Black Every Day

I's not Black Friday yet!  But well in advance of the actual day, both WalMart and Amazon are already running daily Black Friday deals. Be warned!  You will have to check WalMart's page bright and early.  From what I've been seeing, they are selling out of the best deals fast!  You may wish to sign up for the emails notifying you of special sales. On Amazon, make sure to check the page at regular intervals throughout the day....more

Foreclosures: Fairness vs. "The Law"

I am being evicted and forced to move again, because the banks have stolen my landlord’s house.   Truly.  When I share this, sometimes people ask:  “Well, did they make their payments?” – a question which reflects a degree of ignorance that is at the heart of a great injustice, and a serious misunderstanding amongst people in our country. I am compelled to write about it....more
Very well stated.  Excellent blog.  The fact that 800 Billion went to the bastards that caused ...more

Tis the Season to Hustle: 8 Ways to Earn Extra Income

We are finally in the seasonal months in which people are looking to enjoy their holidays by buying gifts, traveling or attending various holiday parties. Unfortunately, this season also bring about stress, limited of cash and money troubles. In my household, we don’t celebrate holidays but we are always looking for various ways to bring more money in....more

5 Money Smart Reasons Why Our Family Says NO to Credit Cards

When Sam and I first got married, we received one of those "Pre-Approved" credit card offers. In big, bold print it said how our credit scores combines were just amazing, and we could get a high line of credit, and it had a free membership, no fees, blah blah blah offer. I hate even saying this, but we fell for it and applied for our first credit card together. ...more

Is Money the Root of All Evil?

Hello Ladies and gents! Let's talk about money!Most of my blog entries will be about money, and key money making strategies. And what I am mainly concerned about are those people who battle with earning an income and the guilt associated with making money....more

Philanthropy for Veterans Has a Command Post in Washington

Doing right by America's veterans is one of philanthropy's biggest projects right now, and among the most complicated. Under Vikki Spruill, the Council on Foundations has put itself at the center of that action. ...more

The Ugly Secret Insurance Companies Don't Want You to Know

If you're a homeowner, listen up, because I'm about to save you some money. ...more
retiredby40 Good for you! Every dollar adds up.more

Blog Prompt 1: List a few pieces of advice for those who want to start blogging as a source of income.

Use the hash tag #bloggamestrong or #bloggs so we can find your post, and so I can include you in the round-up post! Read more about it here.I plan on doing one of these each month. Please come share your knowledge!Angela NealThis Muse is Taken // Buzz Copy...more

Lesson Does Have A Value Of It Owns


Money Can't Buy Me Love

This is a bit of a photo intensive post, so please follow the link to read this one. Thank you! Caring Heart