How to Have Difficult Conversations With More Confidence and Ease

How do you handle difficult conversations? Are you adept at managing that difficult client? Can you converse with your boss on challenging issues with aplomb? Do you effectively manage any toxic people in your life? No one is immune to the need to have crucial conversations at different times. The key to success is being willing to have the conversations you most need to and managing yourself (emotions, energy and impact) in the process. ...more

Great point mashadutoit.... Email is critical for follow-up, recapping, and documentation, ...more

St. Patrick's Day conundrum: Are greenies less honest?

... and by "greenies," I mean green consumers, not leprechauns. That's what two assistant professors at the University of Toronto suggest based on their experiments with students. I'm not so sure....more

Overthink it much?

Hell is for children ('s sizes)   I was at Wally World the other day , and while I was there I noticed a selection of discounted UNC/NCSU merch. Tiny E and Neffy do not need or want NC themed merch but my cousins two girls in Michigan do.    I didn't get anything that day because I didn't know their sizes and there seemed to be so much merch that I could call their mother later and find out their sizes and school preferences and it wouldn't hurt my selection....more

ebay or Craigslist?

I'm shutting down a big fat expensive storage unit and would love to recoup some dollars from the contents.  Mostly household stuff, good clothing (some name brand) and some gifts still in original wrapping that I never did "re-gift." Wondering which is the best way to sell - on ebay or Craigslist.  Some people are saying ebay's listings are more costly these days - but what about Craigslist success? I'd appreciate any tips or experiences you've had.  Thanks.  ...more

Trying to survive February on a budget

February….  I started the month a little nervous, but kind of excited.  The combination of nerves and excitement was evident in my first foray of grocery shopping on a budget.  That trip ended up being a 3 hour ordeal.  I studied the circulars for Publix and Kroger and scoured the coupons.  I was determined to maximize my money....more

Amex Study Says Women Entrepreneurs Less Optimistic About An Economic Recovery. So What?

According to this American Express study, 47 percent of male small business owners think the economy will improve in the coming 12 to 18 months, compared to just 38 percent of female business owners. Evidently, this is a significant reversal from findings of a study conducted last spring when women business owners were more optimistic than their male counterparts. ...more

I am not optimistic that it will turn around as quickly as expected. We are facing a world wide ...more

Creative Ideas for Advertising During the Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing and shoppers are hurrying to get what they need for family dinners, office parties, and other holiday events. How can you capture more of their business? Here are a few creative ideas for advertising during the holidays. • Take advantage of community newspapers to advertise special holiday events your store or organization is having. These publications are free to consumers and advertising is low cost....more

What to sell on eBay: The Cookie Jar Edition

I’ve always liked cookie jars, and not just for the obvious reasons.. that they hold cookies.  When I first started selling on eBay I bought a black cat cookie jar for $8.00 at an auction.  I was so excited when it sold 158.00! Cookie jars can be tricky to pack, but easy to sell if you do your research.  Here are a few cookie jars that sell great on eBay....more

US AAA Credit Rating in Jeopardy

From today’s Bloomberg News: The U.S. has moved “substantially” closer to losing its  AAA credit ratings as the cost of servicing its debt rose, according to Moody’s Investors Service. ...more

Preparing for Car Expenses

For the majority of Americans, cars are a necessary part of everyday life. Cars help us get to where we need to go, especially in places without convenient public transportation. The expenses of owning, maintaining, and driving cars, however, are big parts of the family budget. Buying a car is not just a matter of putting a down payment and servicing the monthly amount - both unexpected and routine car expenses may take a significant dent out of your wallet if you are not prepared. Here are some ways how to make sure that doesn't happen. ...more
this is so bad that a Preparing for Car Expenses......more