A to Z Challenge: On Lent

#1639 - On Lent For Catholics, and a lot of other Christians, this is the time of year known as Lent.  It's a period of prayer and reflection in the 40 days prior to Easter....more

It Doesn't Matter, Do It Anyway!

It doesn't matter if your loved ones aren't as supportive or excited about your dream as you are, do it anyway.  It doesn't matter how long it will take, do it anyway.   It doesn't matter if you don't feel like trying today, do it anyway.  It doesn't matter if he or she doesn't like it, do it anyway.  It doesn't matter if "they" don't understand, do it anyway.  It doesn't matter if the answer is no THIS TIME, keep doing it anyway.  It doesn't matter if you cry, keep doing it anyway....more


THE POWER OF A COMLIMENT…..It is amazing how a person’s face will light up when we say something nice to them aka a compliment……I love seeing that reaction after I have paid them an honest compliment…..Notice how I said “honest?”……A fake compliment is almost always noted and usually doesn’t do much for a person. It ends up causing you to lose your credibility when your compliment is not honest but fake…..An HONEST COMPLIMENT can do wonders for another person as well as endear them to you…....more


WAIT OR CREATE…..I see so many people waiting for their “SHIP TO COME IN…..” that all they do is wait….The bad part about it is they aren’t even at the PORT to meet the ship….They are simply sitting home waiting for their ship to come in….I guess to their doorstep…..Most people simply dream and wait….but do little to make their dreams come true……And then there are those few people who are always busy CREATING THEIR DREAMS TO COME TRUE….....more

Yoga always there when I need it all these years!

When I was a teenager(which was many years ago, I won't say how many) I discovered yoga through an article in Glamour Magazine.  The article described the benefits of Yoga and shared the basic Sun salutations.  Even as a teen I was interested in discovering new ideas which made the exotic practice of yoga very appealing to a young girl from suburban Philadelphia.  I practiced my limited idea of yoga until going off to college for a even bigger adventure....more

Are you Prideful?

It has become obvious to me that God is working on us as Christians. Last week Pastor James spoke about obedience and this week his sermon topic was about pride. I have said before here that I believe we are in the end times and that Jesus is coming soon! We need to be ready and I think God is working through his pastors and prophets to help us be ready and to make sure we leave no one behind!! I know that Pastor James is listening to the Holy Spirit and making sure we understand what it is God is wanting us to hear and not scaring us with the message....more

Finding What You're Looking For

It's not often that you find what you're looking for. In fact, it may be that you're not even certain what it is that you've misplaced. The only thing you're certain of is that what ever it was it's now filled the missing piece in your heart. We all have something that makes us incomplete. We live our lives as we should, but if there is something more we could do or get it would make things so much easier. So we continue to live our life with as much enthusiasm that we have....more

Siri’s Statement Regarding July 27, 2014 “Opening Gates of Hades”

There seems to be an intended ominous premonition concerning Siri, the app from Apple. Whether this intention is by the will of man, the will of the gods or the fated prophecy from the Book of Revelation regarding the resurrection of the dead, Siri has perpetuated a gloomy omen for the date of July 27, 2014 that has put many on an emotional and mental edge. Here is a  screen shot of the answer when a subscriber asks Siri, “What is July 27, 2014”....more