Thriftmas dinner

Here is a top tip if you don't want to spend too much on food over Christmas: don't go to the supermarket, go to the market. So far, so obvious, no? But here is the genius bit: do it on Christmas Eve, just before the stallholders are about to go home. Actually, this top tip comes from my mum, who is an inveterate bargain-hunter. It is what we did today and just look at the veritable cornucopia we returned with:...more

Top Five Things to Do for Your Career or Business During the Holidays

Whatever holiday you celebrate and however you enjoy it, inevitably the rhythm of business changes during the last few weeks of the year. You can use this time to your advantage to bring a strong close to 2009 and an even more powerful start to 2010 whether you are a business owner or employee. You don't even have to work hard to make it happen. The secret is to gear your activities to answer one of two questions: 1) What do I need to do to bring the current year to powerful completion? 2) What can I do to set myself up for success in the year ahead? ...more


You got some great advice in this blog post.  I especially like the idea ...more

Never Be Afraid to Take a Risk (even if they laugh at you)

I took part in a live chat this evening with a couple of people that previously I really had considered icons of social media. I  looked up to them and respected their advice. I use the past tense for a reason. During the chat, the main participant who shall remain nameless here (after all I refuse to sink to her (level) repeatedly used the worst kind of profanity and then did her absolute best to shoot down every body’s ideas....more

Choosing To Choose

Beth Lawrence Viva La Voice "Inspiring The Artist In Everyone!""The only reason we ever get stuck is because we don't "choose".  Nothing happens until we choose. You know you have chosen when you absolutely know that nothing and no one will stop you; you will reach your destination.  If at some point you "let it go" then you haven't really chosen."  -Nanice Ellis ...more

Generic Drugs Are Not All Created Equal

Whenever possible, I try to use generic medications over brand names.  For me, it's all about money.  Why would I want to pay more for my medications if I can get the same thing for less?...more

But how insurance companies regulate them.

Some insurance companies will require that ...more

Please ignore

CPSIA Update - A Possible Glimmer of Hope for Small Businesses and Crafters Right Before Christmas?

Banning children's books from libraries, trombones from grade school bands, hand-whittled natural wooden trains, and hand-sewn quilts from little old ladies at church fairs: If that all sounds like some sort of Orwellian plot twist, no such luck. These are actual headlines that have appeared in 2009, in response to the CPSIA....more

This crazy law has made 2009 a devastating year for so many. Thank you for bringing it to ...more

Whom Can We Trust?

A woman called into a late night talk show where the topic was Tiger Woods and marital fidelity in general. Saying she was done with men, the caller ended her commentary by asking "If you can't trust the person who takes a marriage vow with you, whom can you trust?"...more

Five Ways to Fight the Urge to Buy Just One More Thing … Once You’ve Bought Everything on Your List

Christmas is just a week away, and many people are either finishing up their gifts purchases or, for the procrastinators among us, are scrambling frantically to secure presents. But the never-ending parade of holiday commercials and the festive Christmas displays at malls seem intent on tempting consumers to make just another purchase. I, like many people, have fallen victim to this syndrome. I'd think I have finished all my shopping, but suddenly, I'll spy something online or in store and think, wow, this is great, I should get it. ...more

I get loads of emails with friend and family discounts.  And even though I'm done my ...more