The Cult of Organics: Is It Worth the Extra Money?

At a playdate with a group of mothers, I once horrified an impossibly hip, young mom by telling her I refused to eat organic food because it was too expensive and that I felt I wouldn't be buying a better product. The look of shock on her face made me wonder if I had suddenly experienced a Janet Jackson-esque wardrobe malfunction. After glancing down to make sure I wasn't flashing anyone (and to check that Justin Timberlake wasn't lurking behind a bush), I tried to calmly explain my position on organic versus conventionally grown food. ...more
I think it also stems from a lack of basic scientific literacy. This was true for me. What I ...more

Get the Stench Out of Your Smelly Gym Clothes

It started just like any other typical day at the gym. I arrived at the usual time in my normal attire: old lycra capris, a baggy t-shirt and hair piled on top of my head....more
HungryBeastling fantastic \U0001f60amore

Free and Quirky Pallet Wood Coffee Table

I finally created my quirky junk-styled pallet wood coffee table I planned for a year or so. The cost? Absolutely free. It's original and handmade from scratch. It is the PERFECT size for our room, and I couldn't be more pleased. Here's how I did it!...more
Love, Love it!!! And I am especially impressed with the cost. It looks wonderful in the room.more

A Thank-You Note From Lisa Stone #ObamaTownHall

Hi everyone: I've been trying to figure out how to adequately thank and celebrate this community for the extraordinary support you offered #ObamaTownHall. Here is my attempt: For 11 years, I have known how articulate and personally courageous you all are. And now I think it's fair to say the world does, too. ...more
Zakary right back at you lady. It's a pleasure to represent this diverse community -- and to see ...more

Budgeting: Household Items We Stopped Buying

Goodness we buy so so so many household products weekly & monthly and just waste our money.  In this post I am going to be discussing 10+ items I stopped buying which started saving our family over $100/month in the long run.  Initially it may be an investment if you don't have some of these items but if you look at it for years to come you will save tons of money....more
This list was awesome! I've cut back on a lot of the things you mentioned, however this is my ...more

Cat Entertainment 101: From Kitten Toys To Scratching Post

My kitten is currently chewing on my laptop. And putting her on the ground with a scolding apparently equates in her tiny cat mind to a great game, because she promptly levitates off the ground and does it all over again.I have a house full of cat toys, three scratching posts, and various homemade toys as well intended to entertain this kitten (Name: Matilda Precious Baby). But the vast majority serve only as decoration. However, there are several cat toys that, once I get Matilda Precious Baby (MPB) started, she will play with. Those include the following:...more

5 FREE Steals When Decorating On A Budget!

5 FREE Steals When Decorating On A Budget!Decorating can seriously burn a hole in your pockets – then before you know it you’re spending hundreds on items you could probably make yourself.  And if you don’t have time to make it yourself  than try being self-efficient in regards to resources around you.  All you have to do is shop your home! Keep in mind, you don’t have to be a hoarder or an Art major to major in frugal DIY. I found that in the process of me decorating, some of the things I would buy, I already have!...more
I LOVE the mason jars! We recently sold our home and are downsizing to an apartment while we ...more

Why It's So Important to "Make Noise" About the Gender Wage Gap

"Make noise. Make people aware of the situation, and don't let up." ~ Theresa Sutton It's hard to talk about the gender wage gap. We might fear getting fired for bringing it up, whether to our managers or on social media. We might not even consider asking for more money, or we might not know how to start. ...more
I agree. This should not even be up for discussion anymore!! Any candidate who is not for ...more