Gaining Weight for Money?

[Editor's Note: When I found out that Donna Simpson was gaining weight to try to break the Guinness World Record and making money for doing so on her blog, I was sad. But when I found out she was involving her very young daughter in the experience, I was mad. See what The Mouthy Housewives had to say. -Rita]...more
This just shows that people will do anything for money and even risk their own health and that ...more

Budgeting After a Divorce

[Editor's Note: Even though I'm not divorced and never have been, I love Mandy's blog, Since My Divorce, because the advice there usually pertains to anyone, really. This guest post by Suzanne Cramer is part of a series on budgeting. The best part about this post: all the links to various budget calculators and the line item suggestions for what to include under expenses -- that is always the hardest part of budgeting for me. -Rita]...more

Brand New Patio for Half the Cost of a Contractor

[I have done a lot of work to my own house and yard, and I've watched a lot of my friends do their own work and contract out work. I can tell you that doing it yourself -- while hard -- will save you ridiculous amounts of money. I love the fact that Suzanne also reused a ton of materials and plants from other projects -- check out her gorgeous photos and learn how she did it. -Rita]...more

How We Got Broke

[Editor's Note: Although I'm not a Dave Ramsey fan, I was struck by Lindsay's self-awareness of her spending/saving cycle. When I was single, I used to restrict my money like I did food back when I was anorexic ... until I couldn't stand it anymore and ended up spending more money than I would've if I'd just allowed myself small pleasures along the way. Check out what Lindsay and her husband are doing instead now. -Rita] ...more

Money- Saving Linky - June

I thought the money saving post I did last month was so much fun, I'd start doing one every month!  I love finding new ways to save money, and there are always new and fun ways! -Inbox Dollars is a click-through company I love!  All I ever really do Read more ...more

8 Tips: Save Money But Still Enjoy Your Vacation

[This year my family vacation is: BlogHer! My family is coming along with me to San Diego, and my husband and daughter are exploring Lego Land while I party with you all (um, I mean work). I hate cutting corners on food but don't care as much about hotels when my daughter is along. I really like how Kristia separates out where you should stay budget-minded without killing the fact that, hey, it's your vacation! Live a little! -Rita] ...more

Could You Come Up With $2,000 Right Now?

[Editor's Note: Journalist Karen and her writing professor husband entered their fields at a very bad time for finding a writing job (can I get an amen?). Her personal brand of frugality is very much in line with mine: be stingy about some things so you have money for what really matters to you. I love her attitude. Check out what she has to say about financial fragility and how to overcome it. -Rita] ...more

A tale of sock frugality

This is a mis-matched pair of socks. Duh. I originally owned a white pair and a black pair.  They were lovely and cushy and I got them for free after a rebate back in the day when I managed to make it out to Rite-Aid to score deals. One Read more ...more

Our Debt Resume

[Editor's Note: Mary and her husband have paid off more than $100,000 in debt in the past year -- which blows my mind -- and they're not done. See what they're doing next. -Rita] ...more

Houses: What You Can Afford Vs. What You Should Take On

[My husband and I have owned two houses in our lives -- our old house that we bought right after we got married and our current house. Both times we were extremely conservative about how much we could afford for all the reasons Kacie lists in this great post. -Rita] ...more