 Census. I'm encouraged that the Obama administration is taking the concerns of ethnic populations seriously-- and recognizing the power of the blogosphere. --Grace]...more