Cultivating Food Entrepreneurs: Interview with Patricia Loya of La Cocina

"Fast forward four years later, she's the owner of her own company. Business is booming. She's growing her business . we can't fast forward to three generations from now, but the trajectory of her family, I guarantee you, has been changed forever."Early last month I chatted with Executive Director, Patricia Loya, about La Cocina, a San Francisco incubator kitchen for women....more

How to Check Your Asset Allocation If You Only Have 10 Minutes

Asset allocation is the practice of deciding how you divide your investments into different asset categories, such as cash, stocks, or bonds. (See SEC's investor publication on asset allocation for beginners)....more

I think this is fantastic information.  Asset allocation is said to be one of the key ...more

Why Changing One Thing In Your Life Can Change Your Whole Life...

I read on Twitter one day that a man made one change in his diet(gave up sugar) and lost 40lbs.  His point was that you didn't need a complete diet change, one change could do it all. I am beginning to think my "cooking to save" is my one thing that changes everything. ...more

Effective Resource Planning

How to Make Human Resource Planning More EffectiveHuman Resource (HR) planning can be a tricky process since several factors ranging from hiring to incentives to compensation to job lay-offs must be taken into account; however, there are some general rules that can be applied to the overall planning process to make it more effective....more

Frugal Living: Debt Consolidation

Hello again and here we are on our second Frugal Living post. Last week we talked a little bit about staying warm in the winter. This week I want to talk a bit about debt consolidation. ...more

A Wealthy Vision for 2010

t's a new decade! What is the voodoo that only you do so well? Discover what your unique talents are and you are on your way to discovering financial freedom. In my new book, A Purse of Your Own, I discuss the 7 Wealthy Habits of successful women and a wealthy vision is the most significant habit of all.Here are some ideas to help you create your wealthy vision in 2010:What activity are you immersed in where you lose track of time?...more

Finally, someone gutsy is suing ’socialist-when-it-suits-them’ Bank of America

California lawyer, Ben Pavone, has thrown down the gauntlet against ’socialist-when-it-suits-them’ Bank of America…...more

Shoe Enough

Cruel Shoes  Did you know that Monday is "Bad Modern Jazz Night Played Very Loud" at DSW? It is!   DSW is floor to ceiling, wall to wall SHOES. You walk in and you walk into shoes. I walked into air. It was off putting. I don't know what kind of post holiday shoegasm the people of Raleigh had, but they cleared the store out. It was a little depressing. ...more

TED:where think tank leaders become video stars

TED:where think tank leaders become video stars ...more