Open Sky Lets Bloggers Open Bloggy Storefronts

Most bloggers who self-host their sites need to find a way to meet those minimal hosting bills, and others are trying to monetize their blog in order to have some cash for all their work. Advertisements are an easy way to earn a bit of money. Others have expanded into doing reviews, usually in exchange for a free product. There may be a new way to monetize a blog on the horizon. ...more

It could be a great way to raise money within a community.

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Why I'm Boycotting the "She-conomy"

OK, I am a pessimist by nature. While many of the facts that MP Dunleavy cites in her column Women in Red ("Why women will run the economy") were interesting, I found it hard to whip out my pom poms and cheer for the news. Part of that is because the title is a misnomer (the article is about how to prepare for retirement, which is excellent information to share) and part of it is because there are so many downsides to her points. ...more

Thank you for sharing. I actually thought the same thing myself, as I currently have two MAs ...more

Get Excited and Change Things

Recently a well-known blogger, who blogs about small business, suggested that maybe we should all just replace our (often overly complicated) business plans with a simple 5 word strategy: Get Excited and Change Things. I couldn't agree more....more

Market Like a Mother Tips for Promoting Your App, Small Business, Blog and More

I have to say I've been having a blast Marketing Like a Mother. That is, doing a guerilla marketing campaign for my humor iPhone app, Sleeping With the Laundry.   Marketing Like a Mother Means: Making a plan and methodically working your plan. Marketing on little bits of time that mother's have....more

so many entrepreneurial moms marketing apps. Sounds like you have a good thing going, I wish ...more

Danielli's Money Saga Part the Second: Learning the Hard Way to Do Math

As you may have guessed from my debut post, I'm not the best at setting goals. In fact, it has been hard to live up to my goal of ... setting some goals. ...more

Why every woman needs a man with calloused hands

Once I dated this guy and I asked him to show me his hands.  He was confused by my actions but still he honored my request.  After looking at his hands carefully we proceeded with the date....more

Fight for the Swipe: Credit Card Technology That Might Not Be Such a Good Thing

It's a ritual that most Americans are familiar with. When are you ready to check out from the store or pay your bill at the restaurant, you hand over your card and swipe it through a magnetic card reader. Then, depending on the store policies, you might sign the receipt or show the cashier your ID. That swipe and sign ritual might soon be a thing of the past. In ten years, you may be saying to your kids "When I was YOUR age I had to physically take my credit card out of my wallet and swipe it before I can buy anything!" What's causing this sea change in credit card technology? Card companies are implementing new, "blink, or contactless technology" that will offer consumers more convenience, but may also expose consumers to higher risk of unauthorized credit card usage. ...more

I don't know if you have the answer, but here goes! I wonder why credit cards would advance ...more

Logos for Less: Do You Win or Lose When You Brand on the Cheap?

So you've started up your business and you're ready to brand yourself. Usually that process begins with a logo. Like most start-ups you likely have a limited budget to undertake the branding process. So what are your options? What are the trade-offs when you do it yourself or on the cheap? ...more

I think you're right. I've hired (and unfortunately fired) too many logo and web designers for ...more

The New Girls’ Club

Remember the Old Boys’ Club…? The boring, cranky, devious one that controls the banks, the economy and most of our wealth creation and money supply from behind the scenes? The one where nearly every key position in government is occupied by an Old Boy?...more

You're Rich! Yes, You! Find Out How Your Salary Rates on the Global Rich List

According to Blippy, a site which sounds a bit like Foursquare for purchases -- you post what you've purchased and can see what your friends have purchased, too -- users are spending $1.5 million per week. The site is only five months old, but it has already collected an incredible amount of data for advertisers and marketers, not to mention the personal amusement of seeing what your friends buy or get ideas for new products. Marketers can direct deals to you they know will be of interest and coupons can be offered to entice people to remain loyal to the same product, much in the same way the coupon machine at the food store doesn't waste your time on items outside of your buying habits and instead spits out coupons that fit with your buying trends. ...more

It is hard to keep it in perspective because we do have a norm here. Most jobs expect you to ...more