Teens and Money - Cash, Credit or Debit Card?

What is the best form of money for your teens to carry around? Which is safest? Which will best help teens learn about budgeting? These are important questions parents must ask themselves as their kids get older. American Express is rolling out a new solution, the PASS card, which offers another option for parents to consider. Here are the problems with the current forms of currency:...more

The unbearable heaviness of student debt.

Maybe you read the article about the doctor with $555,000 of student loan debt. In addition to that horrific sum (which started out as $250k in 2003) were a few other scary numbers:...more


Cutting Your Liability Car Insurance To Save Money Could Cost You Big

In a recession, many drivers might be tempted to cut back their insurance coverage to save money, but for an extra $10 a month, you can buy up to a hundred thousand dollars in extra liability coverage. This may be prove invaluable if you were ever found to be at fault for an accident. ...more

Dropping/lowering coverage is a sure way to find yourself in an accident (just like not having ...more

Ladies Who Launch Review

When BlogHer asked me to take a look at the women's business community, Ladies Who Launch, I chuckled, as you're supposed to at the name deliberately chosen to evoke (and reject) the stereotype of ladies who lunch. ...more

There seems to be a lot of value in the community. The fee is steep for a small biz, but if you ...more

5 Stupid Things You Can Do With Your Money

Surely there are more than 5 stupid things you can do with your money, but I'd be writing forever.  1. Ignore it. I know many adults who are still intimidated by the terms finance, budget, and fiscal.  I'm still a little hazy on fiscal.  It's all too common that people avoid thinking about their finances altogether.  If you ignore your yard, it's still going to grow.  One day you'll look outside and realize that it's a jungle out there.  A little, consistent maintenance over time can result in a yard you can be proud of (the yard is a metaphor for your finances, smooth, I know). ...more

I guess I should pay more attention to my money, and my ATM card! LOL!more

7 Bloggers on the Passage of the Financial Reform Bill

Today, President Obama signed into law what the New York Times describes as: ... a sweeping expansion of federal financial regulation, marking another -- and perhaps last -- major legislative victory before the midterm elections in November, which could recast the Congressional landscape. ...more

Undercharging? Death of a Business

In the competitive world of business, selling your services cheap may seem tempting. After all, a lower price tag on your services may help you attract more clients than your competitors, right? But when you are in a field like consultancy or coaching, you need to ask yourself, “Is undercharging for my services worth it in the long run?”...more

You and the Power Players: Using LinkedIn to Build Your Network and Personal Brand

LinkedIn isn’t Facebook -- and that’s a good thing. LinkedIn’s audience is older, richer, better educated and more male than both Twitter and Facebook’s -- basically a reflection of who holds the power in business. While it may be annoying from a social perspective, when you’re networking, having access to this power base is quite helpful. ...more

I was actually just thinking today how ancient my LinkedIn is. I mean, really really old. I ...more

When Money Collides with Cancer Treatments: How the Economy is Affecting Health Care Decisions

There is never a good time to find out you have cancer, but now may prove to be the worst time.  With the economy and health care crisis making day to day life more costly for many Americans, a cancer diagnosis can be financially devastating.  At the exact time a cancer patient needs to find the strength to fight for their life, they now need to worry just as much about whether or not they can afford treatment.  There's just something fundamentally wrong with that. ...more

This was a great article. I was wondering what you thought about turning down elderly patients ...more