<b>Winter Wonderland</b>  I came home to a <i>wonderful</i> surprise, No, the wasps didn't catch bee AIDS. <i>My magazines arrived!</i> Not all of them but some interesting ones. ...more

Thank teachers without emptying your wallet

'Tis the season for those of us whose children tromp off to school two or three or five times a week to start thinking about the dreaded holiday teacher gifts. Why dreaded? Do we not appreciate our teachers? I know I can't speak for every parent, but I feel pretty confident speaking for most of us when I say it's really, really difficult to come up just the right teacher gift. ...more

My mother (a retired teacher) always advises giving something teachers can use or eat. They ...more

What Geese Can Teach You About Building a Stronger Network (& Making Changes)

“Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose” - Tennessee Williams  ...more

I like that too, Diane.  

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All the ...more

Amazon's New PayPhrase: Will you or won't you?

Amazon's new PayPhrase technology promises to speed up the buying process on Amazon. But it isn't only for Amazon. It also works for Amazon partner sites DKNY, Jockey, Patagonia,, and J&R Electronics. I already had One-Click buying enabled on Amazon, and using PayPhrase on Amazon isn't much different. Instead of buying with the One-Click button, you buy with the PayPhrase button, and then enter a PIN to go with the PayPhrase. ...more

It's pretty much books, movies, cds and software. No MP3s or Kindle store. A few electronics. ...more

Flash Is For Famous People!

I frequently see young fledging artists and businesses using Flash to make a fancy- looking website thinking it will allow them to play in the big leagues, and set them apart from your average upstart. But this strategy is like playing in a beautiful stadium with no-one in the audience.Here’s some reasons why that can be a Very Bad Idea:1)    Flash is hard to properly optimize for search engines. While there have been some advances by the search engines in this area, you will not be able to optimize your site in the depth and detail that you can an HTML site....more

Gail Collins Part 2: for women who have "waited" long enough

by Chris Lombardi...more

What Do Women Want?

Last week, as I wrote about how “Well-Behaved Women Can Make History”, I had no idea that “A Woman’s Nation” was about to hit. “A Woman’s Nation” is Maria Shriver’s report on the impact that the changing roles of women has had, and is having, on our families, our communities, our businesses, and our country. The report draws several conclusions, including:...more

We May Prefer to Live Alone, But is it Affordable?

According to a recent article in the Washington Post, Single living is the wave of the present. To put that in perspective, census data shows that in Alexandria, Va (my current city) and Washington, DC (the nearby city I'd like to move to), half of all households are made up of just one person. HALF. ...more

For me living along was worth the added expense, even though it sometimes meant living a ...more

Philosophy of Credit Card Use: A Method, Not A Source

Credit card use can inspire many passionate opinions. There are followers of the Dave Ramsey camp, who aspire to a lifestyle free of any credit card use. Other people see credit cards as one of the tools in their financial toolbox - a short-term liquidity instrument or a convenient method of payment....more

I think a lot of people would benefit by having their credit limits reduced to a reasonable ...more