Thrift Blitz Episode One

 I love to thrift. ...more

The 7 Levels of Yard Sale Hell

You know all those blog posts about how to have an amazing...more
My parents loved having garage sales when I was a kid - even back then, I knew yard sales were ...more

Discounts for Teachers (and Students!)

If you live on the West Coast, chances are you (or your kids, or, in my case, my significant other) may have started school a few weeks ago. East Coasters, you may have been lucky enough to start only a week or so ago Has being back to school finally sunk in? ...more

Favorite deals of the week!

3 of my favorite deals last week were free or very close to it!  My favorite kind!  I hope you all got the wipes and diaper deal from Amazon!  Thru August 17th, if you opened a free 30 day trial account at Amazon Mom, you got 50% off, plus a $2 online coupon, use their Subscribe & Save feature and with their free Prime got the deal below, which I grabbed!  My kids are long out of diapers, but wipes are still in high demand.  Hands, car, backpacks, name it and we use wipes on it!...more

3 Websites to Score Free Samples

So, you like to save money and get some fun freebies in the mail? If the answer is YES, then check out these 3 freebie sampling sites. I like checking out the new samples each week and while some of them will overlap, you can find quite a few originals. I have to admit that it is kind of a rush when they start showing up in the mail. Don't judge- it's the little things. It truly does come in handy, especially when you receive travel sizes of toiletries, which is great for trips. ...more
I love travel size toiletries - they are the best for traveling! It's always hard to find ...more

iPad, Kindle and cell phone cases

Whether you're an iPad fan, Kindle Fire fanatic or Motorola maniac, wireless gadgets have become viewed as essential. And protecting those gadgets with something more than the shipping box is also important. So what are the most durable yet appealing cases? My recommendations include:...more

Being A Middle-Aged Woman is Expensive

Plenty of personal finance matrices suggest that with age comes a somewhat lower overhead. You know the drill: The kids move away, the mortgage gets paid off, and as you comfortably settle into whatever your version of semi-retirement is, job-related expenses become obsolete as does the intense need to save. ...more
I love the humor in this.  I have found some of this the case in my advanced age, but unless you ...more

Habits Costing You Hundreds of Dollars

When you are trying to save money, there are, typically, quite a few places that you can look. The obvious place to start is with monthly bills: evaluate your telephone package, cellular plan, satellite/cable options, and internet connection service. Many times, companies are able to give you special promotions that are currently going on or you can even down-grade your current options, based on what you actually need and use....more

Restructuring Your Budget After a Major Life Event

After going through a major life changing event like getting married, my finances are in total disarray. I think half  problem is that I underestimated the cost of the wedding and with that, we spent and spent and spent. However its safe to say, I still kept a pretty good grip on my personal savings, after all "momma didn't raise no fool!"...more