Feminism and Gender in the Aughts

The last ten years have been nothing if not a roller coaster ride when it comes to feminism and gender. I found the lows to be more plentiful than the highs, but the surprises kept coming. So, in no particular order, here's what stuck out to me: ...more

Saving on Groceries in a Tough Economy

Tip #1 Start a Stockpile By stockpiling sale items you’ll eventually need, you will save hundreds of dollars each month. Supermarkets have about a 12 week sale cycle. (Most things go on sale about every twelve weeks.) There are some exceptions to this rule. For example, soup is mostly on sale during the winter and condiments during the summer. But no matter what, only a few items will be featured on sale each week. So if you shop only for what you need, you’ll save on a small percentage of these items and overspend on your other needs. ...more

What is ERforME? Who we are?

I am one chapter away from finishing the book "Why She Buys" by: Bridget Brenann, when she mentioned your site. I find it very interesting to be connected with people like you. I just want to introduce what is ERforME to all of you :...more

Diary of a late twenty-something

This is my first blog, and the first post of the blog. So far I have created a username BitchNBlog which pretty much sums up the purpose of my creating a blog. For some time I have wanted to create a blog in order to use as a diary so that I can stop bitching to my sister and friends about my relationship. This blog will emotional, dramatic, heartfelt, and I'm sure at times confusing. I guess I should lay some ground work for what you are about to read. I am a female in my late twenties living in Florida. ...more

A Christmas Wish: Find Empowerment Through Adversity

You might have noticed...As Christmas got closer and closer, the number of women twittering and blogging about personal crisis got larger and larger.  For many it's more than just the traditional holiday stress, but rather serious personal and financial crisis.  It's really no surprise, this has been a tough year for a lot of people, including myself....more

I love the idea of "empowerment through adversity." I am writing a "more

Checkout Line Battle

This is not meant to discourage any couponers out there. I have had my fair share of pleasant cashiers. Many cashiers ask me where I got my coupons or how I made a certain transaction work. However, you definitely need to be prepared for battle when you are using more coupons than you have items in your cart.As I stood in line at the checkout today, I saw the distrust in the clerk's eyes. I knew it was coming....more

Thriftmas dinner

Here is a top tip if you don't want to spend too much on food over Christmas: don't go to the supermarket, go to the market. So far, so obvious, no? But here is the genius bit: do it on Christmas Eve, just before the stallholders are about to go home. Actually, this top tip comes from my mum, who is an inveterate bargain-hunter. It is what we did today and just look at the veritable cornucopia we returned with:...more

Top Five Things to Do for Your Career or Business During the Holidays

Whatever holiday you celebrate and however you enjoy it, inevitably the rhythm of business changes during the last few weeks of the year. You can use this time to your advantage to bring a strong close to 2009 and an even more powerful start to 2010 whether you are a business owner or employee. You don't even have to work hard to make it happen. The secret is to gear your activities to answer one of two questions: 1) What do I need to do to bring the current year to powerful completion? 2) What can I do to set myself up for success in the year ahead? ...more


You got some great advice in this blog post.  I especially like the idea ...more

Never Be Afraid to Take a Risk (even if they laugh at you)

I took part in a live chat this evening with a couple of people that previously I really had considered icons of social media. I  looked up to them and respected their advice. I use the past tense for a reason. During the chat, the main participant who shall remain nameless here (after all I refuse to sink to her (level) repeatedly used the worst kind of profanity and then did her absolute best to shoot down every body’s ideas....more

Choosing To Choose

Beth Lawrence Viva La Voice "Inspiring The Artist In Everyone!""The only reason we ever get stuck is because we don't "choose".  Nothing happens until we choose. You know you have chosen when you absolutely know that nothing and no one will stop you; you will reach your destination.  If at some point you "let it go" then you haven't really chosen."  -Nanice Ellis ...more