Do You Get Paid to Blog? Here's How to Save for Your Retirement

Working for yourself brings a lot of excitement and opportunities. When work is fun, retirement might be the furthest thing from the minds of self-employed workers. But freelancers and small-business entrepreneurs shouldn't neglect saving for retirement, indeed, they must overcome certain financial obstacles to make sure they will be adequately protected for their golden years. ...more

For freelancers making money on the side apart from their full time jobs, this is a great idea. ...more

Philadelphia Tax Code: Controversial for Bloggers

If you live in the city of Philadelphia, you might want to rethink your decision to make money with your blog and website. Last week's article in the Philadelphia City Paper discussing the impact of the city's Business Privilege Tax on residents who engage in "activity for profit" has sparked a big controversy with bloggers across the web. ...more

Yes, just within city limits.

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A Key to the Past

Sunday, August 29, 2010 A Key to the Past The Recycled Dove's Creations from last week all started with a key from the past. ...more

what you need to do to take your golf game to the next level

You have probably read a lot of detail about what you need to do to take your Cheap Golf game to the next level. Most likely you have been swayed by adverts and bought the latest and greatest golf driver or balls. But have you seen any significant improvement?It is time to stop believing all the myths that you hear from those big companies and their advertising campaigns....more

Market Like a Mother: 5 Steps for Successful Social Media Blogger Outreach

Moms do a lot of things right. We develop networks of friends to help us in a pinch. We shift though countless options for our kids (soccer, piano, or underwater basket weaving) and choose with laser sharpness. And we work efficiently to run our homes, nurture our children and make sure everyone is having a good time with rich experiences. Marketing like a mother (or father) is about marketing in a way that comes naturally to us as friends and caregivers. To market effectively we need to market authentically....more

Like Freebies? Today is Free App Friday from MomsWithApps. Download Sleeping With the Laundry ...more

GMAC Mortgage Dupes Minister and Terminal Wife-Now Facing Homelessness

I have been documenting my experience as a 52 year old Slidell, Louisiana woman who is disabled and trying to acquire assistance with housing programs from our Federal Government with an eviction looming from GMAC Mortgage.  ...more

Online Grocery Shopping - Worth It?

I noticed recently that there has been a increasing number of companies that offer non-perishable, household goods online.  When I first became aware of about a year ago, I checked a few of their prices against my Commissary and decided that they weren't cost efficient for me.  One year later, newer sites like and have popped to my attention and, of course, even Wal-Mart is getting in on the action.  Being the optimist that I am, this week I rechecked the prices to see if grocery shopping in my jammies (minus the impolite stares) is now a more affordable option.  ...more

Avoiding the Back-to-School Wallet Pinch

If you’re the mom of a school-aged kid or two, chances are good that you’re doing battle with the dreaded school supply list this month. The pencils. The notebooks. The staplers of just the right brand. The tissues and erasers and hand cleaner and every other thing that your kids need for school. Just buying school supplies can leave you feeling broke. Then there’s still clothes shopping. It can leave you wishing for a money tree. ...more

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Are You Boycotting Target? Would You Give Up Your iPhone To Protest A Political Contribution?

On Sunday, I spent over $90 at Target buying some paper products, groceries, refill pads for my Swiffer Wetjet, and a package of Kong Air Dong mini tennis balls for my dog. Nothing I bought was exclusive to Target except for a bag of Archer Farms Key Lime Pie naturally flavored trail mix. I could have ended up with all the other items by stopping at Walgreens, Petco and Lunds grocery store. But, I didn't. ...more
 @sfmommynomics Anti-gay, at least in this case, is NOT the same as "pro-family". Emmer supports ...more


"We have to start teaching ourselves not to be afraid." ~William Faulkner~   I love inspiring people to reach new and exciting levels of creativity. I know alot of talented people who work for other talented people. There is no problem with working for someone else, but most of the people don't enjoy what they do. They feel as though there creativity is being stifled. I have been down that path and still continue to travel down that path. I enjoy working with people, but I would like my own company working with people....more