Holiday Gift Guide: Under $25.

How To Save Money At The Movies

14 Ways You Can Save Money at Amazon

[Editor's Note: Want to let your keyboard do the shopping this holiday season? Check out these great tips for saving at Amazon.]...more
You forgot the number 1 tip: don't shop at amazon at all. Lots of Love Verena Fiona | ...more

6 Things Everyone Working Retail Wishes You'd Remember

The holiday season is upon us once again, and as I watch the commercials on TV, wade through the decorations at the Mall, and watch store owners prepping to open earlier than ever on Thanksgiving Day, I think the same thing I do every year:Thank God I'm not in retail anymore....more

Part Three: How to Fix Your Credit

Part Two: How to Fix Your Credit

Welcome back to Part Two of the How to Fix Your Credit the Bad Ass Way! Its Michelle again, and I'm back to talk to you about the next step in the process to fixing your credit score!!...more

Part One: How to Fix your Credit

As promised, I convinced my sister to share some of her journey in fixing her credit in a really short period of time. She managed to get her score from the 500's to the 700's in THREE MONTHS. read it right. She's no financial expert, didn't go to school for it, isn't a credit consultant (although I bet she could start a business if she wanted to), but she learned a ton from a lot of googling, research and figuring out what rights she has! She did a lot of the work a credit repair company does on her own, without paying a hefty fee for them doing the work....more

10 Positive Money Affirmations

Money is pervasive in our lives and winds its way through all of our thoughts. More often than not, these thoughts are negative and induce a state of panic or worry.  The stories we tell ourselves directly impact the future that we create and so it is important to make sure that these stories are full of hope....more
patriciaappelquist I am glad that these can be of help to you, changing jobs is very stressful ...more

Student Loan Bills Too High? Help is Available!

Do you have student loans to repay? Do you have a lot of student loan debt? Let me share my story with you…My standard student loan repayment plan has never been reasonable. When I graduated college, my first standard repayment plan was $300 a month, which would have left me with no money for emergencies, let alone any savings.  ...more

Better Late Than Never....Is A Lie

Today’s Retirement LandscapeToday’s retirement planning industry is worlds apart from what our parents and grandparents faced before us. For a large majority of workers 30-50 years ago, retirement planning was of little or no concern to them. Their retirements were already taken care of in the form of pension plans, all our parents and grandparents had to do was survive until retirement age....more