Oberlin: KKK Sighting or Not, Can We Talk About Racism at Colleges?

Oberlin College – the Ohio liberal arts school and alma mater of Lena Dunham – is a bastion of liberalism, right? That perception was shattered Monday, when classes were cancelled after a person wearing Ku Klux Klan robes was spotted on campus near the Afrikan Heritage House. Police were called out the college, where they weren’t able to find any Klansmen, but they did spot a woman walking around wrapped up in a blanket. Oops. ...more
Not to mention, it's "hip" for White liberals to bash other White people as racist, while they ...more

Half the Sky: Facebook Game Raises Money For Women's Charities

If you had a dollar for every time you avoided work by playing Farmville, you could solve all the world’s problems, right? That’s basically the idea behind the new Facebook game based on Nick Kristof and Sheryl Wu Dunn’s book Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. I’m not one for video games (don’t send me any requests on Farmville or Candy Crush) but I am a big fan of social justice – especially for women in developing nations in Africa, Asia and South America....more
Thanks! RT fbdonate: Half the Sky: Help Women Around the World While Playing Facebook Game ...more

After A Year of Fighting, Congress Passes VAWA--and Protects Native Women

Today history has been made in the United States and Indian Country. The Violence Against Women Act has finally been reauthorized by both the Senate and the House of Representatives with full tribal provisions. Native American women now have a first line of defense to protect them against sexual and domestic violence. Wilson Pipestem of the Indian Law Resource Center called this, “The single most important piece of Indian law since treaty days.” ...more
“pinkasaur: What the Violence Against Women Act means for Native American Women by ChiefElk for ...more

From the Oscars to Fallon, Michelle Obama is Everywhere... And That's Just Fine!

Michelle Obama made a surprise visit to the Oscars Sunday night, reading the winner for Best Picture live via satellite from the White House. Surrounded by White House military social aides, Obama was glamorous as usual, sporting a Naeem Khan stunner as she read out the Best Picture winner, Argo. But before you could say, “And the winner is…” the critics were off....more
@ASwirlGirl  @Julie Ross Godar You better believe it!more

How Parents and Teachers Should Teach Children About Slavery

[Editor's Note: Is the history of slavery in America something that can be taught in elementary schools? I wish there were a simple answer for that. In two separate incidents during the past month -- in Georgia and New York -- public school teachers have been in the news for assigning math problems which flippantly mentioned slaves, asking children to do arithmetic involving beatings, whippings, and deaths. And the most ironic part? February is Black History Month. ...more
I am a parent of a 4 year old and her pre-school class has been learning about slavery as part ...more

The Onion’s Racist Treatment of Quvenzhané Wallis at the 2013 Oscars

I love the Oscars. Every year, I sit down happily with wine and treats to watch the movies that I’ve been checking out and loving get nominated and honoured. This year, Les Miserables was my favourite, and I really highly enjoyed the performances by the cast and the speeches being made by everyone involved. Oscar Night didn’t disappoint in its general award-ceremony-ness -- but then it did....more
I can't wag my finger at Seth for an inappropriate joke because he sexualizes an infant on his ...more

Piercing Babies' Ears: Why I Did It To My Kids

Every so often the “to pierce or not to pierce a baby’s ears” debate flares up in the U.S. This is probably because there are more and more little Latina girls running around with earrings adorning their cute little earlobes. A lot of Anglo moms consider the practice barbaric and even borderline child abuse....more
If my child was pierced at such an early age, I would be in tears as well!more

If You're White, Do You Ever Think About Being White?

Earlier today, BlogHer Contributing Editor Nordette Adams shared a video with me on Facebook. It was part of a series of videos that got together black women and white women and let them ask each other questions regarding race. I now want to watch the entire series. The video Nordette shared asked two questions: 1) Do white people think about white privilege? and 2) What are the barriers to black women and white women being friends?...more
You asked "Do you ever describe your white friends to as being a white lady? Or do you just ...more

Dear Sports Illustrated, Ethnic People Aren't Props for Your Swimsuit Issue

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is on newsstands now, which means it's time for the annual outcry against the way the magazine objectifies women. But this year, there's a second outcry -- against the magazine's decision to set the bikini-clad models against the backdrop of exotic-looking Asian and African people (people!) in native garb. ...more
When I look at the image I'm disturbed by a message that seems to say that all these young girls ...more

Flying While Something Other Than Whatever Bigots Think is Acceptable

Recently I got into a Twitter conversation with a friend who lives on the West Coast of the United States and is planning a cross-country road trip with her boyfriend.From couches they could crash along the way, the talk soon turned to race and safety.My friend is Black. And while most major U.S. cities have their minority-friendly zones, the vast spaces between those major cities can sometimes be questionably comfortable for non-white people....more
thank you for sharing this.  I know I as a white woman living in a very white area need to hear ...more