The Sequester, 20% and Our Defense Family

We are a Department of Defense family; have been for 24 years. We moved to a new state in 1995 due to base closures. We've held our breath hoping that hubby's name wouldn't be on the list being sent to support the troops in the middle of conflicts numerous times. We've watched our benefits dwindle. We've had no cost of living pay increases in over two years. We are now being told that unless Congress can actually do their job and create a budget, we are looking at a 22-week sequester....more
I too am sick and tired of the fact that the representatives that we elect and pay to do a job ...more

I'm Tired of Having Less Money than Other Families!

Dear Mouthy Housewives, Spring break is coming up and it seems that all of my daughter's friends are heading to exotic destinations -- Colorado for skiing or the Caribbean -- and we will be stuck at home. My kid (10) doesn't seem to mind, but for me, it's a sore subject. I'm tired of feeling like her classmates' parents can always afford to do more than we do, and it makes me feel like we shouldn't be at a school like that (that we otherwise love), and it also makes me dread spring break. I don't want my kid to feel like she always has less....more
People shall think how lucky they are when they are able to be with their kids and able to have ...more

Job Loss, Debt, and Lower Salaries: Why We’ve Gotta Do What We’ve Gotta Do

Just recently I read a couple of disturbing articles in the New York Times about debt. Helaine Olen’s January 2nd opinion column suggests that the reason we’re in debt and can’t save is because of unaddressed social policy issues -— things like flat-lined salaries and higher health care costs. ...more
Finally someone with some sense. I have been laid off 2 times on the past 5 years so I know it ...more

How Sequestration Will Hurt My Family

[Editor's Note: With the March 1 deadline just days away, the massive budget cuts called the sequester are beginning to look inevitable. More details are coming out about how the $85 million in cutbacks will affect all kinds of services that get federal funding -- including schools, law enforcement, and air travel security. And as Carol writes, all those government employees have families that will also be impacted. --Grace]...more
@pegsbored I completely agree with you!  I am so sorry your family is going through this.  We ...more

So Long, UPS Man

As someone who works from home, does a fair number of reviews and manages a book club, I get a package from UPS several times a week. I always wonder if the UPS dude thinks I have a shopping addiction, because we know each other so well. I laughed at Joy from Joyfully Green's headline: Breaking Up with the UPS Man: My Ode to Nonconsumerism, but I was touched by the end of her post....more
Awesome perspective! Love rhe Joyfully Green blog.more

21 Things You Can Do to Save Money Now

Have your New Year's resolutions failed you already? Some of mine have, but my renewed commitment to save my money for stuff I really want instead of stuff that's just there in front of me to grab in a store hasn't. I'm always looking around the Internet for more easy tips my grandmother would know by heart but always seem like aha moments to me....more
@Ebiz Mom Agreed. I hate that I don't know how to make so many things that I just buy because I ...more

Most Women Would Rather Divorce Than Be a Housewife

Here's some great news. The vast majority of young people -- about 80% of women and 70% of men across all races, classes, and family backgrounds -- desire an egalitarian marriage in which both partners share breadwinning, housekeeping, and child rearing. ...more
The other piece to this extraordinary mismatch is what today's college students are saying about ...more

Lay-Offs and The Desire to Downsize

Editor's Note: My husband lost his job last September and didn't get his first paycheck from his new job until the end of January. During those four unexpectedly lean months, I was like Tisha -- I had a moment when I just wanted to sell the house and everything in it that was costing so much to maintain. - Rita...more

Skin in the Game: When Your Daughter Wants to Become an Egg Donor

our youngest daughter has signed a lease to live off campus next school year. She will be a third year student, a junior, and she will be 21 by the time she starts the school year. She has a job when she is home for the Summer and during school breaks and has more than a little bit of money saved up, but she realizes that she will need to supplement this money in order to not use it all up before the end of the term. So, she has been looking for jobs in her college town. On Craigslist. There are a number of money-making opportunities on Craigslist....more
My first thought is that it is very different for women than for men.  Men have an unending ...more

The Hidden Costs of Private Preschools

I am familiar with meltdowns in Target. I have two small children, after all, so I expect to leave Target in a blur of tears, whining, crying, and threats to never, ever return. When I got an unexpected opportunity to go to Target by myself, however, I wasn’t prepared for the meltdown that ensued....more
This post is so spot on!  We had to re-work our budget to include the birthday gifts, and I ...more