US Episcopal Church Convention affirms gay clergy/bishops and does not reject same sex unions

In the past week, the Episcopalian Church in the USA took major steps at their Convention to move forward and affirm the development of liturgical material for same sex unions, and instructed local bishops to make their own decisions as they "determine what such a generous pastoral response might mean in her or his diocesan context" re performing same sex unions. Further they stated "that God has called and may call" gay and lesbian people "to any ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church." Some History ...more

Yes, ordination is OKd by the diocese and done by the bishop...IF the bishop agrees to the ...more

New Moon in Cancer (Again!) Artist Feature

New Moon in Cancer (Again!) Artist Feature ...more

Perfection is Impossible but Fun is...FUN!

Every generation of humans who has ever lived thinks they Know Things For Sure, and they make Big Decisions, Life & Death Decisions, based on these Things They Know For Sure. And then later, when they are part of history, successive generations inevitably laugh at them. ...more

Breakfast at St. John the Divine

What: Serving breakfast to homeless and hungry ...more

Want more love in your family?

I went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. And it got me thinking about love. ...more

What's right and wrong with science

What's right and wrong with science? Sorry, I missed Wordless Wednesday this week, especially announcing my "comeback". You see, I was in Chicago for the holiday, working on one super-fantastic post - a reflective piece about outdoor education, outreach, and my work experiences with the summer camp - complete with cool pictures, when my hard drive crashed...Yes. It just crashed. ...more

Cultivating Faith Under Stress

I struggle with faith, I always have. If I can’t see it, hear it or feel it, it’s hard for me to believe it’s there. And I am so envious of those who just have it. It is rock solid for them and they never seem to waiver in their conviction or belief that God or a higher power or whatever they call it, is there for them. I want that kind of belief in faith, I truly do. ...more

Jimmy Carter Protests Religion's Treatment of Women

Editor's note: Jimmy Carter officially departed the Southern Baptist church in 2000, but still stayed on at Maranatha Baptist in Plains, Georgia, teaching Sunday School. He held on to a Baptist affiliation through many conflicts, including the denomination's anti-gay positions. This week, he issued a position paper indicting all organized religions for their treatment of women. "Women and girls have been discriminated against for too long in a twisted interpretation of the word of God." -- Jimmy Carter, Former US president, Nobel Prize Winner ...more
No hierarchical religion can please all of the people all of the time, to a large extent, ...more


Below is a poem I wrote awhile back after meeting a special young girl - her beauty did not stem from boldness of her physical presence but from something more intricate. Sometimes we fail to see such beauty in ourselves and yet we are far more than the physical body... ...more

Are Yoga Clothes Making You Lazy?

I have these super comfy capri yoga pants. I have two pair of them, actually. They are supposed to be for yoga and now for dance, but I have been wearing them...all...the...time. And I have noticed something about these pants: They make me lazy. They are too comfortable, too much like pajamas. How sad is that!? ...more

I think you make an excellent point. On the days I actually get dressed, I do get more done ...more