This Precious Life

“The thing is that this life is so precious and mysterious,I don’t know what to say about it most of the time.Words are like birds, passing through the trackless sky....more

Storms Will Come, Rain Doesn’t Last Forever. Praise God No Matter the Season!

To walk on water, you have to first get out the boat. God is able. All other ground is sinking sand. On Christ, the solid rock, stand!Pick your battles today. You have a choice. To give in to the enemy and let him have his way or let God have His way. God has the final say....more
Amen, amen, and amen again! God is our Everything and absolutely nothing is too hard for Him. ...more

Get Lifted Turns 1

Can you believe it's been a year since I started this blog?!?! Where did the time go. So many great things have happened during this year. 172 posts later, here we are. I am truly grateful to have you all on this journey with me....more

Another Book Signing in Chicago

 Book Signing and Talk about Enfolded in Silence/ A Story in Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in ChildhoodOn Sunday, July 20th at Grace Episcopal Church, Oak Park IL at 4PM, author Barbara Hughes will give a slide show and talk about her book about child sexual abuse. This program is recommended for anyone who has experienced sexual abuse and for those who work with abuse survivors. It may also be helpful for those concerned with this topic. The program is not for children. For more information...more


My husband and I discovered how to build relationships with our children and encourage their relationship to God  through a combination of the grace of God, parental intuition and perhaps a dash of sheer luck.Giovanni Battista Torriglia (Italian, 1858-1937)...more

Consider to Consider Not

 Our faith grows when we make the choice to believe God’s word over our surrounding. We need to learn to Consider Not our circumstances. Consider not….We read it…. Memorize it…..Say it…. But do we live it out?...more
AMEN! And AMEN again! Considering not as well....when you think about the chapter about ...more

This Ramadan, I'm Fasting With My Muslim Boyfriend

We "met" on Twitter, but we MET during Ramadan....more
InterfaithRam FeministaJones BlogHer MyIslamicLife this is such a beautiful article ! Thx for ...more

A Jesuit Joke

I rarely remember even the simplest joke but I have never forgotten this intellectual, theological joke told 30 years ago by a Jesuit priest in front of a university New Testament class. It is a mouthful but still makes me laugh out loud.Jesus was walking alongside of the Sea of Galileewhen he turned to Simon Peter and asked him“Who do you say that I am?”Simon Peter answered Him,“Why you are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”...more