Why We Decided To Court

 My thirsty thirties were upon me and the mounting pressure to have a child and or get married followed me around like my shadow. The questions of "don't you want to get married or have kids" played in my mind at night.  Peggy Arthur, MBA ...more

Stop the Blame Game and Own Your Ish!

We all have heard of the late Maya Angelou’s powerful quote, “When you know better, you do better.” But that “knowing better” part of the quote can be a tough upward battle to achieve but we have to learn to face the challenge no matter how ugly it may get. I’ve learned that in order to truly know better in order to do better, you have to want to know better and you have to want to do better....more

Sometimes a Rainbow Appears

It is the only story about a rainbow that I have. But it's a good one.We were swimming in a lake. It was dusk. All of the other people had left. The beach was littered with the debris of a fine day, the smell of a dozen barbecue grills floating out over the water....more


Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

I've Got the Dalai Lama On My Side

            The Buddhists believe that humans naturally want to avoid suffering and through the avoidance of suffering, we understand the emotion that is happiness. They also say that ignorance is the root of all unwanted, negative emotion....more

I have no problem pulling bad weeds out of my life

 A year and a half ago, our family was hit with a traumatic experience. As a result one of our boys resulted in being diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic  Stress disorder) , was in therapy for a year and has had to have several surgeries to fix the damage.I remember at the time I was so angry. I was angry at the world. I was angry at god. Why was this happening? We haven't had a peaceful life since the passing of my mother in law in 2008. Every time things were going right... it felt like I was being brought down to my knees hard....more

Mystics Hear Voices

Mystics hear voices. the question "Do you hear voices?" is used to sort the sane from the insane. And yet, as artists, we do hear voices and most insistently when we seek the guidance for our art. We are led. We are prompted. We are urged. We are called.~ Julia Cameron, from The Complete Artist's Way, the 2nd Book, Walking in This World...more

How Do Believers Disagree in Love?

The more I grow in faith and become well versed in scripture and understanding it, the more I find myself better equipped to actually discuss the Word with other believers. But two people being believers and a followers doesn’t automatically equate to them being in agreement all the time. When it comes to almost every topic there are and will be disagreements. Religion and faith aren't the same for everybody. And it took me some time to understand this....more


Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more


Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more