The Business of Childcare

Childcare providers are amazing. They spend their days doing what most parents could never handle. They manage up to a dozen children without the help of anyone else. They deal with tantrums, tired cranky crumb-snatchers and toddlers who bite. They clean up play-dough, paint and sand from the sand box. They fix meals and snacks all day long, including special diets for little ones with allergies and lactose intolerance....more
FourtyAcresChildcare Amen my sister. We are professionals, just like doctors and lawyers. It's ...more

The One Lifestyle Change That Allowed Me to be a Stay at Home Mom

As a member of mommy support groups, I frequently see the question posed: how can I afford to be a stay at home mom?  I’ve been a working mom, so I get it that some of us crave “adult time” and enjoy career accomplishments.  But I also know what a crappy feeling it is to leave your kids in the care of someone else all day.  Ultimately, I made the choice to leave the corporate world, and I wanted to share the one lifestyle change that made it possible....more
Fit Mix Mom Thanks for reading!  Yea I definitely didn't worry about our food expenses while I ...more

The Cost of Waiting

Have you started saving for retirement? Do you think you’ll be fine if you start tomorrow? Maybe you’re satisfied with waiting until next year, or you think you can push this off for a few more years.You have plenty of time to worry about this later – right? No. Not really. You might want to think again and ensure you understand the cost of waiting....more

How to Tackle Your Debt: The Debt Snowball vs. the Debt Avalanche

When you’ve racked up debt across multiple loans, being debt-free seems like a distant dream. But it’s possible! The first step is to create a repayment plan that will work for you....more
I'm a fan of both methods. I think it definitely depends on each person's financial situation, ...more

A Stupid Easy Way to Make Money

As I was proofreading one of my own blog posts tonight, 5 Websites That Will Buy Gift Cards for Cash, I revisited one of the sites I mentioned in that post.And what I found upon further inspection was a way to make money that’s so simple, it’s stupid! :)Seriously.I don’t know about you, but the possibility of making thousands (or even hundreds) of extra dollars doing something fun is exciting!...more

The Basics of Coupons Part II

A few weeks ago we covered basic coupon skills that would help you get an easy start into couponing and hopefully you had a chance to try them out and were successful.  My daughter had asked about some basic tips for couponing as she and her husband are trying to save money and I am happy to help in any way that I can.  If you stuck with your regular grocery list and only clipped coupons for items that you normally buy, you should have seen a savings and hopefully she did too.  Way to go!...more

What the Bible Says About Money

What do money and faith have in common? Both are part of our daily life.But what the Bible says about money, budgeting, debt and giving?To be a good steward of the finances God provides you with, you need to keep your finances under control. This also means saving, giving generously and getting out of debt. Find out some of the most powerful quotations from the Holy Bible that will change your mindset....more

25 Signs Entrepreneur Career Is for You

Entrepreneur career can be extremely rewarding with more spare time, opportunity to give back and financial stability. Have you ever wondered whether you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur? Or most importantly, a successful entrepreneur? Not everyone has the passion, drive and ability to start a business....more

Money talks

At about this time last year, I wanted to introduce my son to money. But it was too early for him, as evidenced by the fact he would still mix the play money in his cash register with the real thing. So, we took a step back and waited. ...more