Harmonize your Financial,Family and Personal Worlds

Many of those I have counseled over the years are filled with shame, blame and guilt. Often times this is because they are dedicating too much of themselves to one area of their life. If you focus on the financials, you are likely at the office for the majority of the day, and then feeling guilty for missing out on quality time with family and friends. When your life is off-balance, happiness will never be achieved. An important step on your financial journey to happiness and abundance is to define your ideal life from every aspect. ...more

Small Business Self-Bailout Contest

Survival of the smartest! Office Depot is awarding more than $1,000,000 in prizes in the Office Depot—Adopt a Small Business Contest. 500 small businesses will win more than $2,000 in prizes! Want to enter? Upload a two-minute video about what your business is doing to survive during these hard times and how Office Depot can help you get through the challenges. The entry deadline is 11:59 PM EDT on July 31, 2009. Click hereto enter. ...more

What’s Up with That? Dollars and Sense: Overcoming Money Fears

Katy Byrne, MFT, psychotherapist in Sonoma, CA, wants to know: What's Up with That? She’s the author of Hairball Diaries: The Courage to Speak Up. (Getting out the “hairball” is what she learned from her cat, Einstein—that it’s a relief to express what’s bothering us!)   ...more


This is my first blog entry here at BlogHer, and I am so excited!  It's probably best to introduce myself and explain what I do.   I am Sandi - a.k.a. the HomeBadger.  My company is HomeBadger Creations, Inc (www.homebadger.com).  I have a home-based business in South Jersey and I sell handmade apparel wraps, shawls, scarves and yoga blankets for people of all ages, from almost any fabric requested.  ...more

Why I'll Be Paying My Kid for Chores

I've heard a lot of arguments against paying kids an allowance in exchange for chores.  Some say the children have to do chores just because they're part of the family. (Yes.) Others say it teaches children to help out just for a reward and not for the joy of helping. (Yes.) I think those things are all true. And I'll still be paying my kid an allowance to do her chores (as long as my husband agrees -- it may be interesting to see his reaction this post). ...more
 @Parenting From The Source Good food for thought. I agree kids should have a little pocket ...more

DenimDebutante.com's First Ever Giveaway!

You love your jeans... obviously, or else you wouldn't be here, now would you? I've surpassed the 200 follower mark on Twitter, and have a bunch of loyal readers who come here everyday... I'm positively astounded by how awesome and supportive you all are. So, here's your reward! One lucky DenimDebutante.com reader will be able to take home the brand new NP Denim Set Palette! ...more

What's Your Networking ROI?

Whether you have a job, own a business, or are looking for a job, chances are you are networking now more than ever. Networking is placed on a pedestal like no other and you can barely go through 24 hours without someone telling you "it's all about networking" and "you have to be out there networking". ...more

Thanks for the response, Paula.

I only learned of MeetUp last
week and I'm endeavoring ...more

Networking To Find A Job

Last evening I attended a meeting sponsored by a local group here in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago called TUG (Tri-City Unemployment Group). I had read about the group on a blog from an employment agency recruiter, Elyse  here near Geneva, IL. ...more

everyone is new at the beginning. I still get nervous, but when I realize that most everyone ...more

Navigating new jobs and new personalities

Starting a new job is often a thrilling and nerve racking experience. You are excited for your new adventure but nervous about learning the ropes. Each business and office environment is different. They all come with their own set of quirks and personalities. ...more