The Real Housewives and Their Poopy Yards

I am about to reveal a deep, dark secret.  Every week, twice a week, I DVR Bravo's so-called reality series The Real Housewives of Whatever City.  I've been tuning in for years and I just can't get enough.  What is it about those "housewives" I feel so drawn to watch.  I figure it is kind of like a car crash, you just can't look away.  The premise of the show is to see life where the "grass is greener".  You know what, as I watch each episode I surely don't see greener grass.  No their beautiful, well manicured grass is full of dog poop!&nbs...more

10 Things Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From This Kid

  This past weekend I saw The Social Network. Not once….but TWICE! And what piqued my interest was, what I’m sure piqued everyone else’s: ...more

Weekend Market: Asian Version!

Asian weekend markets, I think, are very different from US or Europe.  Take for example the famous weekend market of Bangkok:  Chatuchak, which sits on a 35 acres and has about (between) 8,000 to 15,000 stalls!   And there are about 200,000 people of both local and tourists that come here every weekend!  Now beat that.  ...more

Household Budget ...more

I am working on a Household Budget series where I get really transparent about our budget and ...more

How do I get traffic to Have once dated Clarence Thomas? Have a baby with John Edwards?

Starting a new business is not for sissies.  I've begged friends to forward my site to their buddy list, stopping short of telling them that Bill Gates will reward them for doing it, I've been featured in "The New York Times" and put blogs up everywhere, this is taking longer than I would like.  There are obvious short cuts to getting attention.  Some of the more well known ones are: Live in Arizona and offer yourself up as a presidential candidate "if there's no one else to do the job."  Okay, Sarah, I'll do it.  You can go home, put on your waders and fish...more

Holiday Gift Suggestions (for the 2 - 4 year old crowd)

The holidays are quickly approaching and if you're like want to get your shopping done sooner rather than later. Add to that my daughter's first birthday is five days before X-mas. Double whammy! So what to get? Well suffice to say this post is targeted specifically to the two to four year old crowd. Sorry! I'll do another post, as I continue to do my shopping that is specific for the 1 year old and under group....more

Book Review: Generation Earn by Kimberly Palmer

I was contacted to review the book Generation Earn: The Young Professionals Guide to Spending, Investing and Giving Back by Kimberly Palmer and I was happy to do so. I love reading books on personal finance and was really interested in this book.  I really enjoyed reading Generation Earn and here are my thoughts on the book. About the book: Generation Earn is divided into three parts:...more

Lookin' haute and spending naute, Part I

Target..coming through yet again.... Part 1 in a series of lookin' haute and spending naute at one of our favorites, Target.  Today, let's dress up a little and spend a little.  And I do mean a little.  ...more

If You Can Read This, Thank a Vet

Veterans Day is Thursday November 11th. Don’t forget to thank the brave men and women who fought and continue to fight for our country! Not just on the 11th, but everyday!Today I got an email with some freebies, discounts and otherwise good deals for veterans. Feel free to pass this along to any vet you know! Thanks to Chuck at for passing this information along. (Note: Not all discounts are for the 11th, so please check the date)....more

Love your a mom of a vet, thank you.more