How to Have a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP: Sharing Unconditional Love

Do you wonder if your relationship with those special people in your life are as good as they can be? Is something missing? Do people really hear you when you talk? Do you hear them? We often take exercise classes and fill up on good food for our body, we practice prayer/mindfulness or go to church to nourish our spirtual side and our souls, and we're constantly reading or listening or taking in new information for our minds. What about learning more about how to have a good relationship? How about learning new skills to improve your relationships?...more

I recently wrote an article on unconditional love from a slightly different perspective I ...more

Two Words That Can Cause The Most Damage To Your Budget – “It’s Only”

“It’s only”. This is the phrase that is going to get you in trouble. I have found in my experience teaching budgeting and also doing one on one budget counseling that people who say this the most during our conversations have the most trouble....more

She was still a student at the time and had a morning coffee & bagel habit. She said "It's ...more

Being The Captain Of Your Life

OMG...I was shocked!!!

By the way I think I am in Love with U! OMG! I could not believe the amount of hits my blog got last night while I was sleeping. Using Free Auto Blogger as a content manager on my blog has blown my traffic out of the water. Most people spend hours a day looking in search engines for content and ideas for their blog. Free Auto Blogger brings me ideas and content for my blog....more

Would you shop for baby clothes, if each purchase benefited a children’s charity?

That’s exactly what a New Brand of children’s clothing called Big Heart Baby is offering people.  The company offers unique boutique style baby and toddler clothes, and when you shop on their website, $5.00 of every item goes to a children’s charity of your choice. Available for purchase are adorable onesies, toddler t-shirts, infant hoodies, and select adult and teen apparel.  Everything is 100% cotton.  For every item, you can designate where the proceeds go, and you can choose to benefit the following causes:...more

My Poem

This is my poem about people not understanding me....more

Rich Dad, Poor Dad: Which Are You?

Joining Financial Baggage in a Marriage

One of the hardest things about marriage is arguably meshing two different money styles and two different financial backgrounds. I came from a very rigid financial family – my dad is a spreadsheet guy (well back then he was a green ledger sheet guy) who tracked every penny. There was never a lot of extra money but we had what we needed and my parents put all of us kids through Christian schools and through college. We drove cars until they died (one was 17 years old when my brother finally totaled it), rarely ate out and never got really expensive gifts....more

Frugal Beauty Tips – 5 Household Pantry Items to Incorporate Into Your Beauty Routine

Let’s face it, beauty products are expensive. Keeping up with all the new trends and the lotions and potions that come out is time-consuming and can drain your bank account quickly. Sometimes it pays, in more than one way, to go back to nature to keep ourselves beautiful. You might be surprised to find there are many items in your pantry that you can incorporate into your beauty routine. Here are 5 simple household items that can be added to your beauty routine:...more

I use a sugar scrub that I make from grape seed oil, white sugar and a few drops of lavender ...more

Are You Really Getting A Deal? Your Savings Can End Up Costing You

I love shopping for the best deals. I clip coupons to match with store sales to optimize my savings. I also sign up for several daily emails which update me with the best sales, coupons or other freebies for the day. After reading some of those articles, I wondered how many of us just buy something just because it’s on sale or free. Maybe you don’t really need the item but since its only a few cents here or a few dollars there, you go ahead and get it....more

I just blogged about this last week. I stopped doing coupons when the local paper got too ...more