The Black Woman in My Closet

I just read The Help by Kathryn Stockett, a book about relationships between white women and their black domestic “help” in 1950’s Mississippi. The book is an excellent read, thought-provoking and compelling. I was appalled anew by the casual injustices, the ignorance, the segregation, and the day-to-day racism prevalent in that culture. And then I discovered that the black woman who cleans my apartment eats her lunch in my coat closet. ...more
This is interesting. I am American but I live in Spain where most mismatched strollers are ...more

Bringing Together Japanese and Muslim Wartime Experiences

[Editor's Note: What a great way to learn from one another -- this program introduces Muslim Americans to Japanese Americans, giving both a chance to share their experiences with war.]...more

Huma, Don't Be a "Pakistani Good Wife"

Editor's note: After this post was published, the New York Times reported that Huma Abedin is pregnant. More updates below. Now that we’ve all stopped laughing about Weinergate, inquiring minds want to know: what will happen between Rep. Anthony Weiner and his wife? In case you haven’t heard, his missus is, as CNN reports, Not a Typical Congressional Wife, but Huma Abedin, a 30-something Pakistani-Indian American and chief aide to Hillary Clinton....more

I don't care one whit what she does privately. It's not going to be easy one way or the other, ...more

Gay Girl in Damascus Blogger Reportedly Seized in Syria

Editor's note: Scroll down for more updates to this breaking story. I received some very troubling news today when I read that Amina Abdallah Arraf al Omari, who blogs at A Gay Girl in Damascus as Amina Abdallah, has been detained in Syria, according to her family. We featured her very brave blog in late April, and I feel she is part of the BlogHer family....more

and quite frankly, I wouldn't mind throwing a pie in his face.


Buying Culturally Specific Items: Are They for My Daughter, or for Me?

[Editor's Note: Rory of Chocolate Hair / Vanilla Care brings up some good questions, such as: How do we as moms distinguish between what our kids want and what we think they want? It's even more complicated in an multiracial family... --Grace]...more

I find myself doing similar things for our Hispanic adopted son. Hubby is 1st generation Irish ...more

Pulled Over For Driving With Black People in the Car

[Editor's Note: Seriously? A reminder that this kind of stuff still happens. Dawana at A Bittersweet Existence tells the story of what unfolded when their station wagon was pulled over during a family trip. --Grace] Pulled Over For Driving With Black People in the Car ...more

Racism, intolerance and hatred, yup, still rampant and going strong. I sigh heavily, especially ...more

Putting Tiger Parenting in Context of the Immigrant Experience

What drives a parent to force her kids to practice piano or study for hours on end? For many immigrants, it's not so much blind ambition to climb the social ladder... but to merely gain a foothold in a new country. This spring, I've been reading a lot of Asian American literature: Lac Su's I Love Yous Are for White People, Jean Kwok's Girl in Translation, and Erin khue Ninh's Ingratitude. I have to admit, there are some common themes -- the pressure and tangible rewards of academic success, the fraught parent-child relationships....more

Loving Day: a Celebration of Mixed-Race Marriage

Did you know that June 12 is Loving Day? What's that, you ask? Loving Day is a celebration of the nationwide legalization of interracial marriage. The quite appropriate name actually comes from a landmark Supreme Court case, Loving v. Virginia, which in 1967 struck down all state laws banning interracial marriage. ...more

I love the idea of being able to day there is a day we can celebrate. My husband is African ...more

Passing For Middle Class

The concept of passing privilege is one I’ve seen talked about a lot in both discussions of race and of gender. It means, most simply, that you pass for something you are not considered to actually BE when it comes to mainstream society. That means a person can pass as white – and receive the privilege that entails. That means a person can pass as cis-gendered – and receive the privilege that goes along with being cis-gendered (at least to a point)....more

Interesting discussion. A few points from my own perspective:
* I do not understand why there ...more

Want to Drive in Saudi Arabia? You Can't

[Imagine if you lived in a country and couldn't drive. One Saudi woman fought back and spent nine days in prison. Manal al-Sharif was freed this week after supposedly agreeing to quit encouraging Saudi women to drive. As founder of Women2Drive, Manal inspired women everywhere when she took to the Saudi streets in her family car and posted a video of her illicit activity on YouTube. Soon the streets were filled with rebellious ladies in cars. If the ban weren't so outrageous, it would almost be comical. Although Saudi officials claim that Manal has promised to drop her support of a June 17th protest, her Saudi sisters-in-arms aren't convinced. "I am sure they told her we shouldn't continue with this issue," Wjeha al-Huwaider, a women's rights activist and friend of Manal, told The Guardian. Kyra Stoddart and Jennifer Gmerek of Amnesty International's Human Rights blog have some background on Manal's case. -Mona] ...more

Danica Patrick at the wheel, Saudi police in pursuit, trying to stop her rebellious ...more