Did American Doctors Perform Medical Experiments On Post 9/11 Tortured Prisoners?

This will not be fun or easy to read. But I beg you to read on anyway. There is evidence that medical experimentation may have been done by CIA-employed doctors on post 9/11 tortured detainees. ...more

I agree -- now what can we do to stop this?

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Getting started

I am excited about starting my career as a Christian Life Coach but I am also nervous. I want to do the best possible job that I can so I have been doing a ton of research. I am at a loss of which certification program that I should choose. There are so many out there and I don't want to choose the wrong one. I have been praying about what is the right thing for me to do. I recieved an email from my finacial counselor the other day, informing me that I was going to have a rebate of $334. I was really excited because one of the programs that I have been leaning towards is $330....more

29 Gifts Give Away!

I recently started and finished a book! Yes, I just used an exclamation mark. And yes, I was an English major, by golly. But, this is reason to celebrate. You see, I usually have one or two books about the house that I’m very s-l-o-w-l-y reading. (I do have a baby, 2 year old and 4 year old, folks.) But I haven’t actually picked up and devoured a book in quite a few months. And, as I’m kind of a professional development fiend…most of my books are typically parenting-related (this parenting gig being my full-time work these days)....more


I had another day where my aunt was not telling me I was fat but saying how I'll lose weight by x. It is hard for me because I try to lose weight and in this program I am trying so hard not to make it such a factor in my happiness. Tonight actually I realized I am powerless over my weight. There is only so much I can do to control it. Try to eat healthy as best I can. Try not to binge and purge. Exercise moderately not excessively. Not take diet pills or other pill's to try to lose weight. Which, I admit I want to do....more

Going Through The Motions...

Going through the motions. Have you ever found yourself there? Nothing exciting or tragic has happened. I'm not unhappy. I'm content. My life is full of loads of laundry, purchasing flip-flops and sunscreen, cooking meals, groceries, hugging boys, pulling weeds, working on spreadsheets and planning events at my paying job, mowing, dusting, visits to the library, washing windows, paying bills, reading, conversations with Pat, lunch with friends, shooing neighbor boys out of my house, watching movies and planning for summer activities....more

Senator Jake Knotts Slings Racial Slur at Candidate Nikki Haley: Is an Apology Going to Be Enough?

Thank you, South Carolina and Republican state Sen. Jake Knotts. You've introduced some people in America to another racial slur, one generally reserved for Arabs, Sikhs, and sometimes African-Americans, too: "rag head." That's what you called your fellow Republican and female gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley -- who's leading in the South Carolina polls. ...more

The thing about racist stuff coming out of someone's mouth is that it originated somewhere ...more

Paulo Coelho

An author who seems to continuously inspire me and so many others was born on the August 24, 1947, in the city of Rio de Janeiro and would grow up to write books that would touch millions of lives. His name was Paulo Coelho. Even as a youngster this child was different. He was fascinated with the spiritual world starting at a very early age. In fact, this quest led his to travel extensively, and he learned about secret societies, Oriental religions, and just about anything else he could put within his grasp....more

I'm Kvelling* and Enjoying Nokhes**: May was Jewish American Heritage Month

May was Jewish American Heritage Month. In another era, I might have had the following conversation with my mother: Mom: "It's the last day of May already! Gib zich a shokel!*** Me: "Zorg zich night!**** There's plenty of time to recap all the exciting things that happened." ...more

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A Memorial Day Lament : We Owe Them No Less

Memorial Day. This is not supposed to be a day about picnics and store-wide sales. It is day about remembering. Specifically, it is a day we recall the losses experienced through war. In England, on Remembrance Day, the whole country goes silent for two minutes - on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. Everything stops. People stand still in the streets. Traffic does not move. Customers are not served. Everyone gets quiet and remembers the fallen. Here in America, we have so many fallen to remember. ...more

The Secret Life of Sojourner Truth

I wanted to write about the anniversary of Sojourner Truth's "Ain't I A Woman?" speech. As I started my research, I discovered that she had lived for many years in a Utopian community not far from where I was raised and now live. And there wasn't one whisper about it during my entire school years here. She had two historical stripes against her where history books were concerned -- she was black, and she was a woman. ...more

I appreciate the heads-up about these books. Thanks for the comment!


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