Dylan Ratigan's Women's Time

I was feeling better about my neck. I went to a physical therapist about the neck pain I’d been experiencing. So a few days ago, I was distracting myself by watching Dylan Ratigan’s “Morning Meeting” on MSNBC while I practiced the boring exercise regimen Melissa, my therapist, prescribed. Ten reps three times for each exercise holding light hand weights as I hang over the bed. ...more

Ovarian Cancer Patients Under 30 are choosing to freeze entire Ovaries

62% of Ovarian Cancer PatientsUnder 30 are choosing to freeze entire ovaries or strips of ovarian tissue.Women diagnosed with early-stage ovarian cancerremoval of one ovary has become a real option. This conservative surgery greatly increasesthe chances of preserving fertility.There is a 12 percent Chance that the patient will have a recurrence in their remaining ovary and subsequently may die.Most women resumed normal menstruation or had a successful pregnancy.   ...more

Ten Tips for Business Start-Ups

Kathy SteeleVice President/Creative Director of Desert Rose Designhttp://www.desertrose.net Small businesses drive the nation's economy—and with jobs being eliminated, corporate downsizing and more work for less pay, the recession seems to be encouraging people to go into entrepreneurship. ...more

How to make a living as an artist

I wish I could say that all you have to do to make a living as an artist is to make exceptional work, but that isn't the case. For one thing, making the work is only half of the effort: the other half is getting the work out there. But, beyond that, work doesn’t have to be better than mediocre in order to sell. Art's marketability lies, in large part, in its presentation. ...more

Your Best Business Tip Can Pay Off in New Small Business Contest

Many small business owners have great ideas on the best way to build a business.  These ideas and tips can pay off in new technology for your small business. A great business tip could win you a new netbook computer in the ‘FreedomVoice Small Business Tip Contest.’ ...more

Are You Choosing Fear or Faith?

This question, if applied every day will radically shift your life and your results. While at first glance it might seem a little "fluffy" for the business realm, if you've been buying into the recession, waiting for someone to save you, or letting the job climate hold you hostage, it's time to put this question into your decision matrix arsenal. ...more

We don't know we have it in us until we're willing to or are forced to tap into that ...more

Integrity in Design

As an Interior Design professional, the economic downturn has been a cause for concern - because let's face it, a new sofa and granite countertops are definitely not an essential purchase. ...more

Small Business Owners Take Part in Important Vehicle Test of Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicles

Small business owners and entrepreneurs have been part of a two year test of hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicles.  More than a hundred hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles are part of a real world test by five thousand people to put the gas-free, emissions-free fleet on highways and real driving conditions. Recently, a million miles were logged by the volunteer test drivers behind the wheels of the eco-friendly fleet.  SBTV.com has been following the test program. ...more

The Red Flag Rule is Coming Up for Businesses that Issue Credit

An important deadline for many small and mid-sized businesses is approaching in what has come to be known as the “Red Flags Rule.”  The Red Flags Rule requires many businesses and organizations to implement a written Identity Theft Prevention Program designed to detect the warning signs – or "red flags" – of identity theft in their day-to-day operations.   ...more

Do The Math! How Basic Arithmetic Can Rescue Your Family Budget.

  Do The Math! How Basic Arithmetic Can Rescue Your Family Budget ...more