How to save money on groceries without coupons

When I posted my thoughts about the Extreme Couponing tv show last week, I promised to share my non-couponing ideas with you this week. Before I do that, I want to point out that I am not entirely anti-coupon.  I use some coupons myself, and I think they can Read more ...more

Keeping Your Hand on Your Wallet and Your Foot on the Gas

[Elizabeth at Modern Gal outlines strategies for using less gas this summer as gas prices remain high. With one compact and one SUV in the family, I'm well aware of how much cheaper fuel efficiency can be, and I needed this reminder as we head into road-trip season! -Rita] ...more

More Money, More Anxiety -- Why?

[I remember reading that the price of happiness is $75,000 a year, but the thought of having more anxiety as you have more money still doesn't work for me. FB at Fabulously Broke is singing my tune in her post below -- definitely worth checking out. -Rita] ...more

Frugality & Ethics: Deciding Where to Buy

[Ever since I started really watching my spending a few years ago, I've struggled with wanting to support small businesses when their prices are way higher than a big box or chain store. Kristen takes on this question sent in by one of her readers in this thoughtful post. -Rita] ...more

How to Shop For Free by Kathy Spencer

In her book, How to Shop for Free: Shopping Secrets for Smart Women Who Love to Get Something for Nothing, Kathy Spencer shares her method (and her madness) for using coupons to whittle her weekly grocery bill down to $4 or less. She also shares tips for getting medicines, Read more ...more

Don't Know Where It Went? Write It Down.

[I'm a huge victim of the unintended budget item. Morrison reminded me in this post of a few personal finance line items that can kill the best budget: gas, groceries and pet food. Check out her great tips! -Rita] ...more

Why I’d rather spend less than earn more

This post was originally published on May 13, 2009. Now that I’m a stay-at-home mom, this post is truer than ever for me. I needed a reminder of why my priority will always be finding ways to cut our spending instead of increasing our income. I thought I’d share Read more ...more

Extreme Couponing: Bad for your health?

Read more ...more

Your Social Security Number: That’s Private

A quick apology to all my overseas friends: This blog post doesn’t pertain to you, and there are a lot of you now. But it’s important enough that I had to write it. I have a new client that wants me to hold $1 million worth of general liability Read more ...more