Unbroken Spirit

Recently a young man turned up at my non-profit, “What do you want?” presentation carrying with him an unassuming confidence that’s rare to see in those who struggle in life.  After the show was over, a few of us sat around discussing Life and our dreams. Not letting shyness stand in his way, Chris jumps to his feet and rolls out a few songs (poetry/hip hop) without skipping a beat.  Raps of poetry pour out from his soul – his songs are full of hopes, dreams and faith.  Also touching on the darker side of life that most of us will never fully understand – attacki...more


It made me chuckle whenever we complain in the locker about how unbearably hot the class was. We willingly sign up and brace Jakarta traffic to come to class knowing that we would be doing yoga for 90 minutes in a heated room.  Yet, we still find most classes too hot.  We are like Goldilocks, the temperature never quite suit our liking....more

Sappho Speaks: Adoption Akin To Religion – My Hypothesis

Lectori Salutem! or L.S. (Greetings to the Reader!)...more

Do You Have A Plan?

Recently, I interviewed a 67-year-old woman who wants to get her GED (grade 12 equivalent).  I asked, “Why is this so important to you?  She said, “Because its the one thing in life that I want more than anything.”  Leaving school in the seventh grade, Maggie (not her real name) has lived her entire life in poverty....more

Hi Yevette:


Thanks for commenting on my post...its all about baby ...more

The Good Opinion

“We can be bad company to ourselves.  As long as it is seen, it can be fixed”   Sit beside yourself and take a good look at what you see?  Do you speak and carry yourself as someone who likes who you are?   One of the most powerful influences on your attitude and personality is the opinion you have of yourself.  Your self-opinion is the most important opinion that you will ever have.  It plays an important role i...more

Can I Know Anything about God?

I once heard Beth Moore say, "God is just as intentional about what He doesn't reveal to us about Himself as what He does." There is plenty He doesn't say and those are most probably the things we don't need to know or are incapable of understanding. However, God is not at all silent on the matter of who He is and provides for us more information on Himself than we could fully understand in multiple lifetimes. The good news for the day ...more


Once we become conscious of the world around us, we begin a struggle to come to peace with ourselves and the world, to come to terms with the mysterious and in large measure unknown universe. Sages and seers have uncovered the answers within themselves through meditation. Today the world is going back to this age-old technique for wholesome living....more

Taking Time To Comfort....Me!

I've had a struggle this winter with taking time for myself. Specifically, taking time to enjoy my coffee, journal and prayer early in the morning...before everyone awakens in my house. When everyone else wakes up, I have to put myself aside and take care of their needs. Working full-time, taking care of my family, taking care of my home and other responsibilities leaves little time for me...to connect...with me. I know this. Yet, I've continued to to neglect this time that I need....more

Talking about God...

While "blog stalking" today, I came across a post from Loralee that really got me thinking about things. ...more

First, I am so sorry about the loss of your father. We're never prepared to lose people we ...more