How Having a Child Impacted Our Finances in Unexpected Ways

You can imagine how we looked in the store. My son is half dressed, my husband is exhausted, my hair is still dripping wet from the pool and all of us are hungry. If I were in the right frame of mind I probably would’ve selected a bed, taken home the paperwork and researched the best prices online. Instead, given the circumstances I did something I would have never done before my son was born. I immediately agreed to the price and handed over my credit card. ...more

One Car, Two Parents, Three Kids

Editor's Note: I once didn't speak to my husband (then boyfriend) for two days over the two of us sharing a car. Having to add thirty minutes to each of my commutes to drive him to work and pick him up did not work for me (and I am pretty sure it still wouldn't). Later in life after our daughter was born, we ended up getting two carseats because it was so hard to predict which car would be which place at which time. It turns out there are a few secrets! -Rita...more
I'm at the same point right now though unfortunately I'm a little too attached to my car and ...more

10 Tips for Your Spring Cleaning Yard Sale

Editor's Note: I love a good yard sale! If only I'd had these tips when I still had baby items left to sell. -Rita 10) Give information...more

When to Share Thrifting with Your Kids

My love of thrifting was born of necessity and continues for fun. In the past few years, I've tried to initiate several people into my club, but I've found thrifting requires a certain personality type. Fortunately for me, both my husband and my daughter have discovered they love the thrill of the hunt and the victory of buying an entire outfit for less than ten dollars as much as I do. But as Maya discovered, thrifting is much more fun with older kids. -Rita...more
Hey there, Maya! Oh my, how I LOVE calling Goodwill "The Everything Store." And, yes...*smile* ...more

How to Buy and Sell Furniture on Craigslist

I love Craigslist. I have used it to buy a television and sell everything from a toddler bed to office chairs. Justine's five tips for buying and selling furniture on Craigslist are really good (and have me itching to ditch something new from my house). -Rita...more
Ha, I totally thought this post was about today's Craigslist Furniture Rant on ...more

10 Dumb Pinterest Purchases

Editor's Note: I try to stay the hell off Pinterest most of the time, because it makes me feel slovenly and uncoordinated. So it was with great satisfaction I read The Dose of Reality's list of the 10 dumbest suggested purchases on Pinterest. Please to enjoy. -Rita...more
Okay, the moss bathmat is disgusting, but I have to stick up for fleece lined leggings! They're ...more

On Being Labeled "Poor"

Editor's Note: Do you ever walk into a thrift store and wonder if people in the parking lot think you're poor? Do you think the other people shopping there are? Does it matter? What does "poor" mean, anyway? Kristen from The Frugal Girl has thoughts on the matter. -Rita...more
It is selfish of me, but I have considered myself poor.  As a child there was one Christmas that ...more

50 Affordable Ideas for an Easter Basket

Editor's Note: I just started thinking about Easter today. If you celebrate Easter with Easter baskets, check out Katie from Marriage Confessions' 50 easy and affordable ideas for things to stuff in kids' Easter baskets. -Rita...more

Lay-Offs and The Desire to Downsize

Editor's Note: My husband lost his job last September and didn't get his first paycheck from his new job until the end of January. During those four unexpectedly lean months, I was like Tisha -- I had a moment when I just wanted to sell the house and everything in it that was costing so much to maintain. - Rita...more

Uber Confused: Trying to Choose a Health Insurance Plan

[Editor's Note: Whether you are unemployed or taking the leap to self-employment, choosing a health insurance plan can be baffling and expensive. Here's one story (complete with detailed numbers) of analyzing COBRA versus high deductible plans and trying to choose. -Paula G ...more
One new trend in the employee benefits arena is portable benefits, allowing you to take your ...more