Three Unhelpful Words

Believe me: I've counted them. A million times. Backwards, forwards, upside and out. I've written them down. I've told my friends. I've laid them at the altar, giving thanks and praise.My home. 1My children. 3My husband. 1My job. 1My degrees. 3My friends. 10+My family. 10+My (physical) health. 20+Food, clothes, medications. +100Toilet paper. (how can you even put a number on it?)I've counted them all.I've counted my blessings.So please stop telling me to count them again. Please....more

Brittany Maynard's Right to Die: Is It a Sin?

[Editor's Note: As of 10/302014, Brittany Maynard has delayed her plans to end her life.]I can never forget that time in college I had to write about euthanasia. What is euthanasia? The act or practice of killing someone who is very sick or injured in order to prevent any more suffering ( As I was doing my research, something about euthanasia didn't feel right....more
This post was way beyond anything I can imagine being thought, much less being said, much less ...more

Remember, We Only See Darkly

A fascinating piece of art captures our life lived on this side of the veil which separates us from the unseen. The sculpture is called  “Alice Through the Looking Glass” located in Guildford’s Castle Grounds (Surrey, UK.) in a walled garden behind the bowling green, close to the house where Lewis Carroll used to live....more

Pro-Life IS Pro-Women

Perhaps I have finally discovered a label to describe myself – a pro-life feminist. At first glance these two terms seem to oppose each other but true feminism is not the antithesis of motherhood or a pro-life stance. Contrary to standard stereotypes, one is pro-woman  precisely when one is pro-life. My story is simply a witness of a woman who discovered liberation as a mother of a large family....more
OrganizingMaven if all pro-choice feminists were as open, respectful and compassionate as you ...more

Truly Shaken

I don't even know how to process this. I have been numb for the past week, and today I am crushed with loneliness.I was zipping around last Tuesday, getting ready for the women's Bible study. I volunteered to make the coffee, so that has a little bit of extra time involved. It was the week when we all planned to go out for lunch afterwards, so I was thinking about that and helping a friend carry her food in while we talked about onion rings....more
I am so sorry for your losses, and I'm praying for you as you're balancing at this decision ...more

A Prayer That I Prayed

for years...A pleading prayer for our son.Lord...I pray that you will open his mind...that he will be able to participate and be involved in the world around him...These are, I realize,  strange words....more

Connecting with Your Divine Navigation System

The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper. ~  Eden Phillpotts ...more

Overcoming the Fear of Joy

This is such a sweet season for us. Having a three year old and now being pregnant with our second leaves me feeling overwhelmed with gratitude, hope and lots of joy. There was a time when I never could have sat back and enjoyed this time. For a long time I had such a fear of being happy or joyful. ...more
It is hard to break away from that old way of thinking. Encouraging to know I'm not the only one!more

You're Exactly Where You're Supposed To Be

It's easy to look at others' lives and admire their lifestyle or wish we were in their shoes. It's easy to feel bad about ourselves or the current situations we may be in. We may even feel a slight bit (some of us more than slight) of jealousy when we go on social media or watch T.V. and see the seemingly awesome lives individuals are having. Why is my life not going as planned? Well, it may be. ...more