My Friend Talked Smack Behind My Back

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I have a dear friend who I’ve occasionally helped out financially when she was low on cash. For example, I’ve paid for her meals and drinks while we were out and about. Recently, she arranged an outing for our group of friends (a concert) and she paid in advance for all of us. I was unable to pay her back before the concert and let her know this (I proposed to pay her back within the next two weeks). All hell broke loose and she called everyone within our social circle to complain about what a bad a friend I was, and how my selfishness knew no bounds. ...more
I think that you should definitely call her out on it.  Not in a mean bitchy way, but in a "You ...more

How Having a Child Impacted Our Finances in Unexpected Ways

You can imagine how we looked in the store. My son is half dressed, my husband is exhausted, my hair is still dripping wet from the pool and all of us are hungry. If I were in the right frame of mind I probably would’ve selected a bed, taken home the paperwork and researched the best prices online. Instead, given the circumstances I did something I would have never done before my son was born. I immediately agreed to the price and handed over my credit card. ...more

One Car, Two Parents, Three Kids

Editor's Note: I once didn't speak to my husband (then boyfriend) for two days over the two of us sharing a car. Having to add thirty minutes to each of my commutes to drive him to work and pick him up did not work for me (and I am pretty sure it still wouldn't). Later in life after our daughter was born, we ended up getting two carseats because it was so hard to predict which car would be which place at which time. It turns out there are a few secrets! -Rita...more
I'm at the same point right now though unfortunately I'm a little too attached to my car and ...more

9 Really Cute Beach Bags Under $100

It's beach season and you're going to need a cute bag to go with that snazzy little swimsuit you just bought. When my family and I head to the beach every summer, I need a bag that can hold snacks, drinks, my magazines, and toys. Since beach bags are seasonal, I don't want to overpay for one. ...more
@Karen Ballum  @superflash LOL, I get it. to each there own. However, I like to go to the beach ...more

Reality TV & Social Media: Are Bling Ring Teens Now Tweet/Like/Steal Thieves?

When I was in middle school, shoplifting was a twisted rite of passage for my friends. We were full of angst and surrounded by deep desire for the cool makeup, clothes and accessories (translation: the cool lives) we saw in Seventeen magazine. Those consumer desires met deeper desires for excitement and acceptance. Obviously a bad choice, shoplifting was the consumer version of our eating disorders and drug experiments, yielding us the coveted goods while letting us feel as powerful as we imagined sex would someday be. Our hauls were thrilling and nauseating, secrets that usually stayed hidden in the bottom of our lockers until thrown away....more
On a side note, what the hell is wrong with these celebrities leaving keys under the mat, safe's ...more

Help! My Mother-in-Law Wants To Control Us With Her Money

Dear Mouthy Housewives, My mother-in-law uses money to control her kids. Until recently, she didn't really bother us with it. Last week she deposited money into our account after we explicitly told her we didn't need it. To be clear, we aren't wealthy by any means, but we work hard, budget and certainly don't need that type of drama in our lives. Short of hitting the ATM and throwing a wad of cash in her face (I do actually care about this woman), what can I do about this? I feel totally disrespected but also a little ridiculous for complaining about getting cash. Am I completely crazy? ...more
No one can control you without your permission.more

Budgeting: I Have an Allowance!

Money can be a hard thing to learn to share in a relationship. In fact, it's one of the top things that couples fight about.It wasn't until my husband and I bought a house in 2005 that we started to merge our finances and even up 'til last year we both had different banks for our personal accounts and a third bank that had our joint accounts in it....more
Me and my fiancé choose to have individual control of our finances however all joint bills like ...more

A Family Experiment: No Car

Ever notice how The Universe will often force you into a healthy transition that you've been pondering anyway? Even when employing my very best avoidance and denial tactics, I'm always amazed how the mighty hand of Change will swoop in and rearrange my life's furniture with a sharper feng shui in mind. Swift acceptance is key, I believe....more
The story is inspiring. I have just stopped driving and am beginning to find ways to do without ...more

Life's Too Short to Sit Through Bad Movies

I used to be a compulsive book-finisher. If I started reading something, no matter how bad it was, I would finish it. At some point I realized a) this was stopping me from taking chances on new writers and b) there isn't enough time in my life to read all the good books in the world, let alone some bad ones. So now? I'm a book quitter. I'll give something a good three chapters, but if it starts to massively suck, I'm okay now with just giving up....more
K A B L O O E Y   Well - movie are 90 minutes to 2,5 hours, normally :-)   Easier 2 endure and ...more

How Do You Decide Where to Live?

For most of us, where we lived during our childhood was not our decision. We lived where our parents (or other primary caretakers) lived, and that’s that. For some of us, college is the first time when we might have a little bit more choice of where to settle, and once we are financially independent adults, our choices are wider, yet again....more
If i move somewhere i  have following options in my mind. 1- School is near to my house 2- ...more