Student Loan Bills Too High? Help is Available!

Do you have student loans to repay? Do you have a lot of student loan debt? Let me share my story with you…My standard student loan repayment plan has never been reasonable. When I graduated college, my first standard repayment plan was $300 a month, which would have left me with no money for emergencies, let alone any savings.  ...more

Better Late Than Never....Is A Lie

Today’s Retirement LandscapeToday’s retirement planning industry is worlds apart from what our parents and grandparents faced before us. For a large majority of workers 30-50 years ago, retirement planning was of little or no concern to them. Their retirements were already taken care of in the form of pension plans, all our parents and grandparents had to do was survive until retirement age....more

How To Prepare Children To Handle Finances Rob BergerWith a son and daughter now grown, I often wonder how well I prepared them to handle finances. While they are both now in their early 20’s, the truth is that their financial education is far from over. I continue to work with them on everything from budgeting to investing. And that’s why Rob Pivnick’s […]...more

How To Become A Millionaire On A Teachers Salary In 20 Years

Another fantastic podcast by Josh, if you are not a teacher, please do not let the title of the podcast turn you away. There is valuable information shared that will benefit all of us....more

The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement

11/22/14Mr. Money Mustache has a treasure trove of investing, saving and retirement wisdom. Spend time reading this amazing man and increase you money I.Q.Happy investing,David...more

Cabin Credit


#NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 21: I Need a Car & Other Random Thoughts

I have an hour and thirty seven minutes to get today's post in on time for #NaBloPoMo and I have absolutely nothing to write about. This happens, at least once every year. Okay, I assume that it will, since this is only the second year that I have participated in #nablopomo....more

Holiday Gift Guide: The Trendsetter.

We all know that girl who is on top of the trends; she knows what's coming, going, and sticking around for a few seasons....more

So Who Needs an iPhone Anyway? Oh, Me!

This post originally appeared on That Was Then | This Is Wow  Today I finally got an Instagram account--on my iPad. Now I need to start taking pictures with the iPad until I get an iPhone.We're dinosaurs  ...more

Get out of Debt ...Today!

Okay, well not literally today, but when you are in debt it can take a toll on your relationships and quality of life OR the opposite can happen, you just ignore it and you continue to spend, causing you fall into debt more and more . We all make plans to pay off our debt but unless we stick to them they will not work! Use my tips to help jump start your debt pay down plan Today!...more