Take a [Spirit] Break! 7 Practical Ways to Maintain Energetic Balance

Do you ever feel zapped emotionally or mentally? Are you someone who goes non-stop until you crash in exhaustion? Or perhaps struggle with feeling powerless in circumstances happening in your life?...more

Prayers for my Little Susie

The past few days have been rough for my family here in Charlotte, North Carolina in the US and in my hometown of Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental in northern Mindanao, Philippines.I chose to keep silent for the first few days and privately pleaded to friends to launch a prayer brigade for my granddaughter Susane Lorette Palmes or Little Susie....more

Finger-pointing: The “Sins” of Pope Francis

I am appalled by commentators and writers who quickly denounce Pope Francis, often misinterpreting or twisting the meaning of his comments by taking them out of context. These critics are acting like the‘ the accuser of our brethren… which accused them before our God day and night’. [Revelation 12:7-12] They seem poised, ready to pounce on any hint of his supposed sin against tradition....more

A Few Minutes of Silence

A few minutes of silence and closing our mouth can help a lot- I have learn that counting to 10 when I’m really agitated saves me a lot of trouble....more

Past = Future

I read a quote a friend put on Facebook the other day that hit me like a brick upside the head.“You can’t get where you need to be if you don’t face where you are.” ~ Joyce MeyerI use to believe the past had nothing to do with today and certainly not our future.  Once the day had gone, it was gone.  Never to be seen or heard from again.  I thought we could just push it out of our mind and those bad days or horrific encounters with certain people would be forgotten forever....more

Let It Go

Lately, I continue to find myself getting caught up in the decisions of others.  Decisions, I feel, they are making poorly.  It’s difficult to see someone, especially someone you love, make bad choices.  Choices you know will have bad results. How do I know they will turn out bad? Because they’ve made the same choices in the past and I have seen the outcome.  I know the results will not change, because the circumstances have not changed.  Results that are painful. Painful to not only themselves, but to those around them as well....more

I Prayed For That?

Earlier this year I wrote about exercise and my lack of it. I talked about the days I use to walk almost everyday for an hour and a half per day. While I walked I either worshiped God while listening to music or talked to Him through prayer. Soon after this post I realized I missed this time with God. Even though I spent most mornings alone with God I missed being out walking with Him. That’s when I started praying for time in my day to get back to walking like I used to....more

Discerning My Path

Whenever I have a new idea or plan of action, I like to seek out those close to me for advice and opinions.  I do this for several reasons.First, because it forces me to put what I plan to do into words.  As I do that it forces me to think through the situation more clearly which helps me have a better understanding about what it will look like as I walk through this plan.  Secondly, I seek others because they can sometimes assist me in working out all the details. Details I had not thought of before....more


I don't know what is the matter with me. Ever since I saw that picture, I have been a weeping machine. I wept on the way to get a mammogram. I wept while on hold. I wept on the way to work on crafts for the kids in Uganda to make next month. I wept while mixing two types of cat food so the kittens' tummies wouldn't be upset as I transition them to adult food. I wept during worship at church, and during the baptisms. It's ridiculous....more

On living the Golden Rule

Several years ago while reading The Mindful Woman, a thoughtful book written by Sue Patton Thoele, I came across a meditation on the Golden Rule that both struck and stayed with me. The following is an excerpt from that book. ...more