Money talks

At about this time last year, I wanted to introduce my son to money. But it was too early for him, as evidenced by the fact he would still mix the play money in his cash register with the real thing. So, we took a step back and waited. ...more

Why Stay-at-Home Moms Need Retirement Plans

Being a stay home mom has some great rewards. Not only do you get to care for your children and family, but you also get to be a very active presence in their lives. Psychologically, it is an important part of the healthy growth of children. In the fast paced world where most parents lack quality time with family and especially children due to the constant requirement to be working or on some other errands can be a bit overbearing and sometimes too overwhelming. But that is a matter for another day....more
CindyRitchie Thank for the kind words. Yes these are two nice options too.more

11 Items You Shouldnt Pay More Than $1 For

Shop and Explore Dollar Stores. Dollar Stores are stores where EVERYTHING in the store is $1 or Less, not to be confused with Family Dollar, Dollar General or the likes. Dollar Tree, Mighty Dollar, Deal Dollar, Dollar Bills, USA Dollar, Dollar Star for example. There are so many Items that you can buy at Dollar Stores without compromising quality....more

Shopping Conscientiously

Every Sunday I share a bloom – a small idea of how to improve our world.Tend the garden of humanity with me by blogging with your own idea on any Sunday.If you do, feel free to pingback here so we can keep the conversation going.This Week’s Bloom: Shop Conscientiously...more

8 Financial Tips for Women

I've read a lot of financial blogs, books, and articles.  One thing I have noticed is a lot of them are geared towards men.  On the financial forums it seems like men are the vast majority of the participants.  Sometimes the advice is general enough to be applied to both men and women, other times it is not.  While men and women each have their own concerns about money, I would like to focus this article to women....more
@  I agree.  It is so important that women plan ...more

Dove, Show Us the Money! Give Us Something to #speakbeautifully About! Lead the Charge to #hirebeautifully & #paybeautifully

Doves latest selfesteem boosting campaign partners with Twitter to “shift the conversation toward positivity” by encouraging women to #speakbeautifully. Seems nice enough, I guess. But, is this what women really need? Is a self-esteem workshop and beautiful speech the answer to finding our voices and confronting the debilitating political, social and economic policies that are demoralizing us? Consider that one in three American women (that’s 42 million of us) live at the poverty line and almost 2/3 of minimum wage workers are women with zero paid sick days....more

Secret Wedding Bargains

According to, the average wedding cost in the United States is $25,200, with the lucky couple spending up to $31,500. YIKES!  The honeymoon, of course, is extra.  Plug in your zip code to get average rates for your neck of the woods. Despite these prices, there are ways to find deals so you can keep most of that money in your wallet....more

The Ultimate Money-Saving Tip for Your Gluten-Free Diet

Some feel P.F. Chang's is discriminating against individuals with celiac disease because they charge $1 more per menu item that is prepared gluten-free. Here's what I think about the cost of GF food and the best way to save money....more
I've noticed some brands are now offering the gluten free version of their products for exactly ...more