Ford Shares Tips For Safer Proms, Calmer Moms (And Dads)

Prom season is upon us!...more

How To Be A Vintage Vituoso

Getting Out of the Box: Thoughts On Living An Authentic Life

Written By: Lissa Rankin Marla Maples and I had the most lovely chat this morning, and I have to say I totally have a crush on her now. You might know Marla as the ex-wife of tycoon Donald Trump, but I know Marla as this loving, spiritual, awakening being longing to shed the baggage of her past and serve the world with her gorgeous heart. ...more

Getting Through the Wall, The Dip, & The Plateau

There are times when I wonder.  I wonder what it must have been like on this day.  You know, that day ‘in between’.  Can you imagine?   Not just watching the crucifixion, but the loss of hope.  Everything they’d been working for and had faith in, they’d just seen come to an end.  (So they thought.)...more

Resilience ; a needed trait for the entrepreneurial spirit

 I was covering  a story for Mary!Mag and I signed up for a story on WEB, Women Entrepreneurs in Baltimore. I needed to find out what the inspiration was for the founders in creating this organization, which helps women become business owners. I signed up for the assignment, because like so many people who lost their jobs due to the economy, I needed to reinvent myself this year and join the mid-life career changers group. I went from teacher to writer overnight and still struggle to learn my new niche as I work hard to find fulltime employment....more

Is Preschool Valuable? Get the facts! Some Useful Pre-K Research Resources…

John Holland of Inside Pre-K writes about 'Fueling the Pre-K Fire' and the effects of negative reports about preschool education.  According to Holland:...more

Pay Equity is the Starting Point

Achieving equal pay for equitable work seems like a reasonable goal, and yet, should women finally arrive at parity in salary, we will still have a long way to go to realize true equality. As a divorced mother of 2 teenage daughters, and their legally designated primary custodial parent, the economics of raising children go far beyond simple pay equity.  ...more

Finding Abundance by Facing Your Inner Critic

by Dana TheusI discovered recently that to release my inner critic – silencing his nattering in my ears – I had to meet him first. I’m working on some big stuff; working to make big things happen for myself, my family, my clients and for Owning Pink. This is BIG STUFF and I realized that to make BIG STUFF happen I was going to need some BIG ALLIES and so I reached out to God, the Universe and Everything and made The Big Ask. I mean, why not? Isn’t that what all the gurus say to do?...more

Eating Well for under $100 a week...

For some, feeding your family for under $100 a week is something that they do without barely twitching an eye, yet for so many others, it seems so impossible to accomplish this feat.  As so many of us are being affected by the rising unemployment rates, the 'dip' in the economy, and the sudden rise in women who are starting to understand that, whenever possible, it's so much better for their families for them to be at home, well, people are trying to shave off what they can off their monthly expenses....more

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