Cutting Textbook Costs


Money Saving Tips & Tricks

My husband and I are CHEAP! There's really no way to sugar coat it or put it in another light. We do everything in our power to save money. In order to really understand I thought I would share a little bit of our story as to how our finances came to be....more

Things I'm Willing to Do to Save Money

Tuesday was one of my babysitting days. My mom came over, and we were discussing my husband’s and my frugal ways. She mentioned that she didn’t think a lot of other woman would be willing to do the things I do. This really made me laugh, because I think deep down the majority of people think that my penny-pinching husband is behind most of what I do . Well, that just is not true....more
TheHomeTome I got into the green tea just because it is cheaper than a latte!  lol.  Let me know ...more

5 Tips for Sticking to a Frugal Lifestyle

There was a (long) period in my adult life when a frugal lifestyle was a necessity, not a choice. I learned a lot from those lean times, and eventually realized that, regardless of income, there are actually reasons for choosing this lifestyle. Reasons that are about much more than just money....more

How to Set Up a Budget

If you’ve ever tried to set up a budget before, you’ll know that while it sounds easy, it can turn into a huge project. You start with the basics first, but then suddenly you’re asking yourself ‘well, is that coffee with my co-worker a fun expense, or is it a networking expense? What about when I had to buy shaving cream? The spouse/SO and I don’t share shaving cream, so is it a personal expense or a household expense?’...more

September SNAP Challenge

Because I don’t have enough to do, I’ve decided to join Beth, from Budget Bytes, in the September SNAP challenge. Unlike Canada, the US has specific food assistance....more

Rant #1: Bad Customer Service Epidemic

I’ve often been annoyed and amazed at the following situation (and similar instances at other retail establishments):...more

Rant #2: An Open Letter to All Retail Employees and Managers

When has the phrase “Have a good one” uttered mindlessly by a lackadaisical employee at the end of a retail transaction become the standard?What ever happened to thanking the customer for patronizing the establishment and spending money there?...more

Best Tablet for Work and Play: Kindle Fire

For years, I stubbornly refused to consider an alternative to my big clunky computer.  "I don't need more gadgets or electronic toys," I said primly.  Then I noticed more and more friends happily toting around gadgets and electronic toys like Kindles, watching videos and reading magazines on them at the gym, and well, Miss Prim was proved wrong. ...more
Oh wow, this is probably one of the best posts I've read about the tablet phenomenon! Like you, ...more

Amazon Fire TV: Farewell Cable Bill, Hello Great Viewing

For years, I've obediently paid my cable TV bill. And then moved, paid for a new installation, and paid some more. And paid as the bill went up. And then moved, paid for a new installation and... well, you get the picture.  Of course, my cable frequently went down due to what the computerized robot that always answered the phone at the cable company called "an unavoidable widespread outage." So when I read about options that would allow me to say farewell to my cable bill and hello to expanded show coverage as well as movies, I was intrigued. I only have basic cable, which means I get five channels and pay a ridiculous $35 a month for that privilege.  I decided to try Amazon Fire TV. ...more
I so want to quit cable but we watch a lot of sports but other then that this looks like a ...more