Peyton Manning Knows The Power Of The Munchies

Pizza and Pot go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly.  Just because Peyton Manning doesn't smoke weed doesn't mean that he isn't aware of the power of the munchies.  Or how the munchies can be oh, so profitable.  How forward-thinking was he in acquiring 21 Papa John's franchises in Colorado a couple of weeks before Coloradoans passed Amendment 64 in 2012?...more

Women entrepreneurs fail to risk and this affects their performance

As a female entrepreneur making your business grow is on top of your priority list. Female entrepreneurs are on the rise which is a great indicator of economical growth. However, they are faced by one obstacle, fear to ask for financial assistance and inability to take on male dominated fields.The major question that should be running through your mind is; where will I get capital for the next project? Of course, coming up with sufficient capital is the first tough hurdle you have to overcome as a business owner....more

It's Today Not Tomorrow - Living In The Moment

Lately, I keep finding myself thinking about, trying to plan or let's just face it, worrying about the future. And today, I realized I need to just stop. That's right - just stop. Focus on the moment, not the moment tomorrow, not the moment 5 minutes from now, but the moment now - this moment that I'm currently living....more

10 Ways Non-Profits Can Save On Expenses

Any organization must work to keep expenses at a minimum in order to remain viable. This is especially true of non-profit organizations.While for-profit organizations mainly focus on increasing the bottom line, non profits must focus on the bottom line and using net gains to reinvest in servicing their mission. There are many areas where non-profits can look at their budget, work on the strategic plan and find ways to save on expenses....more

Inexpensive Replacements For All Your Laundry Needs.

Everyone who writes blogs about saving money eventually writes a blog about laundry soap. This is one of the most popular subjects. I swear that I am asked about laundry soap more than any other money saving idea. I have written at least 3 posts on it. The questions are usually because people want to know how to save money and be kinder to the environment. Why shouldn't this be one of the most asked questions? The cost of a bottle of 50 ounce Tide at is $14.89....more

6 Amazing Ways to Save at Ikea

 I love IKEA, as many of you do, too! I wanted to share some savings secrets with you:1. One of my fave places to check out is the “as-is” room for discounted, preassembled products. The items in this room were either returned, used as display products or slightly damaged. They’re all at really great prices....more

Thrift Blitz Episode One

 I love to thrift. ...more

The 7 Levels of Yard Sale Hell

You know all those blog posts about how to have an amazing...more
sunburntsaver Now I know! Goodwill for me, too!more

Discounts for Teachers (and Students!)

If you live on the West Coast, chances are you (or your kids, or, in my case, my significant other) may have started school a few weeks ago. East Coasters, you may have been lucky enough to start only a week or so ago Has being back to school finally sunk in? ...more