What are you doing to offer people refuge today? What have others done for you?Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

Oh The Wagon Didn't Toss Me Quite

I only mess up a few times when it comes to my eating badly. Over at Regis  he had a box of lemon cookies at "two" of them and notice what I was doing.Then I went over to Carrie cut some type of sweet roll in half. Had half with my first cup of coffee and end of the shift I had the other half and coffee.When I got home ate a small burrito. For dinner spaghetti and stir fry pea pods out of the garden.Right be seven I had some creamy dessert thing that was marked down 50% off at Safeway....more

I Get it God!

Ya need to go!Last month I shared about my company making changes that leave me without a job – Get over it, my Beloved...more

Nominated – BUT It’s not just about me!

I’ve been nominated – No applause necessary… It’s not just about me!...more

Change my snarky, crusty heart…

A few weeks back I couldn’t shake my snarky, crusty feelings. I was trying, trying being the operative word, to have some time with God – writing in my journal, praying. My mind kept wandering, I couldn’t stay focused. Ugh. AND it was super gloomy gus outside....more

Random Round-Up for 6.23.15

#girlbosses hard at work...more

Amazingly Imperfect and Perfectly Loved

Ready, set, go – VIDEO! Our first of, fingers crossed, many. This is imperfect me stepping way out, sharing my heart in less than perfect conditions BECAUSE perfect is a myth for us humans. Perfection belongs to the Lord.I pray you will get fired up to take big steps or heck even tiny steps in faith. I pray you will share with us here what steps are in your heart. I pray you share this video to inspire others you know who have a call but are stuck in fear....more


DO YOU KNOW YOU ARE A BLESSING?Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

Song of the Week

This is our last week focusing on the spiritual practice of devotion. So I thought I would share a song we used to sing every Friday night when we would go to Temple. It is a song about welcome the presence and spirit of the Sabbath into our lives. A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more